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  1. Thank you for your kind words. Dr. Diep was only able to extract enough grafts for the hairline in one sitting. I will be doing a 2nd FUE on my crown area in the near future.
  2. Hi all! Long time lurker here but first time posting. This site has helped me a lot on this journey. Thank you and here are my results with Dr. Diep. My hair has been thinning and hairline receding since I was in my mid 20s. My hairline was becoming embarrassing as it kept getting higher and higher each year. I spent countless hours researching about hair loss to find a solution to my problem. I refused to use products like Rogane or Propecia. While researching, it seemed that a hair transplant procedure was the obvious and permanent answer. However, I didn't know who to approach for help as I did not know any family or friends that has gone through such a procedure. Even if they did, I'm sure they wouldn't have mentioned about it. I spent about 1-2 years lurking around on forums like Hair Restoration Network to see doctors work from around the world. That's when I found reviews about a doctor that creates the most natural hairline in the country. The hairline master, Dr. Diep! It's about time I contacted them and scheduled a consultation. I was able to do the consultation at the clinic in Los Gatos instead of a video consultation. Dr. Diep and his staff made me feel welcomed and at ease. They were able to answer all of my question. At the time, I didn't know if I was going with a FUT or FUE procedure. I met with Dr. Diep and he recommended me to do a 2500 FUE on my front hairline since I like to wear my hair short. You can always make money but can't undo a linear scar from a FUT procedure. On the day of the procedure, I came into the clinic at 6AM with barely any sleep as I was so nervous. A staff gave me a set of clothes to change into and asked me what I wanted for lunch. When lunch was decided, I met with Dr. Diep to sign a bunch of paperwork and gave me some pills to take before beginning the procedure. To be honest, I was knocked out 95% of the operation. I woke up once for lunch and another time when I started to feel a slight tingling sensation on my scalp. I fell asleep again shortly after. Dr. Diep was able to extract 2700 grafts. A little over 200 more grafts than initially planned. Overall, the procedure was very smooth and painless. I came back to the clinic the following day to let Dr. Diep take a look at my scalp and await further instructions. Another staff brought me to a room and gently washed my hair to demonstrate how to wash during the next few days without damaging any grafts. It's been such a great experience and wish I had it done sooner! I can see why there is a 7-9 month wait to have Dr. Diep perform such fantastic artwork. It's been over a year and my hairline is looking amazing! I've posted normal post-surgery photos on social media and I've received many comments like "You look younger now" and "how are you ageing backwards??!" No one seems to noticed that I got a FUE done. I highly recommend Dr. Diep and his staff if you are looking to get a FUE done. Attached are photos before procedure, few days after procedure and 1 year after procedure. Before A few days after 1 year after