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  1. Alright, I will do my best to put it out of my mind for now then. At this point I guess there is nothing more I can do anyways but wait, so I will just try to keep enough of an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get worse and otherwise put my focus on getting my anxiety under comtrol.
  2. Sorry the bother people again, but I keep worrying about the fact I keep finding these thinner hairs among those I am shedding. I have read these could ne signs of early balding, but the dermatologist I saw said to not worry about it. Most of the hairs seem normal thickness, but it is still scaring me a lot. Is it normal for some hair strands to be thinner than others? Should I be concerned?
  3. So just a quick update. I went back to the dermatologist who I saw before who did a the scalp biopsy, who then answered some questions and did another quick visual examination. I got them to explain the biopsy results in more detail, which had apparently showed normal numbers of terminal hairs, however with abnormally high numbers of telogen hairs. This biopsy was from the crown, three months ago now. This result they said could be very early MPB (listed as the differential diagnosis), however they said it was far far far more likely to be Telogen Effluvium based on those results due to the lack of miniturized hairs in that spot. So they said they are pretty confident I have mild Telogen Effluvium, which has been likely perpetuating due to my stress over hair loss. So, at this point should I still try to find a hair loss doctor to do a minituriztion study? Or is it not worth it at this point.
  4. Alright, alright, I will try to stop posting and worrying about it Edit: I am going to leave one last picture (i mean it this time) I took this morning on my whorl. As a note, I did try comb my hair in the opposite direction the whorl normally falls/grows (it only ever looks like this if i brush my hair in this manner). I have my finger next to it to compare size. Does this look like its balding? Or just a normal whorl that looks worse due to longer hair, bright florescent lights, and being pushed appart? For comparison here are two after I let my hair fall how its naturally inclined.
  5. I will inquire about that when I see my dermatologist next week for the 3 month followup to my last visit. See if they can refer me to a hair specialist to do a miniaturization test. I plan to ask them about every little thing that's beem worrying me about my hair too, hopefully helping me put my mind at ease. I may even ask for them to do blood work too, just to double check I don't have any thyroid issues or vitamin deficiencies. I know I am probably worrying about nothing, and that if anything the hair shedding I am seeing is more likely than not being contributed to by my stress over the whole situation.
  6. I apologize for bothering everyone again, but I have begun to get paranoid again and more than a bit paniced due to finding myself continuing to shed short 0.5inch to 1.0 inch hairs. These hairs seem to have normal thickness, and they all have the white bulb at the end. I keep fearing these are minified hairs and its a sign I am going bald despite the fact I had two dermatologists look at my hair and one even did a scalp biopsy on on my crown. Should I be concerned? Is this normal? I know from the pictures everyone says my hair look fine and it still looks thick, but the fact that I keep finding these short hairs is really freaking me out
  7. Thank you. I am still worried that the the temples seem to be thinning a bit, but they havn't really changed in the past 5 months best I can tell and not even that much since a year ago based on the one picture I have I think. I do plan on also seeing a psychiatrist around the same time as I go back to the dermatologist (a few days after the derm), to hopefully get my anxiety sorted out. Since at this rate I AM probably going to go bald from just the stress I am putting myself through alone.
  8. Thank you for the encouragement, as this makes me feel a lot better? Would you say based on the pictures I provided (including the more recent ones I put in my most recent post) that I am safe for now not to do anything drastic like take Propecia or Rogaine at this point? It doesn't don't know if my hair had gotten worse or not in the past year, as the one picture I have on my hairline is only on my right side and is a bit blurry and at a weird angle. I don't remember the temples looking as thin as they do now, but I don't really trust my memory for that. That said, two dermatologists did tell me I had nothing to worry about for now, so I should probably just trust that. I am actually going back to see the one that did the biopsy in two weeks for a three month followup to see if the telogen effluvium they diagnosed me with has cleared up. I plan to ask them to compare the pictures they took back then with my crown and my hairline to see if they notice any change, as well as inquire about doing a miniaturization study.at some point (since another fear of mine is that there is miniaturization that I'm not noticing due to having always had very thick hair)
  9. I'd just like to thank everyone for all the responses. While I have not been able to stop my anxiety on the matter, hearing all of this has made me feel a lot better. My only real concern now is with my temples which I feel may be thinning/recedeing, but I am not sure if that should just be expected at this age. Are there any preventative steps I can do to stave off hair loss long term. I am really just looking for something to put my mind at ease so I can stop agonizing over this.
  10. I apologize but I have one last question. Right now the corners of my hairline look a bit thin, as in it looks like there are fewer hairs there and are slightly higher than the center. Is this normal, or should I be concerned about is as a sign of the start
  11. My one remaining concern is that there looks like there are fewer hairs right at the corner of my hairline, going about 1/2 inch up into the hairline, particularly on the right side. Is that normal for a maturing hairline?
  12. Okay I will try to stop agonizing over it best I can. What sort of things should I look out for before I take further steps? And if my hairline is just maturing, har far would it need to recede from where it is now before I should get concern? That said I did just see something that put the whole thing in bettet perspective: my younger brother who is 5 1/2 years younger than me already has a Norwood 2 hairline. So I guess even if I do lose my hair later down the road, I did dodge a genetic bullet there. Now I just need to pray I hit the jackpot and got my dad's hairloss pattern and kept a Norwood 1 into his 50s where he started to thin defusely Edit: for the sake of completeness, here are some pictures of the front from today, as the last ones were from over a month ago. Do these still look normal? What Norwood would you say these are?
  13. Thank you. That helps a lot. For hairs I am finding they do seem to be a mix of lengths, some longer, some sorter. Thankfully the vast majority seem to be of normal thickness, with only about 1/10 looking to be slightly thinner in diameter and maybe 1 in 39 or 1 in 40 being extremely thin an brittle. Hopefully that's normal but at this point I know I am aggonizing over this and at this point I should probably be spending more time looking for a psychologist than for hair loss doctors At this point what Norwood would you say hairline is? My hairline is pretty low still actually, about 2.2ish inches from my eyebrows, with the center looking like it has stayed put from where it was in the single picture I found from a year ago, which I attatched here (i had worried about this a year ago for a few days too, forgot I still had a picture buried on my phone) Really at this point my fears come fron not knowing for certain. Since I di realize if I am balding, I am in the crazy early stages and thus it would be hard to tell. Thus I am stuck in limbo, not wanting to start treatmenrs with side effects that I shouldn't take if I'm not balding, but fearful of letting things get worse when I could have been proactive. That said I will try my best to relax and check back in the end of June to compare pictures I took back in December, then try to not worry about it for another 6 months.
  14. So my anxiety about this has come back after a few days due to having been finding several small (1 inch long or shorter) hairs laying on my desk? Is this normal? I am starting fear that the I really do have an early stage MPB instead of Telogen Effluvium. Is it possible the scalp biopsy results i had three months ago were wrong