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  1. FUE & PRP 2260 graft My story: I am a 48 year old male that was slowly loosing my hair, progressive stage 2 with a bald spot on the side of my head since birth. (Alopecia) I have wanted a hair transplant for a few years because styling my hair didn't work anymore. I was always trying to mask the temples of my head, and the small bald spot on my left side. I went on hair loss forums and really dug deep on who I could trust. I finally made an appointment to see Dr Rahal at his Toronto office. I felt very comfortable with him and his staff members, I didn't book a date at that time and they did not pressure me to do so. It was a lot of money and I really couldn't afford it. But every day I looked in the mirror and saw someone that looked like a way older version of me. I then spoke with Tara and set up a surgery date at the Toronto office. May 24th 2018. In my mind it was going to be Dr Rahal doing everything. Extracting, separating, and all the the inplants. Knowing now, That would be impossible. There is a time line for the survival of the hair outside of the skin. Things have to be done in a very well orchestrated manor. This is where the Rahal team came in to play. There was 6 or more people working on me for over 8hrs. Yes over 8. The team including Dr Rahal is a very very well oiled machine. Once the surgery was over Dr Rahal inspected then gives the Ok to go home. Back the following day for a check of things and change of bandages. Back home for recovery. (Larissa) She gives you her email and phone number and has answers for ALL your questions. Fast forward 4 weeks post op. I made the mistake of going online and reading all the different post op hair transplant storys. DONT DO THIS. The hardest part of a hair transplant is the long waiting game. Dont expect to see anything for 6 months. Yes thats right. Month 6 my hair is unbelievable. No really!! I want to hug and kiss all the staff. He is known as the hair line king, and his reputation precedes him. If your reading this your probably second guessing the procedure pre or post op. From my experience the 6 month waiting game was the hardest part of the whole procedure but man it was worth it.