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  1. Haha no, it’s the same on the other side and a little on the mid scalp. Starting to shed now, Those pics were just for the scab, which it’s still there. No matter how hard I try to wash with my fingertips. Put aloe Vera or olive oil to soften it (was advised by clinic) It’s making me think it’s not actually a scab and possibly a wound? Hoping it will just fall off or heal.... eventually.
  2. Maybe once the ugly duckling stage passes and I get some good growth I’ll put a bunch of pics up. Atm just stressing how to get this little scab off, nothing seems to be working
  3. I’ve honestly been doing exactly that And no luck, hmmm guess I’ll just keep trying lol and Dr Hasson!
  4. Hey guys so I am currently 15 days post op, didn’t get rid of the scabs until day 13, the last bit was quite stubborn. The area is now red where the last patch of scabs were and a black spot to the right of that. It is quite red but seems there are hairs coming out of those areas so hoping I didn’t do any damage and that it all looks normal. I can’t tell if that the black bit is a scab because it hasn’t moved in the last 3 showers I’ve had. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Looks amazing to me mate, full head of hair at 40! But as you said you believe these are the good pictures. Would be much better to see to other pictures to judge.
  6. Thanks for not leaving us hanging legend, can’t wait to see the pics!
  7. Hey dude, you at 6months now? would love to see how it’s looking
  8. This is amazing spraypaint! Great density, glad you’re happy mate. Thanks for continuing to update!
  9. Hey bossman, was the scarring issue sorted out? Would be great if you could update us, thanks