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  1. Hey everyone, time has really flown and I’m already just shy of the 9 month mark so I thought I’d provide an update to those who are interested. I Would love to say my transplant is perfect but there is 1 or 2 spots that haven’t grown as well as other places! The last 2 photos that are added is what I am referring to. What would you do in this situation? A Touch up if it doesn’t improve? It’s only noticeable if brushed a certain way and others probably wouldn’t notice. Overall I’m very happy and have come a long way. I don’t stress or try to hide my hair like I once used to.
  2. So I’ve decided to provide a small update, Only 2 weeks from my last but I’m now 5 months, 1 week! I feel there has been a little bit of progress In 2 weeks but the right side of my head is still lacking behind and I’m really hoping that’ll change over the next coming months, I have no product or anything in my hair, just dry
  3. Hey man, I believe so! My native hair is growing a lot and it’s always been thick and becomes unmanageable. I’m torn between cutting it down along with the transplanted hairs or just letting it all grow. I’ll probably post an update at 6months which will be around the 4th! I’m hoping the weaker areas will have filled in abit more by then! isit true that a lot of major growth changes happens between 8-10 month stage? Has anyone experienced that?
  4. @Curious25 not any meds, I’m not predicted any future loss for a while I hope. According to my hair characteristics and family history but only time will tell! The only thing I have been taking is 1000ug biotin daily from month 3 yeah I really hope you’re right man! Definitely have some weak spots but I’m 50% growth roughly so trying not to worry about it too much for now!
  5. @Kaya I’m 27, I don’t have the pictures, just these at the moment. I think I know why you might think that, I had given myself a haircut the day before and shaved the back and sides so before it was just as thick as my crown and the little area below that, so that’s why it may appear shorter or thinner!
  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. Yeah sorry, should of mentioned it was FUE. Very happy with how my donor area looks, feels and how quickly it recovered. You could barely notice it had even been touched. I know at almost 5 months I’m still early on in the game, I’m seeing improvements week by week so I feeling carefully optimistic about the next 7 month, hopefully it turns out well 🤞🏻
  7. Hey guys so if you click on my profile there is another post I made 15 days post op with a few post op pictures if you want to see but I decided to start this new thread. I’ve always had a high hairline and was always self conscious about it and that already high hairline had started to thin so I wanted to get it addressed. I decided to go with Dr Hasson to which I received 3500 grafts. I’m 1 week out from 5 months post op and just wanted to provide an update for those who were interested and some opinions from the community on how things are looking and if I’m on track. How much mo
  8. Haha no, it’s the same on the other side and a little on the mid scalp. Starting to shed now, Those pics were just for the scab, which it’s still there. No matter how hard I try to wash with my fingertips. Put aloe Vera or olive oil to soften it (was advised by clinic) It’s making me think it’s not actually a scab and possibly a wound? Hoping it will just fall off or heal.... eventually.
  9. Maybe once the ugly duckling stage passes and I get some good growth I’ll put a bunch of pics up. Atm just stressing how to get this little scab off, nothing seems to be working
  10. I’ve honestly been doing exactly that And no luck, hmmm guess I’ll just keep trying lol and Dr Hasson!
  11. Hey guys so I am currently 15 days post op, didn’t get rid of the scabs until day 13, the last bit was quite stubborn. The area is now red where the last patch of scabs were and a black spot to the right of that. It is quite red but seems there are hairs coming out of those areas so hoping I didn’t do any damage and that it all looks normal. I can’t tell if that the black bit is a scab because it hasn’t moved in the last 3 showers I’ve had. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Looks amazing to me mate, full head of hair at 40! But as you said you believe these are the good pictures. Would be much better to see to other pictures to judge.
  13. Thanks for not leaving us hanging legend, can’t wait to see the pics!
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