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  1. Single hairs in the hairline are most important for placement in the hairline for natural results. This is why physicians should have their medical staff evaluate the grafts under microscopes. I agree the yielded growth percentages are higher with the FUT than the FUE. One benefit of the FUE is you can choose the area where the grafts are extracted. Typically you have finer, single hair grafts closer to the nape of your neck. This can also be a con as much as it can be a benefit. Not many people talk about it but say for example you make extractions in nape area for the finer single hair follicles and later down the road, start to develop retrograde alopecia. You will most likely lose those follicles because you have started to thin in the area from where the extractions were harvested. IMO what separates good clinics from unexperienced clinics is graft trimming. When I say graft trimming I'm not meaning it in the sense of every graft being trimmed to say you got more grafts than the number of extractions made. I am meaning it in the manner of making sure you have enough single hair grafts you need to place in the hairline. With the FUT, you do not have the luxury of defiantly knowing you are going to harvest the given number of single hair grafts needed to be placed in the hairline, so it would be optimal to take the given number of grafts you have harvested and only trim a set number of those grafts to give you the total amount of grafts (singles) that would be needed for the hairline. Why are single hair grafts important in the hairline? because who wants a 2 hair or 3 hair graft in the hairline that looks like a pluggy result! It doesn't look natural! As I mentioned earlier, microscopes are important!! A follicle might look like a single hair graft to the naked eye but without closely examining the follicle under a microscope, you could possibly mistake a 2 hair graft for a single. Quality control! This is not always practiced which is very unfortunate. So I guess to answer your question, no, FUE does not allow for a better design in the hairline. A good physician will know how many single hair grafts are needed for the hairline and if they do not consider this to be important or needed, I would question their ethics. An experienced physician should be able to design a natural hairline regardless if it is a FUT or FUE procedure. That's my opinion on the matter! Hope it was helpful.