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  1. Hi all! My name is Towers, I'm from Barcelona, Spain, I'm 31 years old and last June 28th, 2018 I got a hair transplant in Turkey. I have recorded the whole process of my video operation and I have edited it on YouTube. Also, I am uploading a video every time I complete a month of the operation so that the result can be seen. I wanted to ignore the name of the clinic to maintain neutrality. At first, I was going to graft 4.200 grafts but when they were finishing the operation, they gave me the possibility to extract 400 more grafts and be able to put more density. My main concern was the crown area. They could put hair on the crown area and on the front line. The choice of the clinic was complicated, it took 4 months to choose. During the clinic election I was taking "Minoxidil" "Saw Palmetto" "Vitaminas Xplendor" "Shampoo anti fall voluminizador EBERS" "Ampoules of placental plant SALERM" and "Peppermint oil". I have stopped the fall of my native hair, it is much stronger and brighter and the result right now is very good. I leave some pictures of my condition 4 months before going to surgery: I put some videos of my evolution, I understand that many do not understand Spanish but you can see the state and evolution of my hair: Video of my first month: Video of my second month: Video of my third month: Video of my fourt month: Video of my fifth month: Evolution of my firsts 4 months: I want to know your opinion about my evolution, what do you think ?! Sorry about my bad english and the use of translator Regards!!