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  1. If you click on the images, it blows up and you can see it larger. Yeah, I have absolutely zero regrets. It's coming in nicely and I'm getting a couple of questions from closer friends asking what I did. Saying I look 10 years younger with it like this, etc... I honestly think because of the process and care Dr. Nadimi and her staff puts into the procedure, it has made such a great result. I've always been a really, really quick healer, so I think that helps too. But their process of taking care of the recipient site resulted in small scabbing and as I detailed earlier in this post, I followed the instructions pretty closely. I tried to get the scabs and crusting off as soon as I could. That obviously goes better when it's wet, so I'd lather up shampoo and lay the soap bubbles on it for like 20 minutes and then pour water over it out of my hand. I was doing that 1-2 times a week until I was allowed to massage my head. I see posts about people traveling to other countries to save a couple thousand dollars and the such. I could never imagine doing that. #1 if they screwed up, you'd have no recourse. #2 this is a big deal. If it's not done right, then you have to pay more to get it fixed, if possible. But paying 9k vs 5k is not a big enough difference to risk it. I would 100% recommend Dr. Nadimi. No questions. Her artistry is really good as everything is laying nicely, which I think is obviously what we're all after. Good luck all.
  2. Hi all. I wanted to wait until the 6 month spot to update again. We're not quite there yet (a couple more days), but I thought I'd do it before I forgot. So.... No numbness. My head and everything feels perfectly fine. It was never a thing that really bothered me and I felt silly mentioning it actually. But wanted to report it anyway. I haven't been using Rogaine. Just simply forget to put it on. I'm taking about 2+ Propecia a week. I take it with my morning vitamins and such and try to do it every other day. But it probably is more like Monday, Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc... I just forget. I'd say 5 pills every 14 days or so. This has really been the only negative part of the whole thing. I can tell a difference with it in my system, even at this small dosage. Anyway, below are 2 sets of images. First is from the front. 6 months on left, 3 months in middle and pre op on right. I have put a small red circle on the images to show where a little mole I have is to give an idea. These are just out of the shower, no product in or styling done. 2nd image is the same, just from the top. Let me know of any questions you may have. I don't plan on doing another one of these until the 9 month mark unless asked for a specific reason. I will add, if you buy Caboki, it's completely worth it, especially those 4-6 month stages. Buy a couple sample colors to see which one is best and this stuff really works wonders.
  3. Hi all, 4 month post. Couple updates. -Numbness is pretty much gone, just feel it a little in a spot or two. But this is a non factor, it doesn't tingle or anything. I can just tell when I touch certain spots like maybe when your arm lightly falls asleep. -I put Rogaine on about 3-5 times a week. I'd like to do twice a day every day, but just forget. -I'm taking a propecia about 2 times a week. -Caboki. Was able to start using it at about the 3 month period. Before then, there just wasn't enough for the fibers to grab on to. First pic has 3 pics in it. Left is today, middle is 3 month and right is pre-transplant. For reference, I put a little red line on my forehead. You can see a small mole just to the upper left of the end of the line. It's filling in and doing well. The below picture is with Caboki in there. If you guys haven't tried it, it's amazing. I literally just got up, went and put it in and it took me about 25 seconds to put on and "clean up". Here is a pic with Caboki in with a red line for reference. Now a front view..... So, there it is. On the Caboki overhead, you can see a "balding spot". That's just because I did it quickly and didn't bother to go back and add there and take another picture. Again, Nadimi and the experience there was great and I can't recommend it enough. The true test will be what it looks like come this October obviously. But, with only taking 1800 grafts, I can go back again if I need to and you still won't be able to tell in my donor area. I got my hair cut today actually and do a 1 on the sides/back and you can't tell a single thing. Anyway, if you have any questions, ask away. Good luck all.
  4. Hey all, just a "hair" over 3 months update. Couple things: - I've started having enough growth that I can use Caboki and it's starting to fill it in. My wife was surprised when I did it and how it looked. - I don't really notice the numbness anymore. - I'm taking 1 propecia every 2 or 3 days. I was seeing sides when I was taking every day that I did not like. - Rogaine, I'm trying to use twice a day but usually forget. I'd say I've been putting it on 8 or so times a week for the past 3-4 weeks. Been real busy. - My hair grows fairly quick and it's thick, so the donor area is not an issue. You could not tell anything was done I'd say 3-4 days afterwards. But here's 2 side by side photos. The before and 3 months in...
  5. I believe so. Havent shed for a while and new stuff seems to be sprouting up.
  6. Ok, 2 months check in. Things are growing in. I'm keeping my hair fairly short right now, I will probably let it start growing longer around the 4 month mark. Just doing Rogaine. Am going to start back with a half Propecia daily and see how that does.
  7. Good choice listening to her. I can't imagine wanting to choose FUT over FUE. Man, this was the easiest thing I've ever done in my life in comparison to what I was expecting. 4 days later and you couldn't tell anything was done in the back. I'm 6 weeks and 1.5 days out. I'm not wearing a hat and I look very similar to what I did before the procedure. There is a little "redness" or what to me looks like a line where the procedure has been done. If you're looking for it, you can tell something is there. If anyone asks, I'm just saying that I'm using stuff that has kind of irritated my scalp and I'm careful where I put it on at.
  8. I dont know that to be true. She asks how you want to proceed and that if she feels she can take more from the donor area than the 1500, the charge is $5 per graft. She did over 1800 for me. I look at it as she is most concerned with quality, not quantity. I believe she said that she feels over 2000 is pushing it for one day. I think what she does is an art, and shes not just spreading grass seed. Very particular about how grafts go back in and how they'll lay.
  9. Congrats. Cant express enough how good of an experience it was.
  10. Dr. Nadimi says that you do not have to be on it. As I said above, there were some weird things that I didnt like and dont want to risk. Some have side effects, some dont. I'm going to wait another month and then go half dose and see what that does.
  11. OK, 1 month in. There is just a little hair left from the process, but not a lot. I'm real happy with this. From the top down view, you can see where there is still a tinge of redness, but you can't tell unless you know what you're looking for and from the top. I'm tall so at this point, you can't tell I've had anything done. This is just great. Exactly what I wanted. I want it to come in over 5-10 months gradually. In about a month, I think I'll shave it again and start not wearing a hat as much as long as the redness/marks from the recipient area is gone. I've stopped Propecia completely for now. Just using Rogaine. If you search Propecia side effects, you see all sorts of things. Not going to get in to details, but people are called crazy and all sorts of things on forums cause "it can't cause that, it only happened in lab mice". BS! I searched for things cause I was like "that's weird. Am I imagining this?" just to find others have asked the same questions. I'll wait a month or two and then take a half dose or a dose every other day and see how it goes. Anyway, here's to July! 7 months from now and hopefully somewhat of a hairline. I'll try to remember to update in a month guys. Good luck to everyone out there.
  12. That's great news. Have you gotten your hotel yet? If you have or have not, I'd consider looking on Priceline. Choose "Oakbrook Terrace, IL" and then choose "4 stars". The 4.5 star "Express Deal" will give you the Westin Lombard. It's perfect for this kind of thing. Target is next door, the mall is across the parking lot and the AMC theater is 2 baseball throws from the front door. Room service and movies on demand from the room. Plus they have a mini fridge in there. Perfect hotel for this. If you've already made reservations somewhere else, I'd see what the cancellation policy is and stay here. Just speaking from my experience though. I'm excited for you. It was a great experience. Good luck.
  13. Hey bud, I would say yes. I was more aggressive than you have been with washing my recipient area. I had all of the scabs and white crust off my scalp 9-10 days after the transplant. It looks like you had yours done a little over a week after I had mine. The night of the 14th day is when I started shedding. Working at my desk and just looked down at notebook paper and probably 30-40 little hairs laying there. They looked exactly like those in your pic without the scabs on them. So you started shedding about 2 days before I did, but maybe not? I started shampooing on the 7th day, so I'm sure I had some stuff come out in the shampoo that I didn't see. You're good man. Now just prepare for it all to fall out and then slowly grow back over the next year. Remember, we didn't have our yard sodded. We had it seeded. It'll take longer but it'll come in nice and full
  14. Man, it looks natural. Explain what you were hoping for and why? Not one person will look at you in life and think "That guy is losing his hair" or "that guy is balding". Relax and enjoy it. You only had a little over 2000 grafts. You have plenty of donor left for the future and it's not like you are out $15k for what you just had done. Being very honest, you went bargain shopping. You flew to a different country to get plastic surgery done because of cost concerns. This is not a comment on how good/bad/ok/etc... the job is. As I've said, looking from the outside I would be very happy with the job you got done. But when you have a mindsight that you're trying to get plastic surgery done and you're going looking for a bargain price, you can't be so obsessive or picky. You have to decide if you're happy with the results. If you are, then go with the same place in the future. If you're not, then go to a reputable person in the U.S. Just my 2 cents, but man, I think you look really good and should be extremely happy.