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  1. So you don't think I'll regrow any that may have been lost over the past two months you mean?
  2. Hello in a bit of mental crisis - had a HT in Jan with Dr Harris - been told he has a top rep (based in Notts) and all well so far with that. I was taking finasteride and minoxidil before but it was suggested i cease taking minoxidil (a bit of background i have been on minixidil since 16/17 and all it has never really helped, i didn't think so anyway). I am now two months in and starting to think that maybe i have lost a lot and have since read on forums that stopping taking minoxidil means i will lose everything i had prevented and of course the mind starts working in overdrive thi
  3. Hi all on day 7 following FUT surgery. Been so careful and followed all instructions such as saline solution, not touching hair etc. Surgeon recommended putting a little vaseline on the grafts (not rubbing) today and then wash hair with finger tips gently which i did. When washing i think a follicle came out with graft hair attached. Is this normal (it was only one and i'm probably stressing)? Also - any tips anyone can offer to speed recovery and max yield is welcomed Edit - also when can i use hairspray - i have seen differing info
  4. Thanks bud really appreciate that, I thought so but just wanted assurance. I have had one transplant but my hair receedded so far back whilst I was only on minoxidil so I just don't see the point in spending 60+ a month for zero result would you agree?
  5. Hi thanks for the response, who is spex sorry? Also been on minoxidil for 12 years and receeded back quite far so does that change your opinion? What doctor can you consult? Surely not a standard gp? Thanks
  6. Hi Greg what do you mean works fine, do you use Dr fox?
  7. Hello all Sorry if similar has been asked but i couldn't find anything. I have been a user of Belgravia for about 12 years, long story short it has done nothing but maintain what i have now. I am just wondering what peoples experiences are with Dr Fox and using 'Accord' Finasteride as i have always used Belgravia's and just don't want to waste all the money i have spent on retaining what i have to go for a cheaper option. If anyone wants to know my backstory i am having surgery in a couple of weeks so it was almost advised by surgeon that the minoxidil in the morning and ev
  8. Hi all first time poster - apologies if similar query has been posted before. I am 28, had a transplant when i was 21 (strip harvest) which was initially successful but quickly further loss of hair has meant the last few years have been a battle of self confidence. I have managed to retain my crown and use propecia, and minoxidil twice a day from Belgravia Centre - which i do not rate but they have me by the hook because i don't want to lose any more. A bit of research has presented me with the following thoughts that i am hoping someone will be able to either corroborate
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