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  1. To clarify, I had a really bad breakout of back acne within 4 days of hopping on fin. I realised it was because of the testosterone levels creating excess sebum in the follicles of my back, which is why I discontinued the fin temporarily. However, I had to get on antibiotics for my back for it, which is why now I'm re evaluating whether it's truly worth it. It's itchy, and I'm fucking torn just writing this. Trying to solve a problem gave me another one, and this one isn't a very fun one to deal with 😢
  2. What happens when you take the drugs? And what happens if you do discontinue the treatment? Let's say if you took it for a week, then discontinued it, would your hormones be permanently altered? I'm under the knowledge that the main thing it does is inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT, but are there any other hormonal changes, and are they permanent?
  3. Hey everyone. I started taking Finasteride 2 days ago because everyone was recommending I started on it before my hairline receded further. However, what I'm afraid of are the side effects. I'm worried that I might face erectile dysfunction, poor memory, loss of libido, depression, so on and so forth. Should I continue the medication? I haven't experienced anything new yet, but I'm afraid the sexual dysfunction might be permanent if I am that unlucky.
  4. On previous posts! I see, someone told me there was a 1.5 so maybe I got that wrong. How long do you reckon I have to grow out the corners for? Since I'm having recession on the corners, they look less 'full' as compared to the middle portion of my hairline. Hope that made sense? I'm afraid it wouldn't fill it enough and I'll have the corners empty/half full so I can't do the haircut.
  5. Grateful for all of the replies. I forgot to mention I started Minoxidil a month ago but started to consider fin because of the lack of results. Is Minoxidil sufficient? Or is it not entirely enough? Again, much luv m8s.
  6. Alright, thanks. I was kinda worried because I read up a bit and including yourself as you mentioned in your profile about finasteride not really working and you dropped it due to overwhelming side effects? I think I'm okay with a decrease in libido, but definitely not a loss of it. Any thoughts?
  7. I realised that among my peers my hairline is pretty bad. I'm 21 and sure there are some others with visibly worse off hairlines than me, but for me it's feeding on my self confidence. Because I've only been receding on the front end, I'm not able to pull off waxed hairstyles and often opt for fringes. It gets bad when we have social activities like swimming or social nights where people wax their hair up with confidence and I'm just sitting on the side giving them a lame excuse when they ask why I'm not waxing mine up. If I had to guess I'm around a norwood 1.5, but I'm afraid of sheddi
  8. I'm not... I'm in Asia. Is there a way that I can do it internationally?
  9. So can I get finasteride online? Plus do I go for 1 mg or 5 mg?
  10. Should I buy Propecia (finasteride) online? I don't want to waste any money seeing the doctor.
  11. This is a picture of my hair from the top, vertex seems ok. And it looks like I can hide the crown with the fringe growing out. But the V is really a no go.
  12. How should I get my hands on finasteride? Does it serve to maintain my current hairline or are there other effects? What about propecia? And why should I stop minoxidil? Thank you.
  13. I feel like I'm receding too much. What if I want a straight hairline...? Or is that impossible without HT?
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