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  1. Hold on a second, what makes you think I did not do any research? How do you not know that I don't personally know a few people that have been to this doctor with excellent results. Don't assume something you could not possibly know. I did my research for 2 years before I pulled the trigger and went ahead with the transplant.
  2. I know it is still early but when I look back at my progress photos there hasn't been a whole lot of change. If anything the hair has just gotten longer. But I will remain patient and talk to my doctor in the meantime. After I speak with him I will release his name.
  3. I just wanted to post an update to this thread. I am currently 7 months and 2 weeks into my transplant and I am getting nervous that I had a bad transplant. I want to continue to leave the doctors name out of this discussion for now just in case he reads these forums. I am going to see him next week to discuss my situation. I am very unhappy right now with where I am at this far into my recovery. One side is still significantly thicker than the other. For whatever reason, the exposure on my camera makes things look a little worst than they look in person but you should be able to get the idea. I would like to hear anyone's thoughts on this. Am I worrying too much or should I be a lot further along at 7 months and 2 weeks. Has anyone else experienced thicker density on one side than the other? What would you guys do if you were in my shoes. I think it looks horrible right now and its very depressing. I don't understand because before the hair shed when it was transplanted, I was thrilled with what I saw .
  4. These next photos is where I am currently at. Does this look like the average growth for 5 months and 3 weeks? Also, I have noticed that one side of my hairline is much more dense than the other at this current stage. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Hello Everyone, I initially posted this in the FUE forum and tried to figure out how to repost it in this area but was unable to do so. I wanted to share my photos of my transplant. I am currently 5 months and 3 weeks out from a 2700 FUE transplant session in Toronto, Ontario. I will keep the surgeon and clinic to myself for now. I am at the stage where I have begun to worry that my transplant has not worked out the way I had hoped. However, I also know that 5 months and 3 weeks is still extremely early. You can see from my pre-op photo that I had a pretty bad hairline. I have posted photos of right after the scabs fell off , just before the shed. it was very hard seeing myself like this because I was so happy with what I saw. And then one day... its all gone lol. I am hoping in the coming months to see some real improvements. Apparently the 6 month mark is where a lot of people start to see the most growth. Wanted peoples input on their experiences to help set my mind at ease lol. I received roughly 2200 grafts in the frontal part of my hairline and about 500 in the crown. I plan to do another procedure after I get married in 2019 to add some density to the front (if needed) but to mostly fill out the back. I was told by the surgeon that 500 grafts will make only a minimal cosmetic change, but it was one I was willing to live with for now. I also received PRP treatment and currently use minoxidil 5% and Nizoral 2%.
  6. Now are some photos taken last week. So these are approximately 5 months and 2 weeks from the date of the surgery. Would love to get some opinions on my pics. Should I be worried or do I really need to chill and remind myself I'm still very early in the process. Because after the surgery, before the hair shed, I was so happy with what I saw.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and I have spent the last few hours reading over some great info on this site. It inspired me to share my story and progress with you guys and hopefully get some feedback. I am 5 months and 3 weeks out from a 2700 graft FUE transplant. For now, I prefer to keep the name of the doctor and the clinic to myself. The transplant was done in Toronto. I received about 2200 grafts in the frontal part of my head and about 500 or so in the crown. The 500 in the crown was not enough to fill in the thinning areas but it was just to get some sort of cosmetic improvement until I can have a second procedure in late 2019 after I get married. I think the main reason why I have decided to share this is because I am at that stage where I am beginning to panic that my transplant was either a failure or the density sucks. From what I have read, 5 months and 3 weeks is still way too early to make any sort of judgement. I would appreciate some feedback from you guys on what you see. My photos are kind of out of order but as you can see from the pre-op photo, I had a pretty crappy hairline. I have 2 photos of my front and crown area before the scabs began to fall off and the remainder of the photos are after most of the scabbing had come off and the hair still had not shed yet.