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  1. Hi Goldenboy, thank you for the reply bud. To be honest I do not know how many greats went into my temple, I have some redness around my hairline I did have slight dermatitis on parts of my head so maybe the redness below the hairline is that I've attached a picture.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm 11 days post op now, my head is scabbing and has deep lines in so you can see the scalp. The doner area is very tender! Hard to sleep on at it but hopefully that will subside. I am slightly concerned about my recipent area, I seem to have a lot of white residue coming out of my new grafts which looks like the serum I'm washing with also red skin along the hair line. I am aloud to start to rub now when washing my hair so I guess the scabs will start to fall off with the hairs. I have attached some photos would love to hear anyone's thoughts.
  3. Thanks for the reply John, do you think the white lines are actually grafts lost? I didn't see any bleeding or hair drop out. I know the marks on left side of my temple are grafts lost. The white lines just appeared out of no where.
  4. Thanks Justin, I appreciate your time to reply ? Just got to play the waiting game now without driving myself crazy looking in the mirror!
  5. Hi guys, I have noticed after the 4th day a white line appeared on my hairline where grafts had been before. I've read this is a normal thing to happen am i right in thinking this as it was so quickly after the op only 4 days? Hopefully, the pictures are clear enough to show.
  6. 7 days post-op, I've got through the first 7 days with some bad swelling on day 4-5. As you may be able to see I had an incident taking the bandana off at the airport and seemed to of lost grafts on the left side near the temple. Dr Feriduni said 2-3 grafts where lost and should not affect the overall result, which I think is just a standard reply they give to you just to reassure you. It looks like more than that to me but will see in the coming months.
  7. Here are a few pictures of my donor close up which I found quite interesting! My hairs on the back of my head near the crown go both ways which are quite uncommon D.r Feriduni said.
  8. Hi everyone, I finally bit the bullet and had my HT FUE with Dr Feriduni. I will document my Journey along the way, the following pictures are straight after the Operation I am currently 7 days post op I will post pictures shortly. If you have any questions feel free to fire any at me!
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