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  1. Thanks Shera for all your help and support throughout my HT. This guy is the best.
  2. Me: Age 37. Hairloss started age 23. Thinned gradually into an NW4 pattern. Not that bad, but it was time to commit; buzzcut or an HT. I had narrowed my choices down to Darling Buds, India or ASMED, Turkey. While the latter, Dr Erdogan, has the more eye-popping results - in the end I concluded he consumes an almost unethical amount of donor hair to get there. Dr Bhatti seems to produce a lot more from less. I'd rather have some donor hair left for the future, so I went with him. HT: So ~2900 ish grafts from donor area. Apparently my donor area wasn't as mighty as I thought it was because, at the clinic, Dr Bhatti said I was showing signs of thinning at the nape area of my neck too. Which restricts the safe area donor hair can be taken from obviously. Bugger. The remaining ~400 ish grafts were taken from my beard to beef up the donor placement I guess. This came as a bit of a shock if I'm honest but oh well. I was told I have enough for life-long coverage which was pleasant compensation. General experience: The clinic's UK rep (Shera, on this forum) is brilliant. Friendly, genuine and informative. The clinic itself is a professional, if slightly cold, experience. I guess doing a hair transplant is a long, busy day for the team, but, a bit more bedside manner wouldn't go a miss. However the end result is what matters and the doctor is a clearly a master of his trade, you should feel confident in his hands. The area of Chandigarh it's located is a bit of a nightmare, be prepared for a culture shock if you've never left the relative comfort of Europe/US. I'd highly recommend paying for the best hotel you can afford. I'd also recommend bringing a friend, doing it alone turned out to be unexpectedly daunting even for me (and I am an experienced solo traveller and mr confidence haha). Post surgery notes: I write this six weeks after the HT date. After 'shedding' most of the donor hair about a week or so later (and most of my native recipient-area hair) it's starting to grown in already which has come as a pleasant surprise. I thought it would take longer, although it's early days yet. The tender pinkness has now mostly faded from donor and recipient area. Occasional donor itching in the morning, aloe vera helps. I keep my hair buzzed to grade 1, it looks pretty cool already. Nice to have a hairline again, it really changes your appearance for the better. I wear a hat outside mostly to protect from the sun. Btw - the beard donor area heals astoundingly fast; like one or two weeks and there is no trace of trauma there whatsoever. Interesting. General notes on hairloss: - Shave your head and get on with life if you can - If you can't: get a hair transplant - Stay away from hair loss forums I might come back to post before & after pics in a few months if I remember. Overall, I would recommend Darling Buds. A very experienced and ethical team with affordable pricing and a wealth of decent results. If anyone is considering this clinic feel free to ask me questions. cheers
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