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  1. Hi Spanker, I have about 100-120 hairs left in that region. It is very easily shaved and certainly much better than before. Laser hair removal is the next step.
  2. Hi MJ31, The healing is going very well. Attached is a pic right after I shaved in that area. There is a couple red marks from the shave, but all the extraction sites are nice and healed. No scarring from the procedure. The only scarring left is the uneven texture/bumps/pits that occurred from my first 2 original transplants. The only person that has ever noticed something was a plastic surgeon, who thought I had acne or eczema in the area. I use a small amount of scarring makeup in the interim and everything looks normal.
  3. Update: I am about 2 weeks post-op from removing 204 grafts from the old hairline. The grafts were reimplanted in the left and right temporal areas. You can see from my previous pics that I am thinning a bit in my temples. Still healing up a bit. The procedure went very well. Dr. Gabel and his staff did an excellent job and were very accommodating. There are still just a few grafts left in the area that I would like to remove. It was explained to me that removing grafts via FUE that are in such close proximity to each other could lead to excessive scarring, which of course I want to avoid and I know I scar EASILY. I am going to try laser hair removal from all the remaining grafts and then either laser resurfacing or dermabrasion for the pits/cobblestones. Very happy with the progress and just have a couple steps left!
  4. Hi MJ31. I absolutely will keep updating this thread. I had my recent FUE procedure 5 days ago, so I will post new pics next week when its all healed.
  5. Hi Spanker! I am having the remaining grafts removed via FUE in 3 weeks. I will update the post afterwards. I will follow up with laser resurfacing or dermabrasion to treat the scarring at the hairline after I heal from the FUE. Overall, I am very happy
  6. I did not go to Gabel because he was close by. I first heard about Gabel because of his association to Konior. I just happened to get a job in Oregon a couple years after my procedures. I consulted with top docs (SMG, etc.) and everyone said the same thing...I had a way too low hairline after my procedures. I had a total of 4000+ grafts placed in my hairline, and the low density made me looked thinner than I actually was. My HT hairline was way too aggressive, and it is very obvious in the photos. No one has me on the hook for anything. I am simply trying to reverse the mistake I made in the first place.
  7. Thank you Spanker. I am a long time follower of your posts. I'm not sure what punch size was used. I have a tendency to scar easily, so I know Dr. Gabel used a smaller punch size because of this. There were some stragglers left behind. We plan to FUE the rest out in November. I am currently shaving/plucking them every few days. If I had to guess, I would say something like 75 grafts remain throughout the old HT hairline, but am not 100% sure.
  8. JeanLucBergman - The extracted grafts were placed further back in the temporal region. I should add that those pics were taken 4 weeks post-op. So the re-implanted grafts still need time to grow. As for the marking on the recipient area, Dr. Gabel recommended to allow it to heal some and then discuss and plan for dermabrasion. Concealer covers it decently in the interim. Everything is still a work in progress, but its certainly better than the low hairline/low density look.
  9. LONG time reader, first time poster. At the age of 22, I made a mistake and got a HT from an ISHRS doctor to fill in my somewhat receding hairline. I freaked out at the first sight of recession. I had about 2000 grafts implanted. If anyone around that age is reading this post, I would strongly advise against HT's. The hairline was too low and the density was thin, so I went back to the same doctor 6 years later and got another 2000 grafts implanted to attempt to add more density. Obviously, this did not remedy the situation. I got by throughout the years with a combination of longer hair styles and Dermmatch, but I really just wanted to reverse the mistake I made in the first place as much as possible. I started doing consultations with some top docs, as mentioned in these forums. I discovered posts about Dr. Gabel in these forums and luckily had moved near his Oregon office. We decided to extract out nearly all of the grafts that were transplanted there before. I can not begin to tell you how much happy I am with the results. I feel free again! There is still a little work to be done on the temples and hairline, which I plan to discuss with Dr. Gabel in a couple months after I heal to see what he recommends. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Gabel and his staff. Gabel answers every one of my questions and emails within 24 hours. I have searched these forums for many, many years and I can tell you Dr. Gabel is one of the best hair docs in the US.