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  1. Hi everyone One month later after surgery, this is what it looks like
  2. More pictures one week later without flash. Natural lights Forehead & nape https://postimg.org/gallery/vtezhmnq/9cb40ff9/
  3. My operation was 5 days ago. There is no results yet. The pictures all of them are the "before" And just transplanted
  4. Thanks Please be patience with me. I am not very good at this. Now the night comes down here in spain. Tomorrow I ll take more pictures
  5. For sure. The ones without shirt, about three months ago at my home The other ones in the clinic the same day of the operation
  6. https://postimg.org/gallery/3eursh8qe/ https://postimg.org/gallery/jqvd3jhy/
  7. When I (and my friends) arrived in Stambul, a driver picked us up to the hotel. We went to the hotel and there we were given 5 rooms, one for each one with two comfortable beds. Next day a new driver picked me up to the clinic at 7:45. There I met my translator and the manager, Serkan. The checked my hair and decided to graft 4500. 3800 from my nape and 700 from my beard. After that I got my AIDS and Hepatitis analysis. 5 minutes and then to operating room. In that moment I met Dr. Serkan Aygin. He looked like very serious, focused. Came to me, pick up a pencil and draw the line in my forehead and Crown. After a Little talk with his assitance, he asked me about the design, if I agree or not. It looked like natural, excelling density over lentgh. I agreed. The operation started. It took five hours plus anestesia and a break to eat something. During operation, my translator was always alongside me, asking for a break or whatever I needed. When it was over, they take me to eat in the clinic restaurant and gave me instructions about care. Next day I came back to be injected plasma with platelets and get more instructions for onwards. As I said, the treatment in every moment was kindly. They never leave you alone. You can always ask somebody. You have drivers for transportation, translators, nurses, the manager,... They always were willing to give you anything what you could need. Actually, we had a day off cause our flight departured one day after. They told us to come back to the clinic once more, if we want, and check out hair out again. Once finished, a driver took us to the centre of Stambul to sightseeing. The clinic is very large, inside a huge building, trendy furniture, awsome staff, clean,... For the moment, it has been a great experience. Now, let?s see the results PD Sorry for my english. It is a very technical language. I tried my best. Regards
  8. Hi everyone After wasting time and money, this year I decided to be operated. I am from Spain and the prices were too expensive. About 3 euros per graft. Here I could only get 2800 graft/ 7000 euros. At the same time, a friend of mine travelled to Turkey. He was told about cheaper prices and good clinics. In Europe there were a lot of documentaries about this new "low cost hair restoration fashion". I was very skeptical about that and I preferred to wait the facts in my friend?s head. He travelled in October 2016. When he came back, he told about the proffesional treatment of the staff. He looked like very glad. After 5 months, we started to see the results and these looked like exceptional. IMHO he would needed more density but he told me that he wanted the first line forward. It was his choice. Anyway, when I saw his results, I decided to try Turkey too with 4 coworkers more. I have been operated 5 days ago, so I have to wait for results, but it was true. The treatment received by the staff was kind and proffesional. While my stay I met a one guy from US that told me that he got 1600 graft for 15.000$. That was incredible for me and that is the reason why I am here. I want to help all that ones that don?t have enough money but wish to get their hair restoration. I will be posting my pictures here (Before and After) all these coming months to see results and help anyone who wants Thanks a lot
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