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  1. Dr. Keser looks like he gets incredible results - are you visiting him soon, if so, I'd love to hear what he had to say to you if you could message me once you have been! Do you have any idea what he charges per graft? Also - on his website it says he can look at pictures and tell you what you need, is there any need to travel there unless you have decided you want to have it done? Are you saying in hindsight you would not have had a hair transplant? It seems to me like at 28 you gained a much better hairline than you had, then over the next 10 years stopped your genetic baldness with a further procedure, and now you just want to touch up what you're happy with? I'm happy to have 2-3 procedures over the next 10 years if it means from this year until the day they put me in a box I've got a great head of hair and sky high confidence?
  2. I'll have a little look into those and start to re-consider the foreign option. My worry was not having BMA protection - but whats life without a little risk, ay! Thanks again
  3. TrixGlendevon, I see, that all makes sense thanks. As Bill pointed out the age on my profile is correct, not sure where the 21 came from if it was there! My older family members - from 50-70 - all have similar hairlines but mostly decent heads of hair, the older lot are thinning on the crown. I will look at some of the surgeons abroad as you suggested, cheaper and better seems like a no brainer! Bill, I did look at both those clinics based on the posts on this forum - I suppose I feared i'd be costed out of those ones. I know you get what you pay for, and that's why I was enquiring about the results Kyle Christie had got (from the links in my original post) - he seems to have an incredible head of hair now - possibly the best i've ever seen from looking at quite a lot of hair transplant photos - and got it for ?5000. I was just checking what peoples thoughts were on that really I suppose.
  4. Do you say don't get one because if/when I continue to bald, I will need more procedures? I've seen a lot of people say "don't get them young" - but surely that's the only time it matters? I'm young, and that's when looking good and attracting a partner and all that stuff matters. I'm a competitive bodybuilder, I groom myself and go to salons etc - I put a lot of work into those things that I can change no matter how much hard work is involved, my hair I cannot change, I'm genetically cursed with it, therefore why not change it if I can with surgery?
  5. I've been snooping these forums (and the wider web) for a few months considering a FUE for a receding hairline, I would like to have a more 'flat' hairline - as opposed to a 'M' shape. I went for a consultation with Transform (link removed) at their Manchester clinic, and was advised I would need around 1000 grafts at ?5 per graft - the surgeon (sorry, didn't get his name) told me he wouldn't be able to go for a 'flat' hairline as he "doesn't want to give me a feminine hairline" - not sure what he meant by this. I then saw Kyle Christie (of reality TV fame) had undergone a hair transplant at The Hair Transplant Clinic in Liverpool. Here is his video testimonial and here is his Instagram where he posts a great deal of higher quality pictures of himself where you can see his hairline very clearly. https://www.instagram.com/kylecgshore/?hl=en. I spoke to Dr. Jyotsna Kumari at the clinic via e-mail and sent her pictures of my scalp, I then spoke to her on the phone and she advised me she would do 2500 grafts (which is what she did for Kyle) and this would cost me ?2 per graft - so the same overall price as Transform for 1500 more grafts! I then discovered the negative forum posts about her and the clinic on here from a couple of years ago. I know there are the recommended clinics / Dr's on the forum, but i was wondering what everyone thinks of Kyles results, if anyone has had a positive experience with either Transform of The liverpool clinic. Or if anyone could recommend a good surgeon (preferably UK based) for a NW2 - my hair is pretty much exactly the same as Kyles was pre-op, which is shown in the video. As in, I have pretty decent hair density and coverage everywhere except for the hairline - the Transform Dr said I had a very good donor site. Thanks all.
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