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  1. Thanks for all the replies. To give everyone an update. By the end of feb, my hair started to grow back thicker. I did take the advice to use dermmatch. It worked well and helped hid the scar. Now, ive stopped the dermmatch and i can shave my hair with a #5 guard and it looks ok. There is patchiness on the sides from the fue. I have mixed feelings on the last HT. My front looks better to a point but the back and sides are a mess. Its been 7 months since the op. Looking at my hair, i dont think i have it in me for another ht. I am really considering SMP on the scar. Ive had fue into the scar as well and it has helped but not to the point where i can shave my hair really short. I know Smp wont make the scar invisible, but I'm hoping it will allow me to shave my hair short with at least #2 guard. If anyone has experience/advice, or recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated. Im out in ca. Thanks everyone for the support. Ill keep everyone posted when i go through smp.
  2. Thanks guys. This fue session has been harder. My wife said i wasnt this bad when i had the first ht. I kinda notcied it myself. Im constantly checking, worrying, and reading online this time around. Internet forums are filled with horror stories that doesnt help either. I actually ordered dermmatch yesterday. Hopefully it will work in the meantime while my head heals. FORTUNE, how is your donor area doing? Do you have a lot of itchiness? The back of my head still itches lot. Its not as bad as before but still feels like fire sometimes...
  3. Yes..I actually consulted in person with 2 drs. I brought this up and they both said i wouldnt notice a difference. Cut to the 1 week follow up, the dr said i had thin hair, my hair will eventually grow back but it needs to be a little longer to hde the scar. He also suggested SMP to hide he scar... 4 weeks later, it looks worse! Maybe it is the shock loss...hopefully it is and it grows back. These first few weeks are brutal on your mind.
  4. I originally had 1600 via FUT. To get more coverage, i recently under went 2300 FUE. Its been 4 weeks exactly today. Ive been letting my hair grow since. Density was something i was aware of in the donor area but Im noticing its pretty bad now. At this rate, it concerns me that i wont be able to hide the scar with long hair anymore. Is this normal at this stage? Has anyone experience this? Thanks
  5. Thanks for replying. I got a ton of questions but its been difficult getting solid answers on this topic. Seems like people post and disappear. Is the scar visible where you get stares in public? Or do they need to be up close and searching for it? All the photos ive seen blend well up close but they dont show what it looks like from 4 ft away. Is it a black line from 4 ft?.. Which blends the scar better with a 1 guard or 0? My surgeon said my linear scar was not bad at all and told me to look into smp to hide the scar... but i need to wait a year! I guess all i can do is wait and find a good smp dr in the mean time. (Anyone know of any in the San Francisco bay area?) Thanks Mikey, hope everything goes well for you
  6. Hey Mikey, Thanks for sharing. I have a linear and fue scars. Ive done fue to the linear scar but i can still see the scar buzzed at a 0. I am planning to do smp to the scar next. Your results looks great and very promising! What limitations do you have with smp to the scar? Seems like every photo i see is of razor and cream shave downs. Can you buzz with a 1 or 2 guard? How soon did you do smp after your fue? Thanks a lot
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