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  1. I might have to do a 3rd one after this one to fill out some gaps. Can you elaborate on the FUE being more difficult than FUT? Where did you do your FUE? How was the post recovery FUT vs. FUE? Thanks and Best of Luck! Dr. P
  2. There were 150 single hair grafts added to the 2 lacking areas in the front and ~ 2370 or so placed in the crown area. Dr. P
  3. A link to results from my first 11/2016 FUT (3109 grafts) hair transplant w Dr. Scott Alexander can be found in my previous post here: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/47443-my-recent-3109-fut-grafts-transplant-experience-w-dr-alexander-of-arizona/ Hello, As promised, I am updating you on results from my second FUT transplant (2520 grafts) w Dr. Scott Alexander. I traveled to Arizona on 9/18/2018 and met w Dr. Alexander in the afternoon of the same day to discuss/agree on game plan for my next day FUT. My primary goal/program minimum was to cover the crown area and program maximum was to add some grafts (if my donor would allow/there are any left) to the most needing areas in the front. My hope was that I could get a mega session of ~ 3500 grafts and use about 3000 to cover the crown and the rest to add some density in the front. Dr. Alexander examined my donor and told me that due to the need to remove the old scar and leave me only with (the new) one, he does not think that he could get that many. He further stated that he will be happy if he could get ~ 2300-2500 grafts and that this will allow him to get a dissent coverage of my large bald crown area. The next (surgery) day - 9/19/2018, I got to the clinic (Dr. Alexander has moved his practice to a very nice new building /office) early and we were able to start right after Dr. Alexander drew the areas that he wanted to work on my scalp. We started the procedure at 8:00 am and finished about 5:00 pm. The procedure went very smoothly and I had no pain and due to the fact that I requested 0.5 mg of Xanax instead of 1 mg, I was not dizzy and quite alert especially after 2:00 pm. Dr. Alexander is a master of his art, his team works as a well oiled machine and as you can see from the pics he/his team were able to get 2520 grafts and to completely cover my large crown area and also add some grafts to where they were needed the most in the front. I am very happy with the outcome and now will be waiting to see how it turns out. I think, I should be seeing a beginning of a new growth by the 4th month. I am very well aware of how long it will take for it to fully mature and will wait for an year and perhaps 2-3 more months before I could see the final results from this second procedure. I will update on progress now and then. All the best, Dr. P (pics coming shortly - tonight)
  4. Thanks very much! Requested picture of crown from the back added to the post above (w the pics). Thanks again! Dr. P
  5. Hello Forum Members! Long overdue update! Apologies for the very long silence. I have been very busy, but very happy with the outcome of my first 3109 grafts FUT w Dr. Alexander (11/2016). Pictures below are before, 1 month post op (for side-by-side comparison) and after 1 year and 8 months post surgery. I am going back to Dr. Alexander during 3rd week of 9/18 for Part 2 ?: another (hopefully mega) session FUT to cover the crown area. I am hoping that my donor will allow/he will be able to get higher or at least similar number of (mostly 2 hair) grafts to cover the (relatively large) crown area. As you can see, he does a great work. Cheers, Dr. P
  6. At the 3rd month mark post-op I have a lot of new hairs growth at places that I had no hair prior to my HT (see picture). These hairs are mainly in the transplanted front area. I think that my choice of supplementation + hair washing regime might have contributed to rather quick growth. I see a lot of small thin hairs that I think will thicken during the following few months. I am now pretty confident that I will have enough hair in the front 1/2 of the top of my head that will change quite a bit my appearance. Amazingly, I am also seeing small hairs coming out under the transplanted hair line!?! I don't think these hairs were there before. I think perhaps this could be a result of my (quite complex ) daily supplementation regime. I can't wait to see the results after another 1-2 months. In general, I am happy/very optimistic about the outcome. I will report back in the next 1-2 months. Cheers!
  7. At 1 month post-op I lost a lot of the transplanted hairs (see picture). I also discovered that finasteride (I was chopping a 5 mg pellet into 4 pieces and was taking 1x 1.25 mg piece each day) killed my desire for sex. I read quite a bit online about similar experience from others. I am not in my first youth and perhaps this contributed to it. I ended up completely stopping it and instead going to more natural DHT blockers. At the end of the first month, I switched from baby shampoo to Christina Moss Naturals organic shampoo and PuraD'or gold also organic shampoo (it has ~ 15 different DHT blockers and hair stimulating components). In addition, I use 2 times a week Regenepure DR shampoo (which has a low concentration of ketoconazole+caffeine). I also, gradually found a very nice organic conditioner which also has quite few DHT blockers - Laritelle Organic Conditioner "Strong Roots". I also started taking omega 3 + multivitamins specifically geared towards hair loss - "Toji pure density"+ daily doses of zinc picolinate + selenium and other minerals. For the duration of the next month, I started to feel much better, I also begun to see new hairs popping out from where they previously have fallen out and my side effects of finasteride subsided. I must say that I started to feel more optimistic about the outcome of my hair transplant surgery.
  8. Any news on using te Too Nacho shampoo on your transplanted hair? Was is beneficial?
  9. Until 7 Days post-op I was very careful with the grafts and during showering. Almost all scabs and crusts still present -see first picture below. On Day 9 and 10 I spent much longer time (15-20 mins) under the shower. While doing so, I gently massaged the grafts with shampoo and under just the flow of water until scabs and crusts were gone. By the 10 day transplanted hairs have grown in length (see second picture). I am aware that they will shortly fall off and that the long wait for re-growth would begin...
  10. Hello, For the past 10-15 years I have experienced a gradual hair loss to a point that last year it became very bothersome. I had almost no hair left on the top of my head as well as on the crown area (see pics blow, perhaps Norwood 5a?). So, about 3 months ago and with some encouragement from my wife, I started researching online for some hair restoration options. At the end of my research, I decided that the only option to pursue would be a FUT hair transplant. I have interviewed two of the most reputable hair transplant surgeons out there (one local and one out of state). I visited both clinics in person, and at the end I have selected Dr. Scott Alexander in Phoenix, Arizona to perform my FUT surgery. I scheduled the procedure for Nov. 30th, 2016. A day before that, my wife and I flew to Arizona, rented a car and drove to the Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria Hotel (~ 2 miles away from the clinic). The stay at this particular hotel was arranged by Dr. Alexander's staff. We woke up early on the morning of the surgery, I took a shower, had a breakfast and headed to Dr. Alexander's clinic. My wife dropped me off at 7:30 am and returned to the hotel. Surgery day started with drawing of the hairline (Dr. Alexander redrew it couple of times until we were both satisfied). I have to admit that I was somewhat worried about the procedure basis all prior reading that I have done. In particular, I was worried about the "painful" anesthesia injections that some patients commented about. Obviously, each person's sensitivity and pain tolerance is different. To my pleasant surprise, the shots were not painful to me. There were more like perfectly tolerable stings. The very first round of shots stung a bit more but once those were done, the second one was nothing :-). I felt perfectly fine. There was no pain whatsoever for the rest of the surgery. Dr. Alexander removed the strip from the donor area and informed me that he should be able to get quite a bit of hair/grafts. Later in the afternoon I was informed that they got 3109 grafts (630 1 hair, 2301 2 hairs and 178 3 hairs). I was quite pleased by the amount of grafts that they were able to harvest. Following the painless incisions on the recipient sites done by Dr. Alexander, three technicians started placing my grafts. Somehow, they managed to work on my head simultaneously! About three hours later they were done. The surgery lasted until about 6:00 pm. Following the surgery, we headed back to the hotel. The next morning when we woke up, I switched my pain medication to a single Tylenol pill. By lunch time I felt that we could fly back home. For the next 3 days post surgery I felt fine and just took a single extra strength Tylenol pill now and then to manage discomfort from the donor area. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the procedure and the excellent job that Dr. Alexander and his staff performed! I think they among the very best at their art. I will update this post with pictures as time passes by. Dr. P. T.
  11. ptt60

    ptt60 FUT HT Photo Album

    Pre- and post-op pics FUT 3109 grafts by Dr. Alexander
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