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  1. Hello, Okay this is a little stupid question but I am really curious how it works, Let's say with FUT producer the doctor will take 2,500 grafts from my back, the width of the strip will be 1.5 CM. I come back two years later for another fut, then he will take additional 2k grafts, and the width would be 1 CM. I just took about 2.5 CM width of my head, how come the nape won't start higher (after attaching back the skin), I do know obviously that it doesn't go higher, or make your head look like you pulled both sides to attach it back but my question is why? If you just took alm
  2. Hi guys, I have a question, To secure a surgery date I know you have to pay in advance an amount of money (About 2,000$). But when do you have to pay the rest amount? If I have been quoted 13,000$, beside the 2,000$ to pay to secure the surgery, do I pay the other amount at the day of the surgery or before? And if I have been quoted for 2,500 grafts, but at the end, I will need only 2,000 grafts, do I get a partial refund? Thanks!
  3. Hi Bill, I'm sorry on late reply, I had an holiday in my country which just over today. I have contacted Dr.Konior through his website, not through this forum (I didn't even know it's possible to contact through here haha). Anyways, I sent a PM to Spanker so will be fine, thanks a lot!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm looking to re-build my hairline and tried to reach Dr.Konior for about 2 weeks with no success, I sent him 3 E.mails already but no reply, does anyone know if he's busy or anything?
  5. Amazing work!!! Could you please tell me the size for those two sides I marked in cm (Before it's getting into his exicting hair) And how many grafts per cm2? Thank you so much!
  6. Thank you so much for your reply, My hair look really bad and greasy if I won't shampoo everyday, I don't have a choice When you say "herbal based" does the shampoos I have wrote have that? (1.REGENEPURE DR 2.REGENEPURE NT 3.Johnson's Baby Shampoo) Thanks!
  7. Hello guys, I'm not looking for anything to fight hairloss, just something that I can use without harsh chemicals, I have read that the ingredients in Head and Shoulders are pretty bad to use daily, I'm using this shampoo for couple of years, it makes my hair pretty dry and dead. I wondering if there's any alternative shampoo, (Not Nizoral), that i can use daily? From the research I have done I have few in minds and will appericate that if you can let me know what you think : 1.REGENEPURE DR 2.REGENEPURE NT 3.Johnson's Baby Shampoo I'm basically looking for som
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering, lets say I want to build my temple\peaks points and the first 1 cm line of my hairline, As I have read it require 1 hair graft, max 2, does with FUT the doctor can choose which hairs to take? It just doesn't makes sense to me since it's basically a big piece that he just takes and he has no control of which grafts he will get compared to fue, but I may be wrong and wanted to know about it And my second question is, lets say I have miniaturization in my donor area, does with FUE he will be able to get the most healthier hair I got in my donor? (I ne
  9. Because there is no way I could become norwood 1 with HT, first of all, since i have the worst genetic ever, I even shedding at my nap area and sides, when i look at my father and all his six brother (Also in my mother side with her two brothers), they all norwood 7, and they have no hair at their nap, their temple went way back (I will be there also in couple of years), but i will still have about 2000-3000 grafts at the heart of my donor area just to fill those temples + build a new hairline and just put full cap hair system behind it (Which is an hair system for the entire head). I don'
  10. I feel you man, I'm 22 years old and started losing my hair when I was 15.5, my father noticed that my crown was thinning when i was sitting, he took me to the doctor and since then my nightmare has began, The doctor looked at my father (Norwood 7), and said there's nothing i can do, i took propecia when I was 16.5, minoxidil twice a day, nothing did not help me, I started searching online, my english is not my first language and it took awhile until it got better, it was very hard for me to understand but i was browsing each day for over 4 hours on forums of HT, Hair systems etc, i started us
  11. Hello, Well, after reading all this im super scared to use nizoral, i'm just looking for daily shampoo that will replace Head&Shoulders that im using now. No need anything with DHT blocker or something like that, just shampoo that won't have tons of chemicals that hurt the hair. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your comment! How about regenepure shampoo for daily use? or Baby Shampoo? I just heard that h&s are really bad for daily use and I have been using it for over 3 years... It's time to switch and not sure which should I take since i read so many bad comments on each brand, wonder if someone here can suggest 1 brand for daily use and I will go for it. Thanks!
  13. Hello guys, I have been searching for couple of hours already and it seems that there's many different comments, some say to use Revita daily, some say Nizoral, some say it's bad to use them daily and just twice a weak, so I wonder, which shampoo should I use? Or maybe I should have few and mix between during the week. Right now i'm using Head and Shoulders Shampoo and it seems that I have an agrressive hairloss, So if you have any suggestion i would like to know, Thank you so much! P.S - I haven't done HT, just daily shampoo for regular MPB Hairloss. Thanks!
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