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  1. So I'm almost five months after a 2200 graft transplant. It looks very pluggy. The frontal hairline is dense for about 1/2-1 inch but then the transplanted hairs behind that are small or not noticeable at all. It looks bald and disconnected with the rest of the hair. What should I expect at 5 months? I saw some of the hairs coming in at two months and at four months I saw many more come in. Should I expect to see the majority of them by now at least to a small extent? Please help and respond, THANKS> BEN
  2. I had a hair transplant on august 29th. My scalp has healed a lot but is still pink. Is there any way to end this pinkness? I have a fair complexion:( Any product that would aid in the final healing of the scalp? Thanks to all who respond!
  3. I am now one month after a hair transplant. My scalp is still pink and healing. What can i put on it that will heal it without the possibility of damaging grafts? I have a bottle of aloe vera gel that i am debating using. Thanks to all who take the time to respond. I apply all the feedback I get and follow recommendations, so thank you!
  4. Thanks for you awesome response! can i use aloe vera gel one month after transplant to heal the grafted area?
  5. What are the best products/vitamins to use to maintain hair. I had a hair transplant a month ago. I am taking finasteride, biotin, fish oil, iron, and a vitamin b pill. Thanks to all who respond!!!!!!!
  6. u addressed my question in your last post, which i didnt see till after i posted (i posted through my cell phone). Now i'm on my computer and see your last post, lol. Any of you guys try oiling your head overnight with emu, coconut, lavender, castor, or other oils?
  7. Steve I appreciate it. Ya i have been paranoid as he'll until recently. Its starting to wear off gradually as everything fully heals. Now I'm just concerned about the shedding. Do u use oils or Rogaine or anything? Any vitamins or things i should take? I do tree ale biotin and forwarders. Thanks for your help!
  8. I am also trying to thicken hair in areas that were not grafted
  9. So i had my transplant 15 days ago. I am mostly healed and trying to facilitate hair growth. Would the use of oils at this point on the grafted area help the grafts grow or benefit me in any way? Thanks for your response!
  10. How long after a hair transplant can I oil my scalp? Also what oils should I use and how? Thanks to all who respond!
  11. So a very knowledgeable man on here recently told me not to have a PRP treatment following a hair transplant. I believe him. He said I would risk temporary or even permanent shock hair loss if I did so. Has anyone tried this before or experienced this or heard about this?
  12. whoa! Good to hear that, i thought it would help with the shock loss, i know some surgeons perform PRP with the transplant
  13. one quick question, should i try a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy in my scalp to assist the growth? Have you ever looked into it?