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  1. Thanks for the nice words! If there are any changes until the 24 month mark I can post a quick update but I think this is the final result.
  2. Hi guys, this is my last and final update after 18 months. The final density and hair structure is now reached and I am satisfied.The decision for Dr.Koray Erdogan was the right one and I have no regrets. From the beginning my entire HT trip ran without any problems and I am particularly satisfied with the temple triangles and the hairline in general. The only point of criticism would be the density in the front area. I would have expected a little more here. With an additional 500 grafts it would be perfect, but it will be my last HT (hope so). My handling of my hair has become extremely relaxed. Whether it's windy or rainy, I don't have to do anything and feel much more confident. That was also my goal, which I achieved. My journey and my active part in this forum is now coming to an end. Thank you for your support. I wish you all the best. hamburger
  3. Hi, I will post my last and final 18-month update in 2 weeks. Until now nobody asked me if I had something done. So I guess it looks quite natural I started my HT journey as a NW3 so the difference is not that extreme.
  4. No, not really much. It's hard to tell because the hair got longer and a bit stronger.
  5. Hey guys here is my update after 1 year -Recipient area looks strong and healthy -I would appreciate a bit more density (+500 Grafts?) in the hairline but the difference to where I started is huge. -To invest some grafts in restoring the temple triangles was a very good descision. -My scalp is still a little bit numb. I don't know if that will ever change...I don't care. -No sides with fin. -Stopped taking Biotin because my fingernails grew like crazy. I'll post my final update after 18 months Cheers!
  6. Update Month 9 Very little improvement in density compared to month 7/8. Definetly no NEW growth after month 7. My midscalp is really improving now with Fin! I stopped taking Biotin because my nails grew like crazy and I had to cut them too often. Regarding the quality of the new hair: My original hair calibre is 50 microns and I would guess that 50% of the new hair is around 40-50 microns while the rest new hair is around 25-30 microns. This makes me hope for some more desity in the next 3-6 months. Frontal third is still a bit numb and the skin is a bit sensitive. It matters A LOT in which lighting conditions you are looking at your hair. Under harsh light it looks quite seethrough while it looks really good when the light is a bit less bright and darker. The last three pictures, shot from a low angle where the hairline is really exposed, show that. At the moment I don’t know if I am too impatient but I did expect a bit more density in the hairline. I mean I started as a NW3 and got 3500 Grafts in the frontal third… When I look at some other threads (e.g. JustJax, DEB1982) I see the same issue with lacking density. Don’t get me wrong I think our results are strong but unfortunately this little bit of density that makes you think "WHOW" is still missing. So is this just „state of the art“ for HT in 2016/17 or can we expect more…?
  7. No big news. Still hoping for a bit more density. I'll post a nine months update.
  8. Thank you guys! JeanLuc, you are definetly in good hands! Are you planning to start your own thread?
  9. Hey guys, here is an update. Photos were taken at the 7 month mark. - I have to correct myself. Recipient area is still a little bit numb (maybe 20%). That doesn’t bother me much. - There are some tiny improvements reagarding density in the frontal area. Still hoping this will improve over the next 3-5 months when the hair continues to mature. Anyway it is still a bit see through (last pic). With around 30% more density I would be totally satisfied. - I think Fin is working now. My midscalp feels/looks more dense. Overall I feel quite confindent at the moment. There are dozens of very very very fine and almost invisible hairs in the front. At that that moment it doesn’t add much density but maybe in a few months… I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
  10. Hi Ponchik, it started right after month 3 and I had explosive growth till month 5.
  11. Update month 6 There is some improvement in density compared to month 5 but it is still somehow sparse in the frontal area. I think the hairs that grew already are thickening up but I cannot say if there is some more „new„ growth. I attached a close up of the hairline. What do you guys think of the density that should be at least 45-50 grafts/cm2? At first sight my hair looks quite good but if you look closer it is visible that it is less dense (especially at the very front). I really hope this to improve over the next few month.
  12. I think it's looking good for just 18 weeks and you can expect a lot of growth/thickening over the next weeks.
  13. Update: 5 month + 10 days I spent the last weeks in Thailand so this update is a little late. -numbness is almost gone now -redness close to zero -massive improvement in hair quality over the last 5 weeks. BUT there has to come more. I’m expecting/hoping that there will be a lot more NEW growth. At the moment it’s quite sparse and see through in the frontal area. If that would be even close to a final result I would be disappointed…
  14. Hey Ponchik, I started with a surgeon cap after 3-4 days but only for max.20-30 min. After 2 weeks I wore a beanie hat for max. 2h a day and after 4 weeks when I returned to work I wore the beanie 8h a day. Basecap was comfortable to wear after month 2.