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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. You never posted a pic of your transplant. You don’t have one on your profile. No pics no gallery no truth. Just trolling for attention. The definition of a shill is you! Youre a troll and a shill. People who do this for attention online have no life. You got the maturity level of a 12 year old. On top of that you stick up for a surgeon known for packing hundreds of grafts per cm on patients as complaints from this doctor keep rolling in. People like you rarely get along with others in life and you’d be dangerous in any doctor’s office. If any representatives from any hair transplant clinics read this I urge you not to allow this guy into your clinics. God knows what comments he’ll spew about your doctors after his procedure. Make sure you report his email address! I’ve had it with you. Don’t come back to the thread. Youre a nuisance, a troll and no one here likes you. Your continued trolling and hate will get you banned. I’m reporting you.
  2. LOL LOL. You sound like a bitter man who lies about having a procedure done to get childish attention. Where are your pictures?? Why no gallery?? Why does your profile state you had no transplant done?? And that youre considering a procedure?? Talk about not knowing what a shill is! LOL. I’ve been checking out transplants since 1995 much longer than you and so far I’ve been able to arrest my hair loss without a procedure. Since you disapprove of the doctor the OP mentioned why don’t you try him out and return to prove him wrong. All he did was give an opinion. And I agree there are new up and coming talented doctors who deserve attention since transplants will get better with newer doctors trying different stuff. If you think the only good doctors in 15 years will be limited to the ones mentioned here you don’t know squat about hair transplants. Especially when you’ve never had a transplant in your life! LOL. Otherwise youre trolling hatred and jealousy which will get you banned from here quick. So relax shill !
  3. Been trying a couple of new treatments involving injections. The treatment has been unbelievable. Not only did it limit my hair loss but I also started to grow new hairs in the areas I was losing hair. Its not a miracle but it's been a good alternative to a transplant procedure.

  4. Good luck with Rahal a doctor who packs tons of plugs in a square centimeter with guys complaining of serious shock loss a year later. Just look at their galleries a year later. There are better more qualified doctors in the industry. Dont be a victim brother. Good luck.
  5. Hey guys I know I asked this question before. But I really need to know to just to re-assure myself. As I posted before I have noticed more shedding of one side of my scalp than the other side due to (according to me) sleeping on the same side every night. Honestly speaking I don't think this is any coincidence of any type since I am connecting sleeping on the same side every night with affecting that side of the scalp's hair growth. It could be that by sleeping on one side I am shunting enough of the scalp's blood supply. Or as my friend theorized before that it could be small micro bugs in my pillow jumping over to the scalp and invading it. This last theory isn't plausible since I am diligent in washing my bed sheets and pillows regularly. Maybe its another explanation. Common sense dictates that I should either sleep on the other side. But the problem with this is that since I have been sleeping on the same side for the rest of my life I subconsciously find myself adrift to that side especially during sleep. I have tried - though I admit not hard enough. Just to reiterate I know I asked this before but I am desperate for an answer or someone's experience similar to mine to share. I am literally going insane over this and its affecting many levels of my life. I think I might wear a dude rag or cap just to be extra sure. As bizarre as this seems I don't know what other alternative to take. If any of you guys can comment on this whether positive or negative maybe it can help me make sense of this mystery if its one at all. You got to help me guys. Going crazy here.
  6. Yeah mickeyhwk is a troll and shill too. Wish we could ban idiots like that. But milo12, don't be put off by the trolls. You're in a forum of good people. We appreciate you adding your time to it. Letting us know of more good surgeons expands our options. Welcome aboard mate!
  7. Could this represent a conflict of interest for the client? Personally I wouldn't want my decisions to be influenced by parties who may not be completely honest with my best interest since their identities are not fully disclosed online. Then again you can't do anything to stop this from happening. Welcome to the internet! You make good sense. I will do my diligent research and find what I need. Its good how you put that succinctly.
  8. Instead of using synthetic scalp what about growing real scalp skin? Sounds like a novel idea but with todays medical advances could be possible. Of course you need to contend with the synthetic hairs which are not natural. Never seen hair pieces solely for the hairline or crown. Why a disadvantage like you said?
  9. Assuming these stats to be true it appears that synthetic hair systems are the way to go for some patients. I would recommend against it obviously for someone who may need only a "touch up." But for more severe balding yes.
  10. Do this site provide votes on surgeons or procedures or clinics? sort of like a ranking system? If not it would be a wise idea for others to view such info to help them make a better informed decision before heading to a clinic. Something to think about.
  11. So I'm new to this. Naturally I want a short list of the best hair transplant surgeons that can create the most density in hair.
  12. Well the problem is that with some patients, minox may carry unwanted side effects. Not every one responds to meds the same way.
  13. Wow! At first I thought a procedure like this would be a "cure" for hair loss, depending on the amount of donor hair of course. Never did I think this would be abandoned by the doctors. Why does god and nature work so much against us? Its like you feel like not believing in god altogether.
  14. I was wondering is theres a procedure that cuts out a large area of the back donor area to sew it in the front balding area?
  15. Good for you! You happen to be lucky then.