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  1. Not only for the scar on the back of my head from the strip procedure, but I have some other old surgical scars. Is there anything you recommend that actually makes a noticalbe improvement?
  2. and what is the post op recovery time for FUE? In terms of returning to work, the gym, etc? I assume it takes the same 6 mo-year for the hair to grow in...
  3. Quoted for TRUTH man!!! Seriously, though I'd rather have the scar and good hairline, than to be how I was, I still hate hate hate my scar. It's like, now that I have hair, I can never have the haircut I want. LOL. I see these guys that the gym with their low maint. haircuts all buzzed on the sides, and I'm like "I hate you on principle!"
  4. Ok, so here's the deal. I just had my second HT in late October. My first was a general strip scar, with a normal closure, my recent one was a trycho closure. The thing is, I just have that anatomy where my scar stretches, it looks just the same as the first scar. I actually have decent elasticity, but sometimes that's just how it goes I guess. It's actually not bad at all, but could be better. Though it's only been about 3 months, my questions are: 1. With the scar stretching a little bit (it's probably about as wide as one of the upper case letters on this message will the trycho closure still have the desired effect of growing hair through the scar? Or would that already be apparent? 2. It's not so much the scar itself that is visible on my head, but more, the lack of hair that's no longer growing where the scar is, you don't see the red scar if I cut with a 3 or below, but you see a white strip because there is a lack of hair density where hair used to be (though I know this is normal) 3. I think a scar revision is not on the table for me as this is my 2nd HT and this was supposed to be my scar revision (again, I think it's just the way my anatomy is, the Doc did a fine job) Is this something that FUE could make look better? 4. For an area as small as a strip, what would be the approx cost for the FUE procedure to fill in the strip, gimme a ball park of what I should expect on consults... Thanks guys, and hoping my new hair looks great in a few months