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  1. Dr Glenn. Thanks for the info. Is there any statistics on what % of HT patients get shockloss, and if so, how extensive?
  2. Can someone explain exactly what "shockloss" is. Does that mean I'll be losing hair around the transplant area, and/or scar area during/after the procedure? Do you look worse post-op by losing hairs you already have? I keep reading about people wearing hats post op. I have to dress nice for work and can't be wearing a baseball cap or doo rag. Please enlighten me!
  3. Thanks to everyone for their feedback! The names listed have given me a starting point for my research, and a roadmap using the forum to reach a decision. That certainly figures that the biggest names, are not necessarily the best, or even "decent". Doesn't seem like anyone has anything positive to say about HairClub or Bosely, so that is telling. I'll let everyone know what I decide!
  4. Regarding the post-procedural scar on the back of my head (for about 1000 grafts). How difficult is it sleeping, considering the scar is right where I lay my head on my pillow each night? How long do you think it might compromise my night time rest? I know people are different, just trying to get an idea how uncomfortable it might be.
  5. I am looking @ getting a transplant for about 1000 grafts on my front two sides. I've narrowed the decision to "HairClub" and "Bosley". They appear to be the two biggest advertisers in the area (Orange County), so I assume they're be biggest, and have been around for a long time. The cost is a wash. Does anyone have any comments pro or con about either organization to help influence my choice?