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  1. Thank you so much gillenator for all the information.
  2. Thank you for your response GrowingHair. The reason I asked about re-starting rogaine is because at 1 month mark, I once used rogaine on my crown with very gentle rubbing in circular motion very carefully, as a result I saw a lot of transplanted hair shed because of the rubbing. Most likely the were the shafts only which were going to shed sooner or later anyway, but I got scared. But its good to know that at this point my grafts should be secure enough.
  3. Thank you for ur response gillenator. I will start normal shampooing. When you say I should allow my scalp to breath as the new hair growth starts, does it mean that I should stop wearing a cap? Also will going in sun be a problem at that time?
  4. Hi all, I had my HT( FUE) done 1.5 months ago mainly on my crown and in the temples area. As expected, after 3 weeks or so, the transplanted hair started to shed and now they are about 60 to 70% gone. I followed post op instructions and started with baby shampoo washing after like 6 days or so. I avoided putting my head directly under the shower for 25 days post op. After that I started putting my head under shower but am still afraid to do any rubbing even for shampoo. I am still pouring shampoo water on my head and only rinsing it directly under shower now, but still without any rubbin
  5. Thank you Legend007 and LaserCap for your input. You have provided some valuable information. I also heard that growth time for the crown is usually longer then the front. Is it true?
  6. Thank you for your input Panamera13. Its very unfortunate that one of the main meds for hair loss has such side effects. But what can we do. I do use toppik actually. But am kind of getting tired of it mainly because have to wash it off every day. with the speed my crown is expanding, I think I wont be able to use Toppik anymore. Meaning it"ll look odd on a completely hair less surface. Thats the reason I want to get it over with using topik any more by getting the HT. I actually havent got any answer from anyone for one of my main question that with the amount of hair loss in my crown ar
  7. Thanks for your input baldlivesmatter. I also think that I should be on meds but to be very honest, I am scared. I never ever in my life experienced ED problem until I started FIN. It took me a long time to get back to normal and am afraid I might get it again if I restart it.
  8. Thanks for your input Legend007. I had 3070 grafts FUT in the front. As for the meds, I tried taking FIN right after my HT, but I had very serious side effects and had to stop it right away. I have been using rogaine though in the crown area but only using it once a day. Adding a pic taken now and an old one ( pre op).
  9. Hi all. I had my first HT done four years ago on front of my head. Crown area was also thinning but was still ok at the time. Now 4 years later I am thinking of getting a 2nd HT mainly in the crown area. I m including 2 photos taken 3 years back and today,for comparison. Based on the amount i have lost over 3 years, do you think its a good time for me to get the HT in the crown area? I am also thinking of getting some hair transplanted in the temple area of my forehead. I have almost lost my temple points. Also I am thinking of getting some more hair added to my current hairline to
  10. Thank you for the information Bill. I will pass this info to my brother. I will also ask him to create his own profile and get some expert opinions on this forum. Its an awesome forum and the information available is priceless.Thanks again.
  11. Thank you Melvin-HTsoon for your input. I will pass this info to my brother.
  12. Hi All. My older brother is interested in getting an HT done in Turkey and is looking for some surgeon recommendations. I will really appreciate any help with this. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you for the suggestions everyone. Thank you for the suggestions Wazam. I heard about Shapiro group. But there are 3 names that come up. "Dr. David Josephitis, Ron and Paul Shapiro. I assume all of them are equally well reputed? I will tell my bro to try and consult with Dr Konior also.
  14. Hi all, My older brother is thinking of getting an HT. He is from Minnesota USA and had a recent visit to Dr. Jason Champagne. Wondering if anyone had any information about his work or anyone who had a procedure done by him could share their experience? I told him to get a 2nd opinion and wondering if anyone has any recommendation of docs in Minnesota? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi all. Its been 2.5 years since I got my FUT HT done and I want to share my experience with everyone. I got my HT at " Seager Hair Transplant" based in Toronto. My surgeon was Dr. Nelson Ferreira. I got 3070 grafts. My procedure took about 9 hours. It was a good experience as I was offered lunch and got to watch a few movies during the procedure. My progress was a usual one. There was very little progress in the first 3 months but right after hitting the 4.5 month mark, my hair grew dramatically. In my opinion my transplanted hair were fully grown in 10 months and honestly I haven'
  16. My experience with minox has not been very good. In fact I am kind of disappointed. I am going to post my before and after pics in a separate thread. My crown area looks worse than before after more than 10 months of rogaine 5% usage.
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