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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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  1. Thanks Esdarn. I haven't considered smp the crown is just slightly thin so if they can take 1500 more grafts without making my hair noticeably thinner on the back and sides ill be happy.
  2. So my vertex didnt get much thicker, just slightly. They said the 2000 grafts placed in that area should just have given thin coverage and recommended i get 1500 more for full coverage. Thoughts on the result from 2000 grafts last time? Im still using fin.
  3. Hi Esdarn, Sorry for the late response, losing some hair in scabs sounds normal to me at day 5 :) don't worry.
  4. Thanks both. Yes the hairline turned out fine, ive quite a big forehead so i tend to wear my hair down anyway. Re grafts at the back, im not sure how many i have left but Asmed told me i should continue to see the back thicken up over the next few months. Also the light in that photo is quite harsh and tbh i dont feel overly self concious about it :) in a few months if it hasnt thickened up i will speak to then again.
  5. Her are my 18 month photos from my second op with Dr KE, still a little bit to go at the back but overall im over the moon. Im now confident again and women like it. Im a happy man now. Its taken three years and was complete hell due to the fact i had a disasterous first op with Hakan Doganay (i intentionally neglect adding "Dr" beside his name). Im became a recluse and am still dealing with social anxiety because of what he did. Here is a link the full story
  6. Thanks mate :) I think in the pics i just had mouse in it maybe some matt clay but thats it. In the last procedure 2000 went in the vertex and i think about 700 in the middle and a few hundred at the front. Id didnt notice any shock loss to be honest but there may have been some.
  7. Thanks Dude, i will. Im only at ten full months on the crown, so its only at about 60% of what i expect. When its wet gelled like above it more noticeable that its not really full yet. When its dry styled it not really noticeable at all. It looks fully covered when dry. I actually keep it down at the front normally and as the mid and crown thicken my hair looks more and more natural. Its been quite a journey. Thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel. I will get some more pics soon :)
  8. Hi folks, Just so you can see this post. I cant seem to find it searching and im suspicious its been hidden for some reason. Could be me being blind though. Heres the link
  9. Hi Folks, Glad to show my results of 6000 more grafts from Asmed clinic. I am on then ten month of my second surgery amd waiting for the crown to thicken up. To sum up hakan the gangster used 2500 grafts and 1500 beard. He said he had to use the beard as my donor wad weak. He did most of the implanting and designed an awful hairline. I ended up with a horrible result and became a recluse. I went to Asmed and they said i was lucky i came to them and said the work carried out was very bad. I also had to pay to get the beard grafts removed. They looked awful and unnatural. Hakan refused to give me a full refund. Thankfully i am on the way to a greay result. Alex
  10. Can everyome still find my post easily with my exp with Hakan? There have been no comments on it in a while and im getting suspicious.
  11. Ive started to get good growth now im going to separate my results oyt from this thread due to poor responses. I will continue to chase Hakan for my money here.