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  1. Ok cool , i feel ive chosen the right surgeon from there anyway dr resats payients all seem happy and had good results with him and his team of techs having performed a fair few thousand transplants between them . Maybe you were unlucky and got a less experienced surgeon and team of techs there .. i certainly aint going to judge my surgeon off your nad experience with a completley different 1 . Sorry to hear about your misfortune and i really do hope you manage to solve the problem . But i wouldnt put all surgeons at longevita under the same bracket as the surgeon you had . Best regards pal
  2. Rather than do that though . What dr from longevita did you see ?
  3. Why ?. You cant say that to someone but dint give a teason why dude.. its clearly the last thing you want to hear when your going there next month so what you just said is quite important.. what dr did you see at longevita ? Scott
  4. Any pictures mick ? Not seen that you have posted any yet since you mentioned you were going to post some Scott
  5. Hi everyone .. Sorry if this is a repeat of other posts I'm looking for elaboration on experiences with longevita in Istanbul . Any been with dr Altus there, and how was your experience recently with the following. 1. Travelling by Turkish airlines (as I know it's not the best ) and quite frankly reading about there recent history is quite scary ie hijacking planes Ect and crashes. 2. Being a westerner right now in that part of the world. Are you taken care of like being picked up from the airport ok and nothing too dodgy . 3. Facility that your in once in Istanbul at the surgery is it a safe area is the hotel close by? 4. And lastly of course the main bit how was the experience and the transplant by these surgeons , happy with the initial result ? And expecting decent growth ? This is my second HT my first was by pro hair clinic in Belgium but prices at the moment are sky high to return there ,, longevita are offering unlimited grafts for like a 1/3 of the price man !! Thanks in advance Scott:)
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