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  1. Anyone who has had a transplant knows to varying degrees they are an illusion of density and not native density. Possibly someone who is just getting a small area at the front addressed transplanted the illusion will be pretty close to native density but for anyone with a NW 3 and above it just aint happening ,it's all about the illusion. I had a transplant 5 years ago 4200 Fue no one would guess from my hair that it is transplanted hair and of course 4200 will only give so much cover to someone who was a NW 5//6 as I had good sides that would put me as a NW5 but my crown loss a NW6. Ult
  2. First of all this guy has great hair to begin with ,but at the same time his original hair-line was not solid and in my opinion it would have receded .Now that he is on Fin hopefully he won't lose too much hair behind the new hair-line for a good while and if he does he will have enough grafts for a second or third procedure .I cant see any thinning in the crown, again the Fin hopefully will keep that in tact,I am sure Dr Arocha would have taken any future hair-loss into account. I think this kind of hair -line work on a guy who has great hair to begin with can be difficult and takes skill t
  3. Do your research and pay for quality ..sure good advice ...but I would say you have a good chance of getting a great result rather than you can rest assured you will get a good result if you go with a top tier clinic, but what the actual percentage of a great result is unfortunately unknown . The advice Lasercap gave is actually sound and the OP has already shown intelligence by coming on here and asking such a question so many guys just believe the hype. Another human variable which 2 well known hair transplant guys mention who have inside knowledge, is either a Doc or a tech being hung-ove
  4. Dr Bloxham strange to say has a very good chance of becoming an anachronism in that most young Docs are going down the FUE route, along with tech clinics which are popping up all over the place. The old FUT guard are of an age where retirement is imminent for a lot of them. He has been trained by a well respected Doctor and he certainly is passionate about his craft. I would imagine things can only get better for him as soon there will only be a handful of Docs who can perform FUT successfully, and I think their services will always be in demand because for high NW's FUT is still the way to
  5. Best of luck with the hair transplant I think you made the right decision going with Dr Yaman and not Clinik ,unfortunately every Doc has failures but Yaman seems to get good results in the main ,keep us updated and remember patience is needed it's a slow process.
  6. It seems to me Dr Karadeniz has joined the 'if you can't beat them join them' His thing was always anti t-ech clinics and also saying it is actually illegal in Turkey for techs to do any kind of surgery even if there was a Doc present ,now it seems he offers differently priced packages one which is completely tech tasked and he just does the hair-line I have also had the opinion he talks a good game not sure his results match up though.
  7. I think an important starting point when considering having a hair transplant is every clinic /doc has their subpar results full stop . Take the top clinics Hasson and Wong, Lorenzo Diep etc their subpar results are harder to find but believe me they are there, so basically you have more chance of having a success if you go with one of them than if you go with a less well know clinic with not many results to view etc .Although I went with essentially a tech clinic in Turkey I did actually get phone numbers of guys in the UK who had been to the clinic ,real people, who told me about their expe
  8. I would give the UK a miss if I were you ,mostly a bunch of chancers who do not know what they are doing, with maybe 2-3 noticeable exceptions but they are not cheap . Dr Ball who works in London and Portsmouth seems to produce good work check him out. Dr Keser in Turkey is the cream of the crop ithere, does most of the work himself and not techs ,definitely worth looking into if you are looking to get 2000 grafts or less, about 3.5 euros a graft I believe. Good you seem open to travel just research more the Belgium Docs etc, but beware as I said the UK is way behind in the hair transplant fi
  9. looks great ,well done, not many surgeons world wide who are as meticulous as Keser
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the Aylsbury clinic ,unfortunately the UK is one of the worst places to get a hair transplant with a 2 or 3 notable exceptions . I also agree with your advice on choosing to get a hair transplant for just hairline or minimal hair loss at the front ,I know this is subjective and one man's perceived hair loss is a full head of hair for another man, but a lot of guys are disappointed as the transplanted hair just doesn't match up to the native density .I only opted for a hair transplant when I become a complete NW 5 -6 ,if I had stayed at a NW3-4 I wo
  11. Best to ask your Doc when he thinks it is safe. In my opinion is is better to err on the side of caution with post op care form a phychological standpoint as well as a physical one ..you don't want to be always thinking did I do something to hinder recovery etc . As Doctor Bloxham said it's the peroxide which can be harsh on the scalp etc .I personally would give it at least a year before I used a harsh chemical like peroxide . I did not have a hair transplant with Dr Bloxham just to be clear .
  12. Any hair transplant done properly should provide a stand -alone outcome . I have noticed recently a lot of comments saying "well you will need a second procedure to add density to a gappy hair-line" etc as if this is normal. ,but as I said a hair transplant done right should look natural and stand alone especially one year post op. Regards lighting I can only speak for my own transplant ,in daylight/sunlight it looks great ,but in certain bright overhead bathroom lighting not so good ,but a bit of toppik and dermatch takes care of that anyway, I would imagine anyone who was
  13. Very good ,particularly impressed with the crown ,did you find out form the Doc how many grafts were used there ?
  14. I would find a different clinic. We all know hair transplant surgery is elective and altruism is in short supply in this business, but some Docs/Clinics come across as more money grabbing than others.
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