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  1. Cheers Legend ,well your hair is in a lot better nick than mine was before the transplant ,no reason if you choose the right surgeon and look after yourself to not have a full head of hair for the rest of your natural . I agree it's great to see results 3-4 years post op ,so many posters stop after 7- 8 months .
  2. tbh I saw continued improvement after the 12 month mark OK not new growth but the hair thickened and became more natural looking
  3. Thanks wheretogo , it's sad really that hair can make such a difference to someones's appearance and self esteem, but at least there are options now, and hope my post will give hope to guys who are in the early stages of the journey .
  4. Cheers man.. its not perfect but been a game changer for me ..as you can see from pre - op pics not a lot on top ..I didnt mind the receding at the front so much but when I got the full horse - shoe look that was when I decided to do something about it .
  5. I have noticed a lot of guys who seem suprised that they dont have a lot of growth at the 5 month mark recently .I had my transplant 3.5 years ago I never did show pics form transplant up to now .First few pics pre-op ,then a few days post op . The 7th pic is 5 months post op ,so growth only beginning to happen . I banged my head day after the transplant thats why there is a long scab on the left side also knocked the front right as well didn't seem to affect the out-come thankfully . The last 13 pics taken today so 3.5 years later still going strong ,some taken with flash ,some without ,and 2 taken outside . Last time I will post pics on here ,except maybe to get advice on whether I should go for a second one later to thicken up the crown and mid-scalp ,really don't want to mess around and do damage to the grafts .I am 55 and maybe I should be thankful it has been a success and live with a slightly thinning crown besides with Toppik it pretty looks full anyway . No fibers in any of the pics .
  6. I personally think your hair looked great Spex before your recent work , I guess there will always be professional jealousy in any field, and if a high NW sees someone like you who had a great heart of hair it might cause mixed reactions ,but as you say you don't have to justify it to anyone , I'm sure you chose your clinic well and it will be a nice subtle improvement ,look forward to your updates .
  7. Terrible you had to go through that ordeal Ozguy , same thing still happening today, if anything it's more like the wild west out there with dodgey clinics, not just in Turkey either, UK is full of them, only about 2-3 good ones . Glad you got it sorted .
  8. Yea no need to worry, looks like a total success. Congrats !
  9. Your hair looks amazing , I have to admit if I had your hair pre- op I would have been more than happy and I wouldn't have taken the risk that the new hair-line would match your native density, I have seen similar low NW'S like you and they have been disasters when lowering the hair -line , Dr Bhatti did a great job .
  10. I have already pointed out to Bill that Dr Yaman and Dr Bloxham have not shown any of their cases in at least 6 months, it begs the question is Dr Feller still recommended ? as he also doesn't present his work on here anymore . I was told by Bill that monthly updates by Docs have to be presented on a monthly basis . I asked Dr Erdogan 2 questions in response to the post he made recently , one regarding does he have enough time to properly supervise 4 different teams of techs when they are doing the extractions ? ,the second question was about the ambiguous advertising on his website regarding as to actually who does the extractions?, I haven't received a reply up to this point .
  11. Mick50


    Dutchie was a poster on here he picked Hasson /Wong ,4200 FUT grafts , I remember as it was the exact number of grafts I had though mine was FUE . He was a bit of a character and I guess one could say he didn't have much of a filter and just said what he thought . He was full of hope and expectation as he was a NW 5 I would say, and like a lot of us his hair -loss was beginning to badly affect his confidence . To cut a long story short his result was well below par considering he went to a top clinic and paid top dollar ,basically things got heated and he wasn't happy with the response he got back form the clinic ,and he made some inappropriate comments which in a sense I cant blame him, as some people were saying it was a satisfactory result and I agree with Dutchie it was well below par , I think he had just about reached the 12 month mark . I seem to remember the clinic offered Dutchie to visit them [Think they said they would pay his flight ticket ] and they would evaluate his progress and the agreement was Dutchie would hold fire with his comments on here til he saw them ,unfortunately he kept posting negative posts and at that time Bill stepped in and decided it was best to suspend his membership until Dutchie visited the clinic, or resolved matters in a civil manner by private correspondence be it by phone ,email or whatever. Would be great to hear how things turned out for Dutchie, hopefully things were sorted out between him and the clinic to both their satisfaction .
  12. For me the success or failure of this result is dependant on how successfully the finished result changes the shape and look of the distinctive forelock in relation to the rest of the balding head so the forelock blends in with the midscalp, for this to be achieved the mid -scalp needs to thicken up which hopefully it will do in the following months .
  13. Mick50


    I seem to remember the thread was locked temporarily to give time for Dutchie's result to fully mature and to let things cool down for both sides to evaluate the situation at that point . Bill can you let us know if you have any more information on how things turned out for Dutchie regarding his hair transplant result with Hasson/Wong ? I seem to remember his membership was only temporarily suspended and you said he would be welcome to post again once things had been resolved . Thanks .
  14. OK man I hear you, didn't mean to put you on the spot, I also can't afford to drop 15 -20k either, which I would have needed to pay as a high NW 5 , luckily there are affordable Docs/clinics out there , I also was considering Dr Yaman for my second op ,but his lack of participation on this site recently i.e monthly showcases ,and a few results like above have made me think again .
  15. Why are you considering Dr Yaman if you have these concerns ?