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  1. Mick50

    Body Dismorphic Disorder?

    Ha think this guy his after your job Melvin..Only kidding ..You raise some interesting points Gabrielle .I'm not going to get into it too much take too long ..all I will say I was listening to the bald truth last week and most of us on here know the 2 guys on there are very experienced and have dealt with a lot of patients over the years ,whether you like them or not is beside the point. In both their opinions 40 per cent of guys who have hair transplants are not happy with the outcome ..definitely worth pondering on that .
  2. When I looked at the pic I thought what is this guy on about ,the video shows that yes you need to be careful ,though as a layman I would have thought you could steal a few hundred well chosen grafts ,be interesting to see what the Docs think.
  3. Yea seems to be a new thing where guys are freaking out at 5 months .. we are living in an instant gratification age, 5 months is just the beginning of noticeable growth for most guys .
  4. I think as Dr Bloxham has pointed out donor management is one of the main differences between a no name clinic in Turkey and a reputable Doctor. I have seen a crazy amounts of grafts used to restore a hair-line on guys in there mid twenties ,the pervading philosophy seems to be well I won't care about my hair when I'm 50 etc which is complete and utter nonsense, if it bothers you enough to go through the hassle of a transplant when you're young take it from me it will bother you when you're older. Just to add regarding my above post ,I have always advised going to a recommended clinic even though I did not,I was lucky, but no way I would do the same if I decide to have a second transplant
  5. I was given a price of 150 INR per graft by Eugenix . just over 2 dollars a graft I think, I was told it was more expensive because it would have been my second transplant, which I found strange as I am not a repair case ,just wanted to address the crown area.
  6. Well I think I can comment on this thread as I went to a cheap clinic in Turkey 4.5 years ago and only paid 1750 pounds for 4200 FUE grafts including 3 nights hotel and airport transfers , I have had a great result considering my starting point NW 5-6 ..I often think was I just lucky or are there unknown clinics in Turkey turning out similar results hard to know for sure I guess.
  7. Cool ..my mistake ...
  8. I use Topik now and again had no problems with it ,I bought some Dermatch recently and must say i am recently impressed with it ,I was a NW 5-6 and had 4200 FUE grafts so no way is that enough for total coverage in the crown ,with the Dermatch my crown is pretty much covered luckily I did have some grafts into the crown so there is hair for the Dermatch to work it's magic ,best thing about the Dermatch it is waterproof ,so no more swimming hats when I go swimming. Pic is taken with hair wet with an overhead bathroom light.Normal lighting and hair dry no thinning visible at all with the Dermatch, I have yet to sprinkle topik on top of the Dermmatch I imagine it will help as well.
  9. I have to say I voted for Eugenix to be considered for recommendation on this site. At that point I thought it was the 2 main Doctors who were doing the surgery i.e Dr Bansal and Dr Sethi ,I didn't realise there were other Docs doing the surgery under the Eugenix name even in different clinics, I certainly would have wanted clarification on this before I voted for them to be recommended on this site . a Also there needs to clarification on there pricing structure as as I was quoted nearly twice the price as someone I had private messaged on here who had been to them. If they charge a different price for foreigners they need to up front about it.
  10. Good result for this guy who obviously hair loss had badly affected his life .I like that Dr Bhatti seems to have a human touch,I would definitely consider him for my second transplant if I decide to have one.
  11. I'm not saying wait til your 70 just saying it's obviously not a good idea to go ahead with a clinic where YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED with recent reviews do you not agree?.
  12. Bottom line is if you have reservations about any clinic, you should hold fire and do more research, to choose any clinic from reviews done 3 years ago is not advisable, that's why this site is useful as you can read and view recent results from actual patients and not one just posted on clinic's websites.
  13. Mick50

    Top 3 Hair Transplant Myths!

    I'm not sure it would be classed a s a myth as such but certainly is misinformation , that is the claim a lot of clinics make that you can return to work the next day or day after, after having an FUE procedure and no-one will notice absolute BS Your hair looks great in the vid Melvin. Are you using Dermatch in the crown area? the reason I ask is because I'm thinking of buying some for my crown.
  14. Mick50

    Dissappointed HT results

    Have you got any recent pics showing your hair the same way as the pre -op one? , if not can you take one ..give a better idea of your situation
  15. Mick50

    Dissappointed HT results

    It's cool for anyone to come on this site if they are not happy with their transplant for whatever reason ,what is not cool is if supporting evidence is not shown to back up any claims.