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  1. May not have answered the op's question as I can't imagine anyone on here would used a hair dryer on grafts ...but at least it may warn others not do do the same ,never heard of anyone using a hair dryer immediately post op
  2. Hi Legend look forward to watching your progress ,a lot of people have enjoyed your posts and your unique way of putting things ,best of luck hopefully by next summer you won't have to worry about your hair and get on with your life .
  3. I have commented before on their results and have been very impressed with the clinic ,I have actually spoken to Dr Bansal on the phone and I got the impression she was very mindful that I had already had 4200 FUE grafts and donor management would be imperative as would be very easy to over harvest ,I personally think I have 2000 2500 grafts max left ,other clinics have said 3000 grafts no problem, so I liked she was being realistic with me . On that basis and results shown I think they should be up for recommendation .
  4. Hi Bill does the clinic have any cases they could show of patients with less favourable hair characteristics? i.e more contrast skin to hair colour and finer hair as most if not all of the examples shown are of guys with thick hair caliber and good skin to hair contrast ,this is in no way takes away form the results presented as they are very good transformations ,just be nice to see their work on different hair -skin types
  5. Best of luck ,I hope it all goes well for you
  6. Anyone who opts for a hair transplant has to consider various possibilities and unfortunately one of them is you maybe one of the unlucky guys who gets a subpar result . Someone's donor will determine how many grafts will be needed to do the job if someone has thick hair caliber less grafts will be needed to achieve an illusion of density than someone with fine hair and of course density needs to be evaluated to determine how many grafts can be extracted safely. As for hair growing thinly ,if the transplant is done correctly the hair will grow to its natural potential up to 18 months, so be prepared to wait ,and it will be wispy and thin in the early stages but it matures and thickens . I had 4200 FUE grafts and basically the transplanted hair is the same as my native hair ,I was lucky though as my hair has a natural bounce which I think helps enormously .
  7. How is the new title more realistic and truthful Bill ? The facts as presented are: Legend had the full amount in the bank to pay for the surgery but unfortunately he lost his bank card the week before and couldn't pay directly form his bank so he set up a Paypal account but because of the delay he wouldn't of been able to pay the money to the clinic until a day after the dead-line ,so the manager cancelled the procedure because she wasn't willing to be flexible and wait the extra day which to me seems odd as things do happen and if Legend told them the money would be there the next day surely they could have trusted him and bent the rules slightly ,but of course their prerogative not to . The not being able to afford it issue came retrospectively where Legend admitted in reality it was for the best not to go to Dr Diep as in reality he couldn't afford his FUE rates but as I said that wasn't the case why the op was cancelled, so I think another title would be appropriate as the new one is totally untrue and misleading .
  8. Can you show pics post op showing donor area ? be easier to see the area the grafts were extracted. Asmed usually extract the grafts in a homogenised manner, so more than likely it is just shock -loss
  9. Maybe for the best Legend ,I feel with you it's better to fully decide whether you want FUT or FUE before you pull the trigger ,also you weren't happy with the person you spoke to in the office ,this could all be without getting too deep that unconsciously you are not quite ready to go for it ,ha not too mention losing your bank card ,a few months delay will make no difference . In saying that it seems odd that they couldn't trust you and that you were sorting the cash out
  10. All good advice above ,hope this guy is not the kinda person who asks advice but in reality has no intention of listening ,,cmon going with the surgeon cos he lives 2 hours drive away and seems like a nice guy ,,anyway his choice cant say he wasn't warned
  11. Jesus the Fin is definitely working for you , you may never need a transplant if you keep taking it ,not that your hair was particularly bad before ,just it seems much thicker and healthier now ,maybe think about a transplant in the future at some point but for now you're in a good place .
  12. It would seem some Doctors need to learn manners ,and if a patient contacts them with concerns they should be addressed as soon as possible, that's presuming it's true of course, and I don't see why the OP would lie as he is obviously a genuine patient of Dr Devroye ,in my opinion how a Doctor treats a patient post op speaks volumes about the Doctor and how the clinic is run in general .
  13. There is a slight irregular hair -line in the centre , at the moment there doesn't seem to be any thinning anywhere else , I personally wouldn't try to straighten the hair-line i.e the recessive temples .They might be an indication of mpb later on, as I had similar hairline at your age and progressed to a NW 5/6, but impossible to know at this stage . I cant see a major problem if you want to address the small irregular hair line at the front as wouldn't take many grafts to fix it presuming you go to someone skilled in finer hairline placement ,personally I would wait and see how your hair-loss develops as your hair looks good and no one will in anyway look at you and think you have a hair loss problem
  14. I'm always amazed that people don't realise that Longevita are just middlemen and have various Docs/clinics on their books at various times . The Doctor who did the OP's transplant no longer is with Longevita ,so asking for an update will be of no use to you whatsoever , if you choose to go with Longevita you need to see results from the clinics they have on their books currently . I went with Longevita and the same applies, the Doc I went with is no longer with them ,again knowing how my hair turned out will equally be of no use to you . I just realised I have spoken to you before about this ,as I said then, just check out their present clinics results ,really no point in deciding to go with them based on Docs who are no longer on their books.
  15. Yea it's a bummer both my brother's never lost their hair ,one older and one younger ,my father was a NW 5 by the age of 30 ,all his brothers never lost their hair, same for his father ,on my mother's side her 2 brothers never got male pattern baldness OK their hair isn't as thick as it was when they were younger ,but it's just old age where most guys hair thin to some degree. Point is all the male members on my family pretty much kept their hair apart form my father and me , ha I would have been really pissed off if my father had a full head of hair and I lost mine ,that's just insult to injury .