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  1. No one is saying don't go to Dr Clinik for the second package if they wish.. but as I said it's impossible in my opinion to separate Dr Clinik form the clinic he represents and makes his living from.. and this site would bring a heap of trouble upon itself if it went ahead with the recommendation.. on this matter... if people can't see the confusion and the moral dilemma recommending Dr Clinik would present.. there's not a lot more that can be said .
  2. This situation is a relatively new situation in Turkey where different packages are offered.. no need to distinguish between the Doctor and the clinic up to this point ..my point is Dr Clinik is responsible for everything that happens in his clinic he is the one who takes payment for every op there whether he is doing the incisions or not, whether he gets outside techs to do the most expensive package to do the DHI procedure ..to say you can separate and recommend him only for one third of the operations there is crazy ..does anyone think that if a rep is asked by a patient "I hear the Hair Restoration Network recommends this clinic" they will be told no not the clinic.. HRN only recommends Dr clinik and the 2nd option package ..like hell they would .
  3. Yes I meant it doesn't look like the kind of hairline that will never recede ,when I was in my mid twenties I had tons of hair but if I scraped the hairline back it was evident the hair-line at some point would recede ...I'm only going by the top down pic you are showing with the hair pulled back ..but the fact you have been on fin for 3 years and had no sides is good and hopefully that will stop any further recession , I would wait another 3-4 years if I were you ..see how things develop .
  4. From what I can tell form your hair-line it is not a keeper I'm afraid to say ,in saying that your hair look great at the moment and in no way detracts form your overall looks ...I think you would do more damage than good with a hair transplant at this stage.. hold off for a few years and maybe try fin to see if it works for you ..I have heard that it can help keep hair at the front and the hair -line as well as the crown
  5. That's exactly the point you are only 3 months post op.. means nothing ..I looked at the realself website and that is a continuing theme a lot of the posters have not reached the 12 month mark so their results cannot be judged . I was the first poster to show concern about the recommendation of Dr Clinik and I have responded to a few of the other comments regarding this matter but have held back to see how the the thread would develop before I commented again . Firstly it is an insult to our intelligence to put forward that you can separate Dr Clinik from other practices in his clinic i.e tech only procedure .. Dr Clinik is his clinic and the clinic is Dr Clinik I am amazed that Bill cannot see the problems that recommending Dr Clinik would have brought up . I read a few of the posters on the realself website one of them described ..obviously English wasn't his first language ..where he said how he was surprised that normally Dr Clinik made the holes to use his words but a tech did them but he wasn't sure as he was under sedation ..now if you think some of the negative feedback regarding Asmed recently on this site is disturbing believe me the shit storm that would have happened if Dr Clinik had been recommended in the next year or two would have made recent concerns with Asmed pale into insignificance . It is worrying to say the least that a moderator on this site says that although he wouldn't be happy to go to a tech only clinic that he sees nothing intrinsically wrong with a tech carrying all aspects of a hair transplant as long as it is overseen by a doctor and is legal .. it is not legal in Turkey for techs to do hair transplants it is a billion pound industry and a blind eye approach is taken ..do the moderators have proof that it is legal surely a prerequisite before any recommendation is presented to the community . I can quite understand why recommended Docs have show concern regarding this matter the idea that techs supervised or not can carry out hair transplant surgery without any proof of training or education etc ..must make them think why the hell am I paying good money to be on this site when a no name tech is elevated to the same level as a for example Hasson and Wong to name one ..the whole thing is just crazy . The moderators have commented that Dr Clinik/ The Clinic have been transparent about how the/they conduct his/their business ..that doesn't make it OK in my opinion ..a Doctor has no business been recommended on this site who has tailored his procedure purely for financial gain and not the patient's benefit and well being . I will finish by saying the one person who has come out well in this is Melvin the moderator, he has shown moral fortitude in my opinion ..and grasped very quickly the concerns and worries posters had ...and Ok caught in the middle he possibly had to hold back.. he is to be applauded .
  6. No Had growth before 5 months ..but but it kept on getting better right up the 18 month mark ...hard to compare with you in some ways because you had a lot of hair before your second op compared to me I only had maybe 3 -4 hundred miniaturised hairs on top so I didn't have the worry of shock -loss of native or transplanted hairs to worry about .. Looking at you pics you have a defined hair-line beginning to take shape ,and noticeable although thin hair growing behind it ..all you can do is wait it out and try not to worry too much ..I just can't see anything to be overly worried with at this stage ..
  7. No most don't do all the procedure themselves ...but none delegate techs to do all the procedure apart form the hair-line.. this is a recent model that has developed in Turkey in the last 2-3 years where Doctors have different packages with different prices.. even Dr Karadenez who used to be very out-spoken about the legality of techs doing surgery, saying it is actually illegal for them to be doing it has adopted this model, a complete and utter sell out .
  8. In my opinion a patient whether a patient is choosing Doctor Clinik from this site or a not... a recommended Doc should not be offering different packages 2 of which he pretty much has no involvement apart form drawing the hair -line ,I personally think this site would lose credibility by going ahead which the recommendation .. of course if Dr Clinik changes his procedure policy and at least does the incisions like other recommended Docs on this site Hasson and Wong , Asmed etc that is a different matter ..on that basis I am against Dr Clinik being recommended on this site . A lot of people don't come onto these sites before they choose a clinic I think it is naive to think HTN wont be linked to the results of patients if he/she has chosen 2 of the packages where the Doc only draws the hair-line
  9. Bill ..when you say you have no problem with the clinic do you mean that although they are are not part of the recommendation ..you see nothing wrong with techs carrying out all aspects of hair transplant surgery including incisions ?
  10. This is the problem it's all well good saying we only recommend the Doc and not the clinic but in my opinion you can't separate them as easily as that ..the bottom line it is Dr clinik's clinic... his name above the door ,also I'm afraid to say I am not convinced that it is legal in Turkey for techs to perform surgery ...murky waters indeed
  11. I'm not sure about this one ..I think a question needs to be asked is the community happy about a clinic being recommended where the Doc offers a cheaper package where the techs do everything apart form drawing the hair-line , so basically extractions, incisions placements etc ...what happens if a patient has chosen the cheaper option and comes on here complaining of a sub -par result how would that be dealt with ?
  12. don't worry ...I have shown my pics on here at 5 months where the growth was starting to be noticeable because a lot of guys were freaking out about their growth at 5 months ..I will look and see if i can find a 3 month pic ...I know it's stressful man but honestly 3 months is just the beginning . Just read through your post ..understandable why you are extra nervous as you had an unsatisfactory transplant before ...the work looks good with Asmed I'm sure at 4 months you will notice the start of the growth ...
  13. Even to use the word discouraged is crazy at 3 months... Der3kk do you really expect a noticeable cosmetic improvement at 3 months ? have you not done any research into growth timelines ?...
  14. Yes that's a nice natural result big improvement ..