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  1. Good man for trying to work out any concerns you may have before the surgery , you are a guy who obviously loves his hair and you have been honest with yourself how it would affect you if you became a baldie ,so you are right to think ahead and maybe you may need more than one op ,given the price factor and the way you wear your hair maybe FUT is the way to go .
  2. Mick50


    OK I will rephrase that , when I say that when I say that Dutchie might have expected a better result, in my opinion he should have got a better result ,I have already stated that no two cases are the same, different hair caliber density etc, but I'm afraid that can be used as a cop out by clinics when a sub -par result happens . Hasson/Wong from what I remember were more than fair with Dutchie , they were willing to pay for Dutchie's flight to evaluate growth and I'm sure if he had taken up their offer an agreement could have been made between them ,they generally produce great results and are a top tier clinic and have been for years . I think the lesson here [in this case], for other people is not one of too high an expectation but that even the top clinics/Docs get sub-par results what that percentage is I have no idea .
  3. Mick50

    Best Hairline Doctor

    Freitas's work looks great ,totally agree with Jean regarding pic taking, it's just as bad taking pics in really bad lighting as it is in favourable lighting with deceiving angles shadowing etc if you want to give an honest impression of how the hair looks in reality .
  4. Mick50


    Easy to see why Dutchie might of expected a better result this guy is a full blown NW 6 and for only 177 more grafts got a pretty good result ..maybe better hair caliber than Dutchie but worse skin to hair contrast . Just to reiterate again I know no 2 cases are the same but I think it's really unfair to keep harping on about that Dutchie had unreasonable expectations ,the maths you keep on about apply to this guy and to myself, who has a big old noggin Just to add there's no point in quoting what Dutchie said or what the Doc said only they know what happened between them and memory as we all know can be very selective .
  5. Mick50


    By the same token you are not beating up Dutchie I am not beating up Hasson/wong ,I can easily go online and show cases similar to Dutchie's hair loss with much better results than he got ,I have already shown you mine with the exact amount of grafts 4200 ,so are you saying that Hasson/Wong would show -case Dutchies result on their website as what can be expected to achieve as a NW 5-6. damn right they wouldn't as no one would go any where near them . Dutchie did his research on here ,if he wasn't a suitable candidate he should of been told that, most people on here know the difference form someone with unreasonable expectation and someone who quite plainly had a sub -par result .
  6. Mick50


    Well you're entitled to your opinion ..I personally think the grafts should have been placed more densely in the frontal third to at least get good density there, which is the approach that is take by most top clinics, Dr Feller to name one always recommends dense packing the frontal third and tapering off towards the back in high NW'S ,as apposed to spreading the grafts thinly over a large area , was the approach that was taken agreed upon by both parties, only Dutchie and the clinic know that. If my memory serves me correct lots of people agreed with me that the result was sub -par,, I also seem to remember Melvin who is now a moderator here also commented that Dutchie could have expected more form 4200 FUT grafts ,,bottom line is we weren't there at the consultation so we don't know what was said or wasn't said , I'm sure tho he was told he could expect a better result than he got . For me it just shows even the best Doc get sub par results and anyone getting a hair transplant should bear that in mind .
  7. Best of luck, 5500 grafts should make an enormous difference
  8. Mick50


    I realise direct comparison form patient to patient is flawed to say the least.. I also have a large head so the maths apply to me as well ,...but in fairness I had very good donor density with medium to fine caliber which in my opinion is the best type of hair to get a natural result , and my density was much better than Dutchie's but in saying that Hasson and Wong were able to get 4200 grafts and which they transplanted form the hair-line to the back of the mid-scalp they didn't go into the deep crown . I realise I was lucky and it's unusual for someone with my amount of hair-loss to get the result I did with just one pass ,most high NW's need at least 2 transplants ,I agree there maybe have been miscommunication between Dutchie and the clinic but 4200 FUT grafts should have given Dutchie a more satisfactory result ,after all its about a cosmetic improvement and Dutchie didn't get that .
  9. Mick50


    Since I was mentioned in despatches so to speak I thought I would show my results with 4200 FUE grafts exactly the same amount as Dutchie had coincidently . I also had a large dome to cover as a diffused NW 6, I always thought I was NW 5 but I have been informed by a well known hair transplant mentor that I was a NW 6 . My observation and opinion on Dutchie's result hasn't changed and in my opinion his growth after one year was sub -par and much less than he could have expected after paying top dollar and going to a highly recommended clinic with a portfolio of great results. I have seen guys with similar hair caliber and grey hair form Hasson and Wong who have had great results but unfortunately for Dutchie this wasn't the case . Just to add Dutchie had much better hair to skin contrast than I did as I have pale skin and dark hair which as we are always told by Docs is harder to get that illusion of density with . I hope Dutchie was able to reach a happy conclusion with the clinic be great to hear how things panned out for him Just to add I would need another pass to totally cover the crown but at 55 I may not bother as a little topic pretty much covers it and blends pretty much in with the mid-scalp .Also the first pic showing post op ,the long scab is where I banged my head getting out of a taxi,also knocked the front as well ,amazing when your head is numbed how your spatial awareness is affected ,luckily didn't seem to affect the final result
  10. Hi payam , I agree with Melvin and Jean that you haven't been botched and of course the density in the hair-line isn't great but as has been said to you I'm sure Dr Erdogan will make things good for you if you don't see a marked improvement by 12 months . As you have admitted yourself you weren't properly equipped to deal with the emotional roller coaster that having a transplant can be for a lot of guys, actually for me I was pretty cool with the whole post op thing ,but then again as a diffused NW 6 not unless I was totally botched depleted donor ,pitting etc I was pretty sure it would be an improvement ,even if I didn't get the density which fortunately I did .. One point I think you need to think about when approaching other clinics I wouldn't mention where you had your transplant or that you have been writing about how unhappy you are with the outcome etc on here ,a lot of clinics will run a mile if they perceive a patient as being neurotic and is prepared to go public before properly discussing things with them ,which actually is how it should be, especially before the 12 months is up ,so I would bear that in mind when/if approaching other recommended Docs ,of course less reputable clinics will have no problem and take your money regardless.
  11. I just looked at Payam's pre-op pics ...a totally new hair -line was created.. so no native hairs in the new hair-line that was created..
  12. The hair-line is ultimately how the success/failure of hair restoration is judged by most of us ,obviously if there is no obvious improvement in the next few months Payam will be right to be dissatisfied ,but the advice is the same, have to wait til the 12 month mark to ultimately judge if Payam's earlier concerns about the work were valid .
  13. Wow! now that is what I call an amazing result with still more thickening to come ,you must be one happy man