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  1. I would give the UK a miss if I were you ,mostly a bunch of chancers who do not know what they are doing, with maybe 2-3 noticeable exceptions but they are not cheap . Dr Ball who works in London and Portsmouth seems to produce good work check him out. Dr Keser in Turkey is the cream of the crop ithere, does most of the work himself and not techs ,definitely worth looking into if you are looking to get 2000 grafts or less, about 3.5 euros a graft I believe. Good you seem open to travel just research more the Belgium Docs etc, but beware as I said the UK is way behind in the hair transplant field.
  2. looks great ,well done, not many surgeons world wide who are as meticulous as Keser
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the Aylsbury clinic ,unfortunately the UK is one of the worst places to get a hair transplant with a 2 or 3 notable exceptions . I also agree with your advice on choosing to get a hair transplant for just hairline or minimal hair loss at the front ,I know this is subjective and one man's perceived hair loss is a full head of hair for another man, but a lot of guys are disappointed as the transplanted hair just doesn't match up to the native density .I only opted for a hair transplant when I become a complete NW 5 -6 ,if I had stayed at a NW3-4 I wouldn't have bothered ,I just couldn't handle the horseshoe look and I didn't suit the shaved look.
  4. Best to ask your Doc when he thinks it is safe. In my opinion is is better to err on the side of caution with post op care form a phychological standpoint as well as a physical one ..you don't want to be always thinking did I do something to hinder recovery etc . As Doctor Bloxham said it's the peroxide which can be harsh on the scalp etc .I personally would give it at least a year before I used a harsh chemical like peroxide . I did not have a hair transplant with Dr Bloxham just to be clear .
  5. Any hair transplant done properly should provide a stand -alone outcome . I have noticed recently a lot of comments saying "well you will need a second procedure to add density to a gappy hair-line" etc as if this is normal. ,but as I said a hair transplant done right should look natural and stand alone especially one year post op. Regards lighting I can only speak for my own transplant ,in daylight/sunlight it looks great ,but in certain bright overhead bathroom lighting not so good ,but a bit of toppik and dermatch takes care of that anyway, I would imagine anyone who was a high NW will notice that overhead bathroom lighting will make it look thinner than it does in normal everyday situations .
  6. Very good ,particularly impressed with the crown ,did you find out form the Doc how many grafts were used there ?
  7. I would find a different clinic. We all know hair transplant surgery is elective and altruism is in short supply in this business, but some Docs/Clinics come across as more money grabbing than others.
  8. For me when I hear mention of celebreties in any context to do with hair transplants it's a red flag ...Eugenix let your results do the talking ..not doing yourself any favours with any hype .. Nice result you certainly are producing nice reults and a very good option for people to consider ...
  9. I'm not sure whether a clinic owns the premises they operate out of is relevant in this discussion . The salient point is you have various clinics/Docs who are on your books for various lengths of time and for whatever reason choose to no longer do business with you or you with them, and move onto an actual clinic or as with my Doctor Dr Resat advertise for patients through his own website which incidentally is from the same premises [not a hospital] as when he was with longevita. I am not here to attack or defend Longevita but I have seen quite a few posts on here where someone asks about Longevita as if they were asking about Hasson and Wong for example ,my point is this is crazy, Longevita have various Docs/clinics on their books ,whoever goes with Longevita needs to ask for examples of work form the particular clinic they are considering ,so I stand by my point you are essentially brokers making a commission from anyone who goes with a clinic on your books be that for a hair transplant or liposuction etc.
  10. Unfortunately every hair transplant forum gets trolls and this site is no exception they are normally quite transparent and easy to spot ,new profile then straight with negative comments about a particular surgeon etc ,The only thing I have to say on this matter when a poster comes on here and gives negative comments about a recommended surgeon the general cry is without pics it didn't happen ,if someone is making claims good or bad about a clinic/Doc their has to be some back up otherwise these sites can become a free for all for anyone who chooses to drag a clinic/Doc down for whatever reason . Hairsonality just show the pics no one needs to see your face. For the record I went with Longevita[ Dr Resat ..no longer with Longevita ] and considering I was a NW6, I have had one of the best results I have seen on this site from a recommended Doc or otherwise and still going strong 5 years later . Can I recommend longevita ,no I cannot, because as I have stated numerous times on here before Longevita are not a clinic they are middlemen who have different clinics on their books ,so if someone is thinking about a hair transplant with them ,just get info on that particular Doc /clinic ,don't just take longevita 's word . For the record I paid 1750 pounds for 4200 FUE grafts .
  11. Hi payam thanks for updating with photos as you would naturally style your hair . In my opinion it looks pretty good ,but yes you are correct the left side needs more density and refinement. I'm pleased to see there isn't any pitting or cobble stoning as you at one stage were concerned with ,shame about the left side as a pain to have to go for a second round to sort it out ,but overall thankfully has turned out not too bad ,is it a home-run as our American cousins say ,no it isn't ,but it certainly isn't a bodge job or anything like it , best of luck for the future .
  12. Nope Melvin is not the only one that has noticed patients expecting better density at 6-7 months ,seems to be a growing trend.Even though I had pretty good growth at 7 months ,it still looked crap compared to 12 months, I actually think it takes up to the 14 -15 mark for transplanted hair to fullyl mature ,but clinics down-play this as not to put people off having a transplant. The OP looks right on track for more than an acceptable result in my opinion and fair play to him for showing his hair in harsh lighting ,obviously he hasn't gone as far as what Payam did ,but I would advise to show the result in more neutral lighting just inside with natural light coming in as well, but everyone has to realise that most transplants are just an illusion apart form the lucky few who can pretty much achieve natural density. Too many people who don't know what they are talking about putting the downer on results before final result has been achieved.
  13. I'm glad Eugenix now give their prices on their website .As I have said before on this thread people were entitled to show concern about how much they charged as I was quoted a price of 160 INR per grafts 2 years ago [have email to prove it ] which is a good bit more than the price of the highest priced package currently in the new package deals. Of course a clinic can charge what they want, but naturally someone will get pissed off as I did when a guy I private messaged on here was charged half of what I was quoted ,it just looked like they were chancing their arm with me. Anyway that is all in the past and it will only improve their business that they are now open about how much they charge .
  14. Ah OK fair enough so the NW pattern is first identified then how diffuse the loss is in that pattern. Ha I do have a habit of over complicating things. . well in that case the main thing to take into account with diffuse thinning is shock -loss, so someone would be advised to think carefully before proceeding with a transplant ,myself and Melvin didn't really have that problem as most of the hair on top had waved goodbye