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  1. it happened to me after 52 days of taking propecia 1mg. it was quit serious and i stopped taking it. one of the worst side was watery cement and decreased pleasure during ejaculation!! after 2 month ,i just started it 4 days ago. i want to see how it goes this time,i am thinking of taking it 3x per week for the 2nd box.(provided the sides don't apear . if the sides come back again,i quit it forever and try topical stuff. will keep you posted .
  2. Thanks Sl.. Yes...it was ok. i just have a slight pain on the left side of the scar where the left knot was. but i think i should go away in couple of days. When can i start minoxidil spray specially on the donor ?i am afraid the scar may be still tender to bear the alcohol?
  3. Yes ,..i did it yesterday on 14th Day. Dr.B had used blue color suture which made the doctor removing them very happy Generally i feel that the healing is quit fast till now. By the way ,yesterday ,i started propecia 1mg again!! do you think its ok to take it every other day,because ,earlier when i took it everyday for 52 days,i had serious sides ...
  4. Today is the 14th Day and i am going to remove the sutures in couple of hours. There is still scabs on the scar, i tried my best with long showers to loosen the scabs..but there are still plenty...hopefully it goes well.
  5. If you look at the side view photos,.. there is bald area in the shape of a triangle on both sides. My concern is that after My new HT hair and old HT hair grows ,.. this triangle on both sides will be bald and look like a yamaha motorcycle helmet ?! (top view /back view) from front it would not be visible i think. Unless i trim the old HT hairs off? What would be the option for next 2-3 years until i can consider a 3rd HT possiblyyy...:confused: Thanks
  6. Hello Guys I took Propecia 1mg 2 month prior to my surgery and had planned to continue through for as long as needed. After i started taking it, i clearly saw thickening of the baby hair i had near my humps ,..after 2 weeks it was so obvious that out of happiness and determination to go with it for as long as it takes, when visiting hong kong, i bought boxes of it. I took the tables and all was fine. 3-4 weeks through,.. i even felt there is an unusual sexual desire and i was not sure where it comes from....(i still not sure) But i remembered thinking to myself that the stories of sexual side effects is a myth or i am the lucky 3% ! after taking 50-52 tablets... it hit me...! And it was real ... it was not psychological or anything like that it was pure physiology . I am note sure if its proper /necessary to go to the details about the sides here... but it was so bad that i decided to stop on day 55. Now the sides are no longer exists. and everything is back to normal. By the way, right after i stopped my propecia (7 Days later ) i had my DHT levels tested and it was 3.12 mol/L (The range is 0.85-3.37 mol/L) Many HT doctors suggest taking propecia and they say that it reduces DHT without affecting testestrone . But i have heard that the DHT itself is a mysterious hormone and important for many functions in the body. (except baldness/prostate ) Anyway,i am confused and before taking the tablets again ,i need to consult a hormone specialist and see. Meanwhile ,what are the other options ?top 3 with least side effects? Probably Topical ? Any advice is highly appreciated. I am afraid that without some sort of medication ,the hair loss on the sides continue and i be in trouble soon Thanks.
  7. Hi David thank you very much ... The assessment of my Hair & Laxity After consultation with BHR was: Type of hair : Medium Fine Av.Density :60-70-80 Miniaturisation: NONE Laxity : 1.7 Total Grafts done was 3,673 grafts out of which : 1 Hair 566 2 Hair 1,699 3 Hair 958 4 Hair 450 At the moment i am washing my hair twice daily with betadine shampoo & keratene hydrocele shampoo . I tap dry the graft area with fascial tissue . For Donor area, i use a Hair dryer from very far and use my drying hand (back of it) to control the temperature and intensity. i do not plan to use towel any time soon until all the wounds are healed . i also spray the saline + keratene serum . Will keep you all posted Thanks again.
  8. Hi KO... During my first consultation with Dr.Bisanga, ..he estimated 3,500 grafts and he mentioned that we do not want to bankrupt you... which means there would be probably something left for future fix ups here and there... being it FUE or FUT i don't know.how many grafts i don't know. what do you think?
  9. Thank you Sl,... she is in contact with me. i also received the photos last night. Thanks again.
  10. I need to specially thank you for being so supportive and professional during the last 5 months. After i contacted H&W during Xmas 2014( ,and received your first email/reply on 29th Dec! ,...all the while that i was doing my research as to which clinic to choose and later when i booked my HT with H&W,.....even later that i could not get my visa ready to go to Canada ,..your responsiveness & care & professionalism been outstanding. When i asked you ,Do you think the clinic would refund my deposit? Your answer was YES with no hesitation and i remembered you saying " No question asked" . Later i had to find a new clinic to be able to do my HT in APRIL or latest Mid MAY 2015 when i had a long planned/requested leave from work. Here,You in particular and others senior members in this forum( DA & SP & BL ) were of GREAT help by giving me advice in such a short notice. Your paying attention to details ,small small details is what counts for a HT patient like me. Since Jan 2015 i kept referring to your Blog where there is the tiniest bit of information one would need to know and expect from pre to post operation. Well done. I take my hat off to people who truly & genuinely care & are serious in what they do,specially when it comes to medical industry . Thanks A lot....
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