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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Thanks for the pics! It looks pretty good. It does lack a bit of density - mine is similar and we probably will need a 2nd HT further down the track. But the doc always told me that so I knew the score. I assume he did the same with you. For now he's given us 10-20 yrs worth of hair. If you want miracles - get a toupee 😉
  2. Rawkerboi you need to look the word 'empathy' up in the dictionary. Can you show us your pictures and experiences instead of picking on others? Vermaj - thanks for being courageous enough to share your experiences and pics and everything with us. You are awesome and your hair looks great. I had a similar no of grafts and yours is prob a little better. I am happy and you should be too, that's the main thing!
  3. Hey Vermaj. How did the follow up go? Very curious to see how many grafts you would need 2nd time and would you need to shave your head again?
  4. Hmmm. I cant see a bump from the pics. But I dont doubt you feel something. I had the same thing. A really big couple of bumps after but they just went with time. I dont think I have them now and am feeling my head to find them but cant. I'm a year and 6 months on.
  5. Looks good. I think it's what you expected. You have a good head of hair and yes if you wanted the midsection to be thicker the lowering of the line means you may need another op down the track. Looks fine for now. Enjoy it
  6. Nice looks on track. Don't bother putting photos with concealer/toppik. Thats exactly what we don't want to see ;-) Keep being patient
  7. Ok haven't posted for a while. Here's some pics from June. This is 10 months on. Have definitely had some good growth in the last 2-3 months. Am pretty happy with it!
  8. Looks great denom. 3 months is nothing. For me was after 4 I started to see growth. I'll post pics when back from hol but I'm on 10 months now and every month it's got better. Pleasantly surprising! You've done the hard bit. Now just be patient
  9. Hey guys. See attached pics. I think the front (what people see) is pretty good. From the top though there's still a couple of patches - mid left and crown. Maybe that's normal?
  10. All good pal I wanted more too but got a bit less. Thats okay. I think they weigh it up - if they could give more I'm sure they would as they'd get more $$$. Let us know how many you got though
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