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  1. In Chandigarh meeting Dr.Bhatti for a followup. Any specific points you think I should raise with the doctor ?
  2. Baldslivesmatter , hey buddy how are you ? It's so good to hear from you. Hope you are doing good. I followed your post just and looks like you were going to have another op? I personally feel with some concealers , it does not look that bad.
  3. Thanks for the honest feedback, but I would rather have less density then not to have any donor supply in the future.
  4. I am not saying that I am dissatisfied, I am just providing a first hand experience of what was done. I think it's not a bad result. To be honest, I don't know why you are quoting US doctors as reputed, I think no matter the country, there are reputed surgeons who does the same quality work provided you go to the right one. Thanks for the feedback
  5. I am sorry I have been busy with work lately, hence this profile went into hibernation. Posting some more pictures, let me know what you guys think. All pictures are in brigth light. I am going to need to get second HT done down the line for the mid portion. I still take finasteride 1mg alternate days.
  6. I too had a transplant with Dr,Bhatti two years ago, Overall work looks neat : Few comments 1)People are going to say that the front grafts are placed apart, and that is ok, Doctor takes into consideration that your future needs are satisfied . 2)The grafts have grown just fine, 3)The only concerned is your lowered hairline , since stopping propecia will result into balding in the native area and lower hairline means you need more grafts to fill the patch. Good luck
  7. Any replies on the straightening part ? also comments on my donor? and no I am not keen on going for concealers.
  8. I had a hair cut as you all suggested, thanks for that. Makes it look decent than before. I am still concerned about the curls, the frontal hair gets curled, which further does not help with the illusion of good density. I am not completely satisfied with the density, but still hoping to wait for coming months to see what is in store. Does anyone have any tried and tested method to make it more straighter ? Or any other way of making it fuller? I don't want to go on concealers for now. I am also attaching my donor area in maximum light so as for you guys to gauge it. Thank you for your honest feedbacks.
  9. Hey Vega any updates ? How are the new grafts faring to you ? Even I am suffering from a low density from Dr.Bhatti. Please update and read my PM
  10. Yes I am being positive. I have not tried a lot of combinations, because anything else would look bizarre I guess. I have heard that transplanted hair should be of length 1 to 1.5 inch for it to give a more fuller appearance. If you look my 7 month pic, where my transplanted hair were not that long, you can see that it look more ok than current. So I guess I will cut the ends of new hair and see how it looks? Anyone has more experience in this ?
  11. What do you mean by vindicated ? also are you talking improvement in terms of density , since I think the chances are slim.
  12. for some reason which I am unaware of, the pics are getting reversed
  13. Sorry for the late updates, I have been really busy with work and the changes were not very significant, hence I did not update. I will highlight some of the points. This is indeed been a roller coaster ride. 1)The results are fine, not how I expected since the density is not to the point. 2)It looks fine when combed, cut, washed, but with a stroke of air, the glory fades. It looks uneven/sparse and pluggy 3)I have not cut my transplanted hair yet, and lately I am observing that it is becoming more pluggy/wavy which further reduces the illusion since straightened hair helps in covering more sparse areas. I have read that the 9 to 13 months, new hair are often in this characteristics. Can anyone suggest me how to get away with it? Should I cut my transplanted hairs a cm so that the split ends which are wavy gets away ? or should I just let it be the way it is. 4)I am still using finasteride 1mg every day. Any idea when can it be safe to stop taking it or should I continue taking it ? Anyways I am trying to add some pictures in every possible way, so you guys can judge. In future I may have to have more procedures , since I am also thinning a little behind my transplanted areas. So far it looks ok, since my new hair is covering that portion. The pic in my blue shirt is of around 7 months , rest are all recent. Any advice/tips are welcome.
  14. Hey Bud, Are you saying that you are not satisfied? I myself had a procedure with dr.Bhatti right after you and even I am facing density issues a lot. I am being patient and not gauging anything till 12 months, let's see. Wish you the best.
  15. Hey man, Can you give me your contact number? I am going through the same phase. Wanted to ask some questions about beard transplants.