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  1. here are my 1 yr pics. Again very happy with the results. Starting last month I have cut down Finastride down to 1 tablet (5mg) every alternate day. Hope its ok.. hv emailed Dr Bhatti also. Keep applying rogaine twice a day.
  2. on this post I am attaching my 6 month pictures. I took these pictures on Mar 31st 2015 but wanst able to post till now. I am at 1yr, 1 month today. In the next update following this I am posting the 12 month (1yr) pictures. AWESOME results. Dr. Bhatti has far exceeded expectations.
  3. sorry for the light. i only had a camera phone. My crusts have nearly all fallen. A lot of the transplanted hair is also starting to fall off. Is it safe to start going to the GYM again? thanks!
  4. hi jayukdht, yes Dr. B did counsel me that another HT might be needed in aprox. 3 yrs. As for the hairline design it was done on day 1 when we had a pre op consultation appointment. they asked me to take a selfie and think about it overnight. the next day Dr B drew up the same hairline again and asked if I was happy. I chose not to add any inputs and go with the expert. Looking back I am very happy I did not change anything - it looks very good. I stayed at a place called The Altius after reading many positive reviews on this forum. Be honest the place is quite a dump.. no where close to the glitzy pics they have up on their site. staff is not the most friendly either. but the 2 absolute no-no's for me were - they have this bizzarely located nightclub on the 6th floor which parties on Wed/ Fri and Sat. its hard to imagine how anyone can sleep with that level of noise. second the Altius is located in this Industrial area far away from the markets/ restaurants. nothing is in walking distance. I would ask Dr. B's office for another recommendation.
  5. thanks a lot cueball35 and jayuktdht. i will be posting by 15 days pics in about 3 days (around Thu this week). you guys hv me really concerned about the crown coverage now.. I had heard from others on this forum that most docs use the minimal # of grafts for the crown. and the 1200-1400 grafts have many doubles and triples. my main issue wasnt the density of coverage for the crown which I understand will be light. my concern was how well it will integrate into my old hairline because it appeared like there were some gaps left specially on the LHS. On that I was told they will cover as the implanted hair grown but i guess there's no certain way to tell. will just have to wait and watch. cuball35: yes I have faily good density left in the donor area even after round1.. although i really hope i dont end up needing a corrective procedure. jayukdht: good luck with your HT.
  6. thank you David. its good to know that other Doctors take a similar approach. We did not spend too much time discussing the crown when I was with Dr Bhatti. In hindsight I probably should have. Hoping the gap gets covered as the crown implanted hair grow. I shall keep the updates coming.
  7. thank you David. any thoughts on my question re: scalp coverage..? thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all I visited Dr. Tejinder Bhatti in Chandigarh and got my HT. I was a Norwood V with receeding hairline and a big bald crown area. After many months of silent research (& speaking 1:1 with many of you, you know who you are - thank you!) - I narrowed down to FUE as the procedure for me and considered a doctor in Turkey & 2 doctors in India. The reason I picked Dr. Bhatti was - he was the only Doctor that I could actually talk to. Very knowledgeable & confident in his work - I have an email promising corrective surgery at NO cost incase there is a poor result. (yes - I saved that email but I really hope I dont ever need it). Bottom line - Dr Bhatti is a very personable and patient guy - you can ask any and all Qs and he replies to all emails personally. Dr. Bhatti has a driver (nice chap) who picks you up at the airport - they also pickup and drop off from the hotel to clinic at a very reasonable price. The clinic itself is quite nice, centrally located and very clean. The staff is young but have atleast 3-5 years experience in this line, are top notch pros.. and very hard working. 4000 grafts take a long time but they kept at it and did not do a rush job at any point. Dr Bhatti did the shave, 100% harvesting + all the slit making. The techs did the implants and Dr Bhatti was in and out to review. We started at 7.30am and were done by 6pm. It is very tiring but there was no pain during the harvesting or implants. I joked that it was as painful as getting a haircut. No kidding and the post op is not bad at all either. A result of very skilled hands.. and experience. The next day (Day1 after the procedure) I had the shower + bandage change. The following day (Day2) the bandages were removed and after another head shower I was good to head back. Slept upright both nights and was very careful not to lose any grafts. I am able to sleep through the night now and have minimal pain or discomfort. FUE is really and amazing technique and Dr Bhatti is one of the best in the business. Sharing some details & pictures here and have 2 Questions - was hoping to get some insights. Total grafts: 4016 Singles: 1392 Doubles: 1518 Triples: 1106 Questions: 1. I am off from work for the next 3 weeks (all my PTO will be gone). I hv heard.. and am hoping the crusting falls off in 8-10 days. But what I am really hoping is for the transplanted hair to also fall off (pushed out by the new growing hair). So I can return to work with my old look and ideally have the new hair come out gradually so no one notices. Is 3 weeks from today (9/29) too fast for the transplanted hair to fall off? Any other ideas to manage the "return" 2. We used about 2600-2800 grafts for the front and aprox 1200-1400 grafts for the crown. I am very happy with the hair line Dr Bhatti has created. However for the crown area I feel we might be a bit short in covering the bald spot - can you folks take a look and share your thoughts. I am a bit concerned about it.. that the crown area doesnt quite blend into the rest of my hair. Understand as the hair grows it may be able to cover but I still feel its leaving some big gaps - please let me know. happy to answer any other Qs in group or 1:1. thanks a lot (pics 2,3,4,5 are 4 days Post Op Pic 1 is my crown area Pre Op)
  9. thanks seeker. I have consulted with 2 FUE docs who both recommended to do this in 2 phases. (so you are spot on). Somehow I feel the rush to get this done in one cycle.. but after your inputs I think I will follow the docs advise and do it over a 6 month period.
  10. thank you Dutch. I was leaning towards that.. but bit scared by the FUT post op issues. I have read many many articles - the only Q I cant find an answer to is: - will FUT result in scalp tightening and how long does it last. (forever?)
  11. I have significant hair loss at the back (class V) and thinning in the front. Initial consultation online with forum recommended HT surgeons indicates - I will need aprox 4000 grafts. I feel like 4000 grafts may be a bit too much to proceed with an FUE procedure. And while some really good surgeons are willing to perform FUE - they are doing do because FUE is their specialty and they are a bit biased towards FUT. However given the advances in FUT procedures that minimize scarring - might FUT be a better option for my case? can someone guide me. would much appreciate it. thanks so much.
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