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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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  1. its been a while since i posted, has anyone found any other FUE's done by Dr. Konior?
  2. i just wanted to know if hair color from your mom or dads side, if they have different color distinguishes what side of the family you got your hair from, or could it be a mix, color from one side and texture,size and shape from the other. lets say you have your dads good or bad hair but with your moms color, so you have both sides of the familys hair, or is it just a straight you have blonde and your mom has blonde and your dad has black so you have your moms side hair, get what im trying to say?
  3. thanks, i would like to get on some vitamins or eat the correct foods to help my hair. the shedding is kinda scary, dont know if im losing ground or if its helping.
  4. looks great, did you have to shave? does a no shave procedure cost more? what was the density level, ie grafts per cm2 i think its called. also if you dont mind me asking,what is the distance from your eyebrows to your hairline?
  5. thanks finally found one, now can we find any dense packing fue results?
  6. this is kinda odd that know one can find results of fue done by one of the best strip docs around.
  7. this shedding seems to be a lot, what have you guys experienced ?
  8. just counted 68 hairs, mostly, if not all thick ones put them on the shower wall as i washed my hair, still only on a small dose and now on the 5th week of fin?
  9. most hairs i shed still seem thick
  10. so if one has this they will become bald?
  11. lets say your mom has blonde hair and your dad has dark hair and your hair is blonde, does that mean you got your hair from your mom, or could you have got your dads hair with your moms color?
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