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  1. As far as I can tell, it just slowed the process down, and I haven't noticed any side effects. I linked my original post with pics from a year ago, so you can judge the effect for yourself if you'd like. What do you think? Dr. Rosanelli was eager to take me as a patient when I did my consult in Nov.
  2. Sorry about the upside-down photo! It's oriented correctly on my computer...
  3. Hi again! I posted in this forum for my first time about a year ago, when I first started taking Propecia and seriously considering a transplant. Attached are some photos of my hair taken this afternoon, and the following link has my previous post with photos from last year. Other than the shorter haircut now, they look about the same as far as I can tell? http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/174196-considering-hair-transplant-need-advice.html#post2382431 I also had a consultation with Dr. Rosanelli in San Francisco back in November. I had just quit my job, so my plan was to think about it while I traveled in Nov / Dec, and then decide and have a procedure early this year. I came out of my consultation with some hesitation. On one hand, Dr. Rosanelli seems highly recommended by this community, and he did seem very experienced and knowledgable. On the other hand, his personality came off to me as being a bit rushed and impatient, and I didn't really feel like we "clicked" because of that. He offered me a great deal on the transplant if I did it in January, but I wasn't really swayed by that. I'll happily pay full price for a great quality transplant. So I did some more research, and came across a reddit post that recommends using a doctor who is certified through the American Hairloss Association. I am a former bald guy who had hair transplant surgery. AMA! : IAmA I noticed that Dr. Rosanelli was not on their list, but Dr. Panagotacos in San Francisco is recommended by the AHA. American Hair Loss Association - Surgical Hair Restoration - Hair Transplant Surgeons So now I'm planning to get a second consultation from Dr. Panagotacos and compare that to my consultation experience with Dr. Rosanelli. I'd be so thankful if anyone has advice on how to go about choosing a surgeon that you trust. Any certifications or experience I should be looking out for? Important questions I should be asking in my consultations? Maybe you have a similar story to me and personally recommend someone? Also, any other advice on my personal situation, based on the photos from today vs. 1 year ago are more than welcome . Thank you so much! This forum has been the most helpful tool to get me started on learning about and treating my hair loss.
  4. Wow, thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments! I feel like I understand my situation so much better just 24 hours after posting. What a great feeling. Mickey, here are some photos of my donor area, taken under 3 lighting conditions. Hopefully these help. - The first photo was taken in my bathroom, under the same (pretty harsh) lighting conditions as the photos in my original post. - The second one was taken in front of a large window, with natural light being cast on the back of my head. - The third was taken in front of the hanging lights above my dining room table, with the less harsh light from that fixture being cast on the back of my head. Matt, the information in your post is amazingly helpful. I'll probably give Propecia a try over the remainder of the year, while I'm consulting with doctors, so I can start to figure out how it works for me and what my realistic options are. Are there any tips on specifically what to look for in your monthly photos if Propecia is working for you? I haven't been monitoring my month-to-month loss very closely up until now, though, so I'm slightly worried in my ability to detect if it is working to maintain my existing hair. One question regarding FUE / Strip - If you get multiple transplants over several years, is it possible to mix them? (ie. 1 FUE procedure and 1 strip procedure 5 years later) Or do you need to choose one type for all of your treatments? SayIfDoit, thanks for the encouraging words. I really hope you are right! Thank you all so much again .
  5. Hello everyone, This is my first time posting here. I'm 32 years old. I first started noticing my hair thinning about 10 years ago, but it looked fine after styling it, and I didn't trust any of the ads I saw on TV for treatments. In the past year I seem to be losing my hair much more rapidly (or maybe the loss was just more noticeable at my current level), and it's now starting to bother me to the point where I feel I have to either treat it or shave it this year. My brother is 11 years older than me and completely bald on top, so I can't help but think that might be the path I might also be heading down (although I think he was much also *much* further along that me when he was 32). I've learned a *lot* from reading some posts on this forum recently, and have grown to be less skeptical about the treatments and doctors that are out there, but I'm still not sure what will be right for me. So I thought this would be a great place to ask for advice. A couple of questions that are on my mind : 1) Can you tell what Norwood level I am, or heading toward, from the photos? 2) Can Propecia be effective on someone with my level of hair loss? My doctor recommended Propecia, but I feel I've lost enough in the front (especially at the temples) that I might need a transplant. 3) If I do decide to get a transplant, would I be able to keep a short and athletic haircut afterwards? After working out is one of the times when my hair lost most bothers me right now. 4) About how many transplant procedures will I need in the long term? Is there a limit to how many procedures you can handle based on how much donor hair you have? I'm worried if I get a transplant now, and continue losing hair, that the result would end up looking worse in the long run. I *very* much appreciate any advice you might have for me. I think the information will help me to find the right treatment much more quickly, and to have more productive conversations with my doctor. Also let me know if there is any more information or photos I can provide that would be helpful. Thank you!
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