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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Sanusi Umar
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    Rogaine Foam

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  1. Hairguy350

    Dr. Sanusi Umar
  2. Hairguy350

    poor poor hair transplant

    Photos of Dr Sanusi Umar's 5-5.5cm hairline, use of multi hair grafts in the front of the hairline, and other disastrous results.
  3. Dr. Umar has intentionally misrepresented himself and the information he is presenting. Every photo that I have posted is of me, and has not been manipulated in any way. This is blatant fraud, and misrepresentation. The entire community here is now able to bear witness to Dr. Umars true character. I woke up this morning and saw his latest post so I grabbed a measuring tape, and took another photo. I have not doctored this or any other image ever. As you can clearly see the blueish purple line at the hairline clearly indicates a 5 - 5.5cm hairline that was created my Umar. He claims that it
  4. Welcome back Atticus! For those of you who do not know Atticus is also known as Abner and he posts anywhere and everywhere for Dr. Umar. If you don't believe me go to (link removed), yelp, (link removed), etc... You know just like those people who work or are compensated by hair clinics tend to do. Anyway, Atticus thinks this is a different person with different cranial features, and is not me. However, the cranium is the same as are the forehead wrinkles. Every single one of these pictures is me, and they are authentic. The false claims Atticus just made reeks of desperation.
  5. Here is a picture of my normal forehead. Here is a picture of me furrowing my brows. Again here is more empirical evidence refuting Umars false opinions.
  6. Immediately, after surgery there is swelling that make lines less pronounced. That is just common sense. Why do you think they tell you there will be swelling, and to possibly sleep more upright. The photo with the ruler is authentic, there is no manipulation. Umar is a liar, the evidence corroborates it, and his reply is a hallmark of desperation.
  7. The first email I have for re-scheduling was sent January 7, 2013. This is from an email from Dr. Umars staff January 9, 2013: Hello Mr. _____, I hope your trip is well. No worries Mr. _____ when you arrive here on the 10th just come straight to the office from the airport. I will talk to you soon. Daisy... Please note that I am not a physician. My statements do not constitute medical advice of any kind. Please direct all medical questions, enquiries to Dr Umar directly. Daisy Espinosa M.A. Fine Touch Dermatology Inc Derm Hair Clinic 819 North Harbor Drive, Suite
  8. fuepatient, were you given pills by a nurse or staff member prior to entering the operating room for your procedure?
  9. I have put almost all of Dr Umar's' statements in quotation boxes and highlighted blue. The video presentation near the bottom of the page has instructions for viewing in HD near the link. Below is my rebuttal and additional evidence. These quotes posted above by Umar are what greatjob would call cherry picking and do not follow a chronological timeline. - November 22, 2012: Consultation request. - November 23, 2012: Umar replies, “From the photos you have sent, I recommend 3000 grafts ( Head and nape derived) for your restoration. This is a 2 consecutive weekday procedure
  10. I will be posting new photos and video soon. Additionally, I will be responding directly to Dr. Umars responses in detail to provide the information that refutes his claims. Heliboy, has side-stepped the question and is unwilling to produce high quality digital photos of his hairline because he does not want his results to be scrutinized or risk the possibility of finding fault. I will be posting a undeniable photo of my hairline measurement asap. Furthermore, how much did you pay for Dr. Umars work? You had 19,500 grafts how much did that cost? If you are satisfied with your results and
  11. California, I am sure Heliboy cannot back up that false claim he made towards fueonly. As someone participating on this thread I was never under the impression that fueonly worked for the doctor you represent. There have been a lot of bullies on here looking to intimidate people as is evidenced by the exchanges from heliboy directed at fueonly. I would also give fueonly a break as english is a level 4 language in the same category as mandarin and arabic, so just the mere fact that he is participating even if with translating should be commended. I would also question heliboy regarding the
  12. Greatjob, you point is moot. Even this picture blatantly shows the use of multiple hair grafts in the front of the hairline, which is unacceptable.. Your response is also riddled with logical fallacies, and in another thread you posted the attached quote regarding your hair transplant from Dr. Rahal. However, on here you pass harsh judgment for my corrective actions at the 6 month and beyond mark. More updates to follow.
  13. In response to the validity of whether or not 2,3,4,or 5 hair grafts were used in the hairline here is a photo.
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