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  1. You haven't said why your "desperate" for a third HT, but maybe it's because of bad results from the first two. If that's the case, and based on what you've said here, then it sounds like you didn't do much research prior to the first two. If things like a surgeon's knowledge and skill in strip removal, suturing, scar minimization, hairline layout, incisions' locations, angles, and depth, matter to you, then it matters immensely which doctor you choose. The technicians dividing the strip matter, and the technicians placing the follicles matter. They all matter. Assuming the doctor is interested in good results and happy customers, then how long is he or she going to put up with technicians who do their jobs poorly? There are plenty of in-depth reviews here where folks have commented on technicians as well as their doctors. But to think the doctor doesn't matter is uninformed, at best.
  2. Maybe for the same reason that you're still considering an outfit in a thread where one of two experiences with them was not good at all. Unless the same couple of doctors travel from location to location within these many clinics, then I'm not sure how you can rely on the reputation of the "chain" as a whole (and from this thread alone, the reputation doesn't sound wonderful). I'd much rather go off of the reputation of the doctor who is actually going to perform the work. I'm not sure what the mistakes are that you have made so far, but it sounds as though you didn't go with highly regarded surgeons to begin with. Now is your chance to go with someone with an excellent reputation who does great work. Dr. Lindsey has posted here many corrective cases he has performed. If you need to undo/redo some work that didn't go well, he can assess your situation and may be able to help you. No, I don't work for Dr. Lindsey, but I advocate for him because I trust him. My research led me to him and he performed my HT 3 years ago. He's a no-nonsense guy, and he does excellent work.
  3. If you're desperate, then consider going anywhere. If you're looking for an excellent doctor who is not part of a chain, go consult with Dr. Lindsey. He's fantastic.
  4. KBCA -- Have you looked at my posts regarding my experience with Dr. Lindsey? If not, I recommend you do so. I'm coming up on my 3-year anniversary of my HT with him. My experience with Dr. Lindsey has been a life-changer. Feel free to PM me in you'd like.
  5. Looks great, HV! Congrats! I'm coming up on my own 3-year anniversary of my HT with Dr. Lindsey (January 25th, 2013). Time flies, doesn't it? Congratulations.
  6. Dang, that first guy is one handsome devil. The ladies must love him -- and even more now that there's an "after" picture like that! Thanks again, Dr. L. -The vocal good guy
  7. Thanks! Same to you. When is yours? Or was it already?
  8. When is your HT taking place? You're in good hands with Dr. Lindsey and his staff. Speaking of the scar, I saw a picture that someone posted of his scar area, and he was complaining about the donor area being pretty obvious a couple years after his HT (I forget who his doctor was). He had dark hair, and despite it being an inch or so long in the back, you could clearly see his donor area through his hair. He didn't post a pic of the scar itself, but he really didn't need to. It was clear that the area wasn't being hidden by his hair (and his hair looked pretty thick back there). He was casually wondering if he should do something about it. Man, it was REALLY obvious, and I think I'd be flipping out about it, not casually wondering if something should be done. Anyway, I am convinced that I didn't just "luck out" with my closure, that my donor scar is tight and undetectable mostly because of Dr. L's skill. I'm sure that some of it has to do with how well someone heals, but the majority of it was that Dr. L does some great closure work. That was one of the things he told me that he thought set him apart from some other HT surgeons, and I think he's right about that. When I get down to see him soon, I'll make sure that he takes pics of the donor area. Good luck to you!
  9. Thanks, folks. It was a very transformative process, to put it mildly.
  10. Hey all, I am quietly celebrating my one year anniversary since a 3553 FUT with Dr. Lindsey in McLean, VA. Man, where has the time gone? "They say" that you shouldn't judge an HT until 12-18 months after. Well, at the exact one year mark, I think the results are amazing. (Heck, they've been amazing for a few months now, really.) You can check out where I started in post #10 -- and also see some along-the-way pics -- in this thread here: My experience with DR. LINDSEY in Mclean, VA -- Wow. - Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients Let this serve as a reminder to the folks who are in the early stages of their HT, to those who are in the "ugly duckling" 2-month stage, or to those who are just starting to see some growth and can't wait for it to just be all grown in already… You WILL get there! Before you know it, it WILL be a year later, and hopefully you'll be enjoying results like I have. Just when I thought this day would never get here, here it is. This has been a real outlook-on-life changer for me. I can't thank Dr. Lindsey and his staff enough. I can't wait to get down there and let them all see the results for themselves. EDIT: Whereas the pics aren't great, I took them directly under an overhead fluorescent light, and also where light comes through the window behind me, trying to show the way things look in a pretty bright lighting situation.
  11. Today is my one year anniversary after an HT with Dr. Lindsey. I'd make sure that you consult in person with Dr. Lindsey, especially if it's an easy drive for you (he's 2.5 hours from me, but was/is well worth the drive). The more info you have, the better. He's down-to-earth, honest, and his work is great. I can't speak to "discounts," as the last thing I was looking for was the cheapest route (if he charges less than others, then that's a bonus -- but a discounted price was not what I based my decision on). I only have experience with Dr. Lindsey, but highly recommend him. I stopped my search after consulting with him.
  12. Hey all, I've updated my "My experience with Dr. Lindsey…" post on Friday. Post #18 in the thread shows a couple pics at 10 months. Check earlier in the post for all earlier pre and progress pics. The thread is here: My experience with DR. LINDSEY in Mclean, VA -- Wow. - Page 2 - Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients Whereas it's probably still too early to call these latest pics "results," my appearance has changed dramatically already, as you can see. Thoughts? Thanks.
  13. You'll see me well before August, Dr. L. I'm interested to see what you and your staff will think of my progress after a year. And then there's the need for Kazan's, too, which can't go unfulfilled for another year. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
  14. It's been 10 months since my HT with Dr. Lindsey. Where has the time gone?! So, what do you think? (Make sure you check out my pro-op pics earlier in this thread.)
  15. Looks great, Dr. L. Huge transformation, for sure. Speaking of fine-haired individuals… It's looking as though maybe it was mostly my doomed-to-a-slow-death frontal/top hairs that were "fine." My transplanted hair appears to have some density to it -- and it's kind of CURLY, too. lol I think it's actually providing more coverage than had it been just like the hair it replaced. Only "problem" is that I'm not used to dealing with curly hair (nor this much of it). It's a great problem to have, that's for sure. Coming up on 10 months this Friday. I can't believe it's been that long. Looking forward to visiting closer to the 1-year mark. I think you and your staff will be impressed and shocked. I know I am!