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  1. Quick query-for those people that get hair transplants for the frontal hairline, many may prefer to hide their maturing transplanted hair until it has fully matured-rather then have wispy, patchy hair on show at their hairline. Would it be possible to shave this immature hair off (e.g. with a facial shaving razor) for a period until it becomes mature enough that it would blend in with the natural hair (meaning the hair would be mature when it starts growing in/before it is visible to others)? Or would this damage the grafts? William.
  2. Hi again everyone, Thanks for your replies and supportive words, and apologies I’ve taken so long to reply, have recently been without internet for a while. The main reason I’m researching these options is the fact that my high hairline has bothered me for SO long (I have memories of being quite anxious at my hairline at age 13), and has impacted my general life in such a profound way that I am doing anything I can to stop the problem, and given that I have exhausted most non-surgical coping options (as I am aware this is more a mental issue than a physical issue) such as therapy, confiding in friends, medication and various hairstyles, it seems sensible to explore the surgical options, although any procedure would be thoroughly researched and discussed with a psychological counsellor first. @Lillie019 It seems a number of forum posters that have had HT procedures have had secondary procedures to increase density. Is this the case with all hair transplants or is it due to the fact that you pay per follical transfer and so for the sake of money its desirable to use the minimum possible to achieve a good result? Also did you look into forehead reduction surgery as an alternative when you were first researching, (I’ve only read about it at <http://draharonov.com/foreheadreduction.html>) or any other surgical alternatives? It would just be useful to know why you chose the procedure you did. (Which I assume is FUE as you don’t seem to have any scar in your photos?) @Sean, thanks for the advice! I’ll personal message Corvettetester and ask him about his procedure. @Mahhong Thank you for your support and advice, it is more important than you may realise for me to be told that you don’t perceive my hairline to be unnatural, obviously I have been told this before but only by close friends who are not likely to give an unbiased opinion to save from offending me. To hear it from a stranger therefore is actually a great help. I’ve spoken to my Trichologist about this procedure (she is a member of the Institute of Trichologists in the UK and has excellent credentials) and whilst she is against the idea of the procedure, she would be able to advise a reliable surgeon and has warned me with examples of bad procedures and hack surgeons. I would do extensive research. Best Regards, William.
  3. Photo has been uploaded to my profile, blurred my face out of sheer vanity Thanks for the replies so far guys! Thanks so much for your advice. @Lillie yeah I don't go swimming as my wet hair shows off the high hairline, same with any exercise that makes me sweat. Nice to know I'm not alone. From what I can see of your photos you've had an amazing result! What procedure did you undergo? William
  4. Hi there, (key facts have been Bolded due to long post) I'm a 22 year old male born with a high hairline. I won't go into all the boring details but in my childhood I experienced significant bullying as a result of my large forehead. This (and numerous other childhood issues) led to me being severely socially anxious. I've received various types of counselling and have been on numerous anti-depressants since 16, but the anxiety remains. I the last 2 years I noticed that my hairline was receding even more around the temples, I went to a trichologist and was told that it is unlikely to be MPB and just a natural maturing hairline which will not change much from now on (although it has receded quite far at the temples). This recession caused the anxiety to flare up and resulted in me dropping out of university and quitting my job, as I found myself unable to leave the house and go out in public. I am VERY aware this is not a rational reaction, and that it could be MUCH worse, (I have friends nearly completely bald) but depression and anxiety do not allow you to act rationally, and despite this knowledge I currently find myself severely physically effected by social situations (shaking, sweating etc) I've had a long fringe to hide my hairline as long as I can remember, but any kind of wind blows my hair up, shows my hairline, and up flares my anxiety. As such I can't remember the last time I went out in public without wearing a hat. In speaking with my counsellor I was told that obviously I have emotional issues that must be dealt with, but given my extensive (failed) attempts so far to deal with this problem via counselling, a hairline lowering procedure could help alleviate some of my anxiety. It would allow me to have short, easy to maintain hairstyles and lead a more active, less anxious life. Obviously any procedure would be expensive for a student and I would have to save up for a while, but, what procedures would you recommend looking into? Since I am not showing signs of MPB could I have the current hairline moved down via surgery and excision of excess forehead? Or would I have to get hair implants (FUE etc)? Before I got any procedure done I would study its pro's and cons and discuss it with my counsellor to see if it was the right decision. I hope this is the right place to post this as I know it's not balding by MPB or other causes. Apologies for the long post. Thanks for any advice you can provide! William. Edit: Added poorly anonymised photo of myself and hairline. Will take better photo soon as does not show the recession @ the temples.
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