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  1. @ dom38fj Dude, yeah, all good, got my result a while back. I'm gonna dig out some photos!
  2. Dude, you got your view, I got mine and, yeah totally disagree with your 'far superior' stuff. That's your opinion but hey, you're entitled to it. I don't wanna get into a my surgeon's better than your surgeon kinda thing. Let people look at the photos and decide for themselves is what I say.
  3. I'm with @jeanlucbergmann. You need to check out european docs. I had mine done by Dr Villnow and got a great rate. The doc himself did the surgery too, not technicians. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/171507-7350-grafts-850-body-hair-dr-villnow-dr-de-reys.html
  4. Dude looks fantastic! Good luck with it! @Baldingblogger probs super careful design. I had my hairline redone by Dr Villnow when i wasn't happy with the previous doc's hairline and dr villnow made it look insanely natural. He made a real thing about not making it too straight. The previous doc made it too straight and someone said I looked like Action Man! My journal's here and you can check it out. Check out the last page where I pull back my hair to really get a close look at Dr Villnow's hairlone. Thats that natural look going on http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/171507
  5. dude, great result! Dammit, got to get back to my journal. off to take some photos! PEACE
  6. Right, back to the shots. These ones are the next day so kind of postop Day 1. There's a much clearer pic of the back of the head so you can really see where the grafts went in. And this is the one from the back, check it out!
  7. @gbhscot just google Dr Villnow buddy, Dr Gerke works at his clinic and the prices are on the Villnow Clinic website
  8. Ok, so got the first set of post-op photos! Now the operation went really smoothly. The extractions were done by Dr Villnow along with his team and all the cuts were done by the doc. Pain was not an issue at all. The first injections were tough, like usual but after that it was all easy, no pain, not even later on in the op. I reckon the op must a took around four or five hours all in and it went by quick. My hair was cut short by the team and they said I could leave my hair long! Actually it was me who said to cut it all off - just wanted to kinda try that look for a while!
  9. @ontop reckon I'm going with you on this one but gotta say most guys agree with @Dolph1969. But I'm reckoning it's what the chicks think that counts! What about the rest of you guys? Long or short for the ladies, fellas?
  10. OK folks, gotta upload some pics. I'm gonna write a little bit more about the whole thing but like summer's here so hocking in front of the computer just ain't on right now! Soon, I promise, much more detail on the op and the clinic and all that stuff AND the post op pics!!! They're coming soon!! For, now here's some shots of the way my hair was before the op once it had been shaved. With this ones you can really see the way Dr Villnow did my hairline and you can also see where the new grafts are going to finish off the job. Reckon I was pretty lucky cos I've got a huge donor area so l
  11. @radiorunner for real! The only guy I'd trust with that many grafts is Dr Villnow although his partner Dr Gerke does great ops too and loads cheaper - like 2 euros a graft or something @... (like your handle!) dunno about Roberto Martinez but Karim Bellarabi looks good and Dr Villnow sorted him out too. Looked like he was going to Liverpool for a while there
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