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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. @ dom38fj Dude, yeah, all good, got my result a while back. I'm gonna dig out some photos!
  2. Dude looks fantastic! Good luck with it! @Baldingblogger probs super careful design. I had my hairline redone by Dr Villnow when i wasn't happy with the previous doc's hairline and dr villnow made it look insanely natural. He made a real thing about not making it too straight. The previous doc made it too straight and someone said I looked like Action Man! My journal's here and you can check it out. Check out the last page where I pull back my hair to really get a close look at Dr Villnow's hairlone. Thats that natural look going on http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/171507
  3. dude, great result! Dammit, got to get back to my journal. off to take some photos! PEACE
  4. Hey Chewy, Skylar, thanks guys!! Yep, I'm very happy, the result from basically Norwood 6 to this is amazing! Skylar, don't really like the idea of SMP, don't think it's my thing, Chewy, yep, I'll take a look for some chest pics next. The chest was totally fine within a few months, couldn't see anything ever happened
  5. 11 months! Body hair!!! Ok, just got time to put up this quick photo of how Dr Villnow's body hair is looking. It all went into the crown and it's 11 months and I think you can see it's really there. Check it out! (I'll put up some close-ups next time...got to run!!)
  6. OK folks, it's been mega long since I last posted and so much has happened!!! Klopp's at Liverpool now!! OK, so I've got a way to go before I become Liverpool Manager but at least the same doc did our hairs (with a little help from Dr De Reys;) )! Sooooo, here we go with the next instalment: This is going to be that 9 months thing I did in the last post. It's a lot longer than nine months right now but I'll pop those photos up later. Here we go! First off, from the right, I've been letting it grow a bit as you can see! Now from the right with the hair pulled back
  7. OK, here’s a taste of that afro style!!! It is rocking most definitely now! All this big stuff at the front is mostly Dr De Reys work but those temples are also pretty nice thanks to Dr Villnow who added in the finishing touches. Still you can now really start to see how the growth has been awesome. The hairs are now mega-big and I’m starting to have fun with that! Now, that photo is from the twelve month mark after the last op with Dr Villnow (and like a year and a half or something since the last op with Dr De Reys). Reckon it shows that you just got to be a bit patient with gr
  8. OK guys, here's the new updates. These are three months after the second op (I know it's a lot longer than that right now - I'm not so hot on logging in! ) The main thing is the chest. IF you check out this photo, you can see that the chest scars are completely gone. That took three months. Here's the photo: I thought it would actually take longer to heal up so I was kinda surprised to see it healed up. No idea if this is quick or slow, I'm just glad it happened. Actualyl though, even with the scars I still went swimming and I can honestly say not a single person ev
  9. Hey Schmiggy, yep, been taking regular photos, just haven't been on the forum much. I'll put them up soon. Chest scars all gone. Hair super big (I'm going for an Afro look now ) I'll put these up v.v. soon!!! Will
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