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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood VI
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Sayeed Ahmed Siddiky & doctor pathomvanich
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

Hair Loss Story

  1. hey Duckie, yeah, i understand he charges a little more than the others in that region but then again this is something about which you dont wanna regret after an ordinary transplant. I had a terrible transplant so i didnt wanna take any risk. Guys on this forum recommended me thus I chose him. my experience is so far so good. After 6 months its pretty good i guess. If i get another 10% more growth in the next 6 months, i will be more than happy. My priority was to get more thickness rather than covering the whole bald area with 1 transplant. I will hopefully go for another one end of this ye
  2. hI DUCKIE !! sorry about the late response... The cost is on the scaling discount 100 baht/graft for 1000 grafts,90 baht/graft for 1000-1500 grafts,85 baht/graft for grafts over 1600.X-Change rate varies daily average 30 baht= 1 USD. Ofcourse tis is last years price...i dont think he put it up though. How much did she quote you? Yeah Oravan is pretty good. Usually I always contact her when I need assistance or suggestions.
  3. Thanks Hariri for your advise. Yeah I think patience is the key here as you said. I should wait till its one year coz i believe my growth on the crown part is not that visible at the moment and I should give it some time before I go for another session.
  4. Thanks a lot guys...I knew its a good result but as i said my expectation is little too high. One more reason is i use toppik everyday so im used to seeing myself with full head of hair... @ Hariri...Doc Path did it himself and he was there until the last minute which is very nice of him. There is no doubt about it that Doc Path is one of the best in this area. I am going for my 2nd transplant with him within few months as well. Path told me to wait 1 year before another one but i guess i will try to book in for another one within 4 more months. And thanks to all those guys on this forum wh
  5. ITS BEEN SIX MONTHS!!! I have uploaded some photos. Each of those have 4 different snaps that will help you to see the visible effects. As I am 28, my expectation is little too high so I am not that excited yet......However, I understand until and unless I get another transplant done and cover the crown part, I will not be that satisfied. If I compare the photos of the recent one with the after surgery photo, I think I lost at least 10% of the transplanted hair.....Please let me know what you think...Any kind of feedback will be muchly appreciated...Thank you Basically this is my 2n
  6. No i havent seen doctor Kulakarn. During my surgery doctor Path was available most of the time. The nurses who were involved in putting the grafts are so nice too. I remember one of the nurses was involved in massaging my legs every now and then. I just loved how the whole process went. Now its the waiting period.Considering my luck, i might not get a superb result as it varies from person to person......so I will just wait and see and you are right i will have to stop looking at the mirror all the time. i guess i will stop once i go back to work. now im just bored..lol...BTW, i have uploaded
  7. Hey Rod, thanks for your comment and remembering my case. yeah, it was pretty shocking as you can see from the pictures. yeah you are right he has many aussie patients. What do you think about my transplant? I am taking propecia and using minoxidil. Dr Path suggested me to take minoxidil tablets since i have huge baldness. I know the side effects so im not sure whether to take the risk. i spoke with few doctors and my sister who is a doctor as well. they all said its not worth it to take the risk rather stick to propecia and minoxidil lotion. I can go back for another transplant in a year as l
  8. Brief about my hair loss i have been losing hair since I was 19. I used miinoxidil, had laser, took propecia but I never continued and as a result i lost almost all of my hair and im now in category VI. Last year i decided to go for a hair transplant in Bangladesh. One of my relatives, a dermatologist recommended me to get it done in Bangladesh. Cut the long story short, they didnt have any plans whatsoever and finally they claimed that they planted 2000 grafts. some of the photos that i previously posted suggest how bad it was. i was pretty hopeless. Toppik helped me a lot to go to diff
  9. Yeah certainly theres a permanent cure for baldness. it will not be as thick but still thick enough. the key is its gotta be done by a good doctor. I am still optimistic even though i had a bad transplant... i just had another question, i think i will choose Dr, Damkerng Pathomvanich. The question is How thick can you get? Say for instance, Dr. Path said he would concentrate to cover the gap on both sides and front to mid scalp Because likely there wont be more than 3000 grafts in my case since its my 2nd transplant. so, if i decide to get another one done in 1 year, will he able to co
  10. Hi, Dr. Rajput wasnt there. he goes there once in a while to train these doctors i guess. Dr siddiky is a cosmetic surgen and another trained doctor was there during the whole procedure. I am surprised how dodgy people can be in this business. they dont know that its an art to transplant hair. I will chase them up later. I didnt do enough study before decided to take one. that is where i guess i made the biggest mistake. But now i can see a good doctor can perform a really good transplant that will give decent thickness. heres an example of Dr Damkerng's work. http://www.hairrestorationnetwo
  11. Thanks for your reply again. Yeah Dr Damekerng has really good reputations. He replied back to me with cost and what i need to do to get enough donar hair. heres a sample that i found in this forum http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/159567-3876-grafts-dr-damkerng-pathomvanich.html He said "I would like to see the picture of the back of your head for my assessment of donor hair and one with the hair comb up to expose the scar.You will need large quantity of grafts depend on your donr hair available and scalp laxity.It's impossible to grafts the entire balding scalp rather th
  12. Hi Rich, I am considering Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich first. I have read few posts and i can see nothing but good about him. And location wise it is pretty convenient for me too. I am trying to get in touch with him. Apparently, I have to wait 3 months for a date. Not sure about it, just read on forum. I still havent got a response yet.
  13. Thanks a lot Greatjob...I was considering Thailand too, very convenient location for me. I dont see any other doctors from thailand is recommended. I guess i will try to contact him first. Thank you once again.
  14. Thanks Rich, Ahairdown, Aaron for your reply and suggestions. I live in Australia and originally from Bangladesh. There are hardly any good hair transplant surgeons here in Australia and since I visit Bangladesh every year I decided to get it done there after getting few recommendations from few doctors. Price is way less than the western branches which made me get it done there. Its like you get what you pay for.....However, I was planning to get another one done. My goal is to cover my bald area as much as possible. I had a plan to go for 3 sessions in 2 years to get it done. Now, the re
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