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  1. Thanks all, all-in-all, I am satisfied. Maybe some years down the road when I go for round two we can pay closer attention to the scar area and see what we can do.....
  2. I will see what I can do... You nailed my concerns. However with a slightly different hair cut I think it is "better"...Not great, but better...Ill get some new pics.
  3. Thx guys, I will do a final followup in June and ask about the scar so they can see it in person. I worked with my barber and we found a good way to cut it so the scar is less visable. As for future plans, I am sure I will keep up on it. After all, I locked myself in somewhat by having the crown done now...I imagine that even though I take propecia and rogain, one day some of that "natural" hair at the top of my head will fall out one day and it would look silly if I dont do something. For now though the look is solid and the difference is night and day. I just came across these...We both have more hair after a year :-) BEFORE and AFTER attached
  4. Now that was a quick year....Can't believe how quickly it all went. I had a previous 7 month update here for anyone wanting to do a compare: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/160983-here-we-go-surgery-w-dr-dorin-2616-grafts-2.html Impressions: For 2,616 grafts the coverage is phenomenal and there is a WORLD of difference. Would I do it again?...In a heartbeat. It was a lot of $$ for me but it was well worth it and I am glad I did it when I did. The only con I have right now is the scar...I used to use a "Number 2" when getting a haircut, but now not even a number 4 hides the scar. Right now I am due for a haircut and you can still see the scar line when my hair is at its "longest" ...Don't get me wrong, its not "Oh my God what happened to your head?" But I did have a colleague ask about it after I was done giving a presentation...Kind of embarassing. In the one picture you can see it. As far as upkeep, I use Rogain Foam when I remember to use it and I religiously take Proscar. 5MG tablet cut into 4, so efffectively I take 1.25MG/day. Got it through a canadian online pharmacy and it is ~$80/yr. Not bad at all. Let me know what you think. (Before and after also attached)
  5. 7 Month Update - So far so good, noticable growth and I am very pleased. One thing I have noticed is that if I get my haircut with any closer blade than 3.5, my wife says you can see the scar line. I am hoping this will get b etter, but a 3.5 isn't far off considering I typically use a 2.5 or a 3.
  6. mcloud222

    Before and 7 months later

    Before and 7 months later
  7. Sorry it took so long and best of luck. Got my first hair cut today. No pain really, and the major shedding that began about 21 days after the procedure went quickly. Within 3-4 days it was finished. I look more bald now then when I started, but I knew that would be the case. I hope all goes well and don't order the chix parm sandwich, mine wasn't too good :-) http://youtu.be/DeCxaU_E2YA
  8. How in the world I have two screen names (MC222) I do not know, I will just try to stick with this one...Anyways ... Thx for the advice. I was able to bypass any pain killers/tylenol after about the 9th day. Some nights are tough and what I am noticing now (after 14 days) is that the crusts are starting to fall off and there is a small amount of shedding. Not sure if all or just some will shed but either way I don't worry about it. I hate the sensitivity @ the crown of my head, putting a shirt on/off can be very annoying. I know it too will pass and my I'll let my 15 month old start beating me up again in a few months when it heals up.
  9. Sure, will do when I get home from work. The office runs very smooth. If you meet a guy named Jose he will keep you laughing and at ease.
  10. So after 11 days obviously there is not much to report. I wish I had a few more sleeping pills and getting the stitches out hurt as there was some crusting. All in all I am still excited. Going back to work was a bit tricky as I am not telling anyone, I got one or two looks but no one said anything... The crown of my head bothers me 3x's more than the frontal area and I just have to be patient with the numbness..I read that it can take 3-6 months to get normal sensation back...wow! I missed that at first, but I'll live. How long is this incision area going to bother me? I am hoping in just a few more days I can start to sleep normally.
  11. Hey David, I just had my procedure done 11 days ago. I also notice some of my native hair is falling out ( I notice after soaking my head in the tub ) and I agree with the comments from Atomic..."It depends" If the hair was alreadyu on its way to falling out, this may have expedited it. However if it was caused truely by shock loss and was viable, it will return. I'll keep you updated on my progress - please do the same.
  12. Thanks Guys - I was classified as a IV so I hope after 10 days I'll be good :-) I appreciate the input and will make sure I get some pics up to track progress.
  13. Hi All, I am very excited to go in next week and have my first procedure (~2500 grafts) done with Dr. Dorin. Now I know what the doctors tell me about recovery times...Just out of curiosity, anyone have any tips for getting back to work and looking as normal as possible, how long does it take before I look "normal"? Working in a corporate environment I cannot say that I am willing to advertise my hair procedure. I look forward to contributing in the future!
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