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  1. Thx man - If I get results like you have thus far I will be very happy. Enjoy the holiday weekend!
  2. Hopefully this isn't a duplicate....I believe there are 700-800 on the crown. Dr. Dorin mentioned that it won't completely fill it in but it will be a nice improvement. By doing this I also locked myself into a second procedure (most likely) as I will lose native hair over time. I just hope that the proscar and rogain hold it off for many many years.
  3. I checked out a few Dr's in Philadelphia with no luck. I was all set to go to Pistone but after not getting the best impression during the consult w/ his assistant and reading some reviews, I headed up to New York to see Dr. Dorin. Everyone from the front desk staff to Doctors True and Dorin were great. I realize this will be a long process and I'm excited to share it with you all. Before any procedure I was a 3v-4.. Immediately after surgery:
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