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  1. I want to give it one more month before giving out any names. Some of the post I have read from the past in this forum, showed that shockloss (if it is which I doubt it) could last as long as 3 1/2 month. I don't want to ruin anybodies reputation, before I know for the fact that he has messed up. When you have had two surgeries done within 1 1/2 year, then you can easily compare your procedure and results with each other. I can tell you this that right after my last surgery, in the first two weeks I had a good feeling that my results are not gonna be as good as my first procedure, both in doner and recipient area.
  2. The problem is that my right side is not as bad as my left side. My scar on my left side is closer to my ear (further down), and I think that is the reason it shows a lot more.
  3. I didn't have any shockloss in the donor area after my first surgery. As mentioned I could shaved down to #4 and my scar would not show at all. Here are some pictures I took today, 50 days past second surgery.
  4. IF it is shock loss, up to how long after surgery it is considered normal to have shock loss?
  5. I had my second surgery recently, it has been around 45 days. My scar have completely healed but it looks horrible. It is close to 1/2 inch wide (1 cm), above my ears and on left side looks A LOT worst than the right side. Right from the beginning I felt that the scar did not look right. I told the Dr when I went to remove my sutures, he told me that hair will grow around and even inside the suture area. Is he BSing? after my first surgery I could cut my hair to #4 and my scar would not show at all. What should I do ?
  6. Sorry I just realized that I might have posted this in the wrong foroum
  7. I had my second hair transplant exactly 4 weeks ago. I did some research about Biotin, and my understanding is that all it does is speeding up the growth of hair (life cycle of the hair?), am I correct? After my first surgery it tool about 4-5 month before I could see the implanted hair growing out, so My question is 1) will the Implanted hair grow out faster, for instance after 3 month maybe, if I take Biotin? is there a research or personal experience out there? 2) Is there anything negative (side effects) about taking Biotin Post surgery? 3) My scar on the left side of my head shows Badly ( I shaved my entire head down to #3 two weeks post up), I want my hair to grow faster to cover the scar area, is this a good Idea?
  8. I have always wondered, How do you know the number of grafts they are telling you that they have transferred are the true correct number? You just have to trust your DR? I specially became suspicious, since I just recently went for two different consults same day (it was with the Doctors themselves in their office), one of the surgeons said that he could probably get 3000-4000 graft from my donor area (I already had a surgery using 4200 a year ago), the second one said, I don't see it being possible to get more than 2000 grafts, and that was the maximum. He said it was impossible mathematically to reach anywhere close to 3000-4000.
  9. I havent had any problems with combining Rogain foam in the morning and Liquid minoxidol5% (kirkland) at night. As you mentioned, it appears that your hair look thicker when you use the liquid form.
  10. Iv been using Rogain foam in the mornings when I go to work, simply because the liquid forms takes for ever to dry, while the foam dries in 5 minutes. At night when I get home I use Kirkland which is the liquid form of minoxidol5%.... The main reason I use the liquid form is simply becuse it is alot cheaper than the foam but also I feel it covers all areas of my scalp better than foam. My brother was telling me that there is Alcohol in the liquid form of minoxidol 5% and its not good for hair. So my questions are 1) since both foam and liquid have the same active ingredience is one better than the other or are the both exactly the same. 2) would there be any problems combining the foam and liquid the way I do? morning foam and nights liquid.
  11. With all due respect I dont believe in the 3 month picture.... I'm not talking about the amount of hair, just the length of hair... There is no way in helll Hair could grow to that length in 3 month.... It looks more like 5-6 month picture
  12. I heard from someone that you are not supposed to use anti dandruff Shamppoo after HT. I'm not talking about imediatly after HT; Im talking about 1 month after HT. IS this true or is he BSing? I don't really have dandruf, but Im thinking about using Costco's (Kirkland) minoxidol 5%, and by experience I know that it will give me severe itchng and some dandruff... Any advise/suggestions?
  13. 1) will Everybody have a shock loss after HT procedure, or some do and some don't? 2) Will all Transplanted hair fall off within the first 3 month or again some people will lose most of it, some people will lose some and some people none at all? 3) If the answer to question 1 and 2 is "YES", approximately how many weeks after surgery would you say majority of the transplanted hair would have fallen off?
  14. Does all Surgeon reques Scalp exercise? how Long before the surgery you should start? Does it really make any difference if you do or not?
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