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  1. im going to do that wet so you can get the best idea. those pictures including videos are coming soon.
  2. Hi these are just teaser pics as i have much more pics and video coming soon. i had bunch taken on my new camera but unfortenatly was lost in a taxi cab. so i bought a new camera and took a few pics and will be posting a lot more soon. some history. more then a year ago i had surgery with Dr. rahal with over 3500 grafts and i just couldnt be happier with the results. My situation is a desperate situation as i cant take propecia or rogain foam due to allergy and sexual side affects. so my hair loss is unchecked and without these 3500 grafts i would be in very bad shape. PRE OP http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/217/pre61.jpg/ POST OP ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/3783/img0008axm.jpg
  3. Its been about 14 months since my surgery with Dr. Rahal. I received approximately 3500 grafts. I do have a big update coming soon with pictures and hopefully a video. but The reason for this post is to write a public Thank you letter to Dr. Rahal. Iv been struggling with hair loss for the past 10 years. about 3 years ago it had become noticeable to the point that hats and lots of toppik were really the only way I would go out of the house. I know many here can sympathize with a loss of self esteem. The chances of one day living with a girl or even marrying seemed like would never happen. Obviously having low self esteem didn't help but more so about living with a girl who would see me and my hair at its worst. Waking up in the morning with the thought of having a person in the house who would see my bald spots was just something that really scared me. Even close family members would only see me with a hat or with toppik to cover up my very thinning and balding hairline. When I saw Dr. Rahal's work on hair transplant network. I was blown away by the quality of his hairlines. One reason I never really considered a hair transplant before was that the results seemed so comb over like. Meaning you just looked like you had a better comb over. OR the hairlines were soo high that the aesthetics to ME was not very appealing. I WANTED MY 21 year old hairline back. I didn't want to settle for a better comb over after spending 10-15k. Last month, I bought a engagement ring for my girlfriend who I'm living with. 14 months after my surgery, I have gained the confidence and excitement about the future that I haven't had for a long time. those nights wanting to pull my hair out because of the amount of hair in the sink are behind me. Those Friday nights staying home because I was depressed over my hair are behind me. Dr. Rahal, thank you for giving me a chance to live my life with confidence. Due side affects from propecia and monoxidel i know that my journey with hair loss is not over. Until there is a full cure for hair loss its something that many of us have to continue to battle. Having the option of being able have a nice hairline makes it easier. Gattaca
  4. addded a new picture! a bit of justin beiber style im about 9 months post up!
  5. you cant go wrong with any of those surgeons. i had my surgery with dr. rahal 3500 grafts. let me know if you hve any questions.
  6. man your going to get awesome results! i cant wait till i see your hairline grow in. i had 3500 grafts with dr. rahal and im extatic with my results. im 8 months post up! will be posting new pics in my thread! keep updating ur pictures
  7. okay now im officially on minixodil with azliac acid 5 percent Tricomine Nano doctor proctor shampoo any reccomendations on saw pulmeto?
  8. Hey noticed you just had surgery with Dr. rahal as well! im excited for you! i cant wait for you to have amazing results. are you taking msm? im really considering it.
  9. brother with the way i was balding! it was music to my ears! thats why im really scared im going to screw up dr. rahals hard work. really need to figure out a anti dht blocker..
  10. i was on it for a month.. on fin i mean.. and stopped due to sexual side affects.. i was thinking of DUT but im sure thats even worse for side affects then fin..
  11. does anyone reccomend RU for good DHT BLOCKER? also please dont mind the different colors, i recently coloared my hair light brown from dark brown =)
  12. Long story short, a friend my best friend since high school actually recently saw me (im almost 7 months post up with Dr. Rahal) and said " whoaoo there chia pet" i started laughing., he was only one of a few poeple i had told i was getting surgery and actaully he had saw me 1 month post op and lets just say i didnt look to great then lol. obvously when he recently saw me there has been a big difference and it made me feel good to actaully have it recognized by poeple who knew me before surgery. My question is how do i build on that. Dr. Rahal mentioned that i really needed to do something to stop my natural hairloss. he said its much easier to keep the hair you have then grow new one. which i think we can all agree with. the problem i have is that minoxidel and propecia have caused side affects. i have to be honest. and say that i actaully havent really noticed a side affect from minox but i have a bit of a chubby face and one of the side affects of minox is bloated face. and i just cant use anymore fat to my face even its a little bit. on fin i just get sexual side affects. i gave in and bought 5 percent minox with azleac acid.. but i really need a DHT blocker. i really appreciate my friends comment and it shows iv come a long way. but what can i do to block DHT while avoiding side affects? btw heres a recent pic. its not styled or anyting i usually take my pics out of a shower and dry to make sure to wash out any products as to not alter the pic but its a cell phone pic so its not great BUT of course when you compare it to my before picture its amazing. Heres a link to my thread about my story if anyones interested. Click here Uploaded with ImageShack.us RL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/710/20110505132113.jpg/][/url] 8/31-2011 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. Hey Droyal i had 3500 grafts done by Dr. Rahal in late nov of 2010 so im about 6 months post up! I was an out of town patient as well so im sure youll have similiar exprience. Let me know if you need any help and ill be glad to talk to you and send you pictures of course. I couldnt be happier with the work and im really excited about the growth in my hair. A friend of mine recently called me a chia pet.. considering i was thinning bad only a year ago that comment made me feel really nice! Pm me or post here if u have any questions. Best of luck Gat