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Clinton's HRB Day 1-6: What to Expect



Between day one (1) through six (6), you may experience the following:

1.) Dehydration (you may find yourself drinking lots of water). I'm not an expert in H20, but any shock to the body probably starts this process.

2.) Day 1 and 2, you may find yourself a little red on top. Don't worry, by Day 3, the scalp begins to relax and cells begin to heal.

3.) You may feel tightness, numbness, and even pain in the donor area. Some of this may be from the stitches being tight and the other a part of the healing process. There are nerves that are severed during the donor area removal and this takes time to heal. (Please note: find a good surgeon as damage can be done to the nerves if the doctor is not trained in this method well).

Note: You may have alternating days where you feel great, then some pain. I would do well in the mornings, then would have a little pain in the evenings. Everyone may differ.

4.) You may find that your recipient area is white and flaky after showers (especially around day 5-6). You should be able to lightly wash the recipient area; however, I understand if you're unwilling to do so (you've invested a lot up there).

5.) If you find grafts in the shower (and you probably will), it very sad to see, but you have to factor in that 2-3% loss before going into surgery.

6.) You may find your friends calling asking how they can help you out. You should enjoy everyone's concern; its not everyday that you have a life changing procedure and you can get this type of attention.


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