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Clinton's HRB Day 1-2 weeks: Caring for your Hair



How should you care for your hair:

1.) Vitamins are always a good bet; however, wait until after you heal as some may cause the blood to thin out. Your best bets are vitamin A, B, and E series for good hair growth.

2.) Your diet will determine how you heal: Prepare meals that are healthy in nature. Remember, you will be sitting around a lot while you heal, so portion your meals out well.

3.) Drink plenty of fluids: Water, Orange Juice, Pomegranite Juice, Mango Juice (you get the idea). This also helps if any medication causes bowel obstructions.

4.) Use a good shampoo without the Parabens and other toxic chemicals that cause hair to fall out. You may have to spend a little extra, but Aveda and most higher-end hair salon shampoos are nice to use. I can't comment on shampoos Mom's Organic Market or Whole-Foods sell; however, they do carry natural products as well.

5.) Ice Cream: For some reason, when my donor area begins to have a little pain, eating ice cream always makes it subside (I recommend staying away from artifical sweeteners like aspartame, just to ensure you aren't having side affects from those chemicals).


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