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Clinton's HRB Day 0 - Surgery Day: How to Prepare



How to prepare for a hair transformation surgery:

The following things should be done when preparing for surgery; especially if you live alone.

1.) I would suggest performing this in the winter time when you are forced to stay indoors and away from activities for a few weeks.

2.) Go out a few nights before and purchase groceries. You probably won't feel like leaving the house for a few days due to the doner area incision

3.) Prepare your immune system several days in advance (e.g., Vitamic C);

4.) Purchase an airplane (U-Shaped) pillow, along with four (4) regular bed pillows to so that you can rest easily on a 45 degree angle (a recliner works also). However, the U-Shaped pillow will take pressure off the neck and back of the head while you try and rest. It's common to wake up in the middle of the night for several nights following the procedure.

5.) Ensure you have your medication ready to use the first day of surgery. I had a valium early morning and a pain pill late afternoon on surgery day, and pain pills usually twice daily for about 2-3 days after.

6.) Take with you snacks, sodas, cell phone, laptop, iphone, or whatever you prefer to keep yourself entertained. I've even heard of a guy taking a conference call during a procedure. Some places provide Tv's; however, be careful because the hair tech's like to watch as well.

7.) I highly suggest wearing an old shirt the doctor can cut-off and a button-up shirt to wear home. This will ultimately depend on the doctor and how they perform the procedure. Some doctors use a spray saline solution to remove other fluids while they insert the hair, which can get you really wet.

8.) Purchase a anti-fog mirror for the shower with suction cup. This helps when washing your head so you don't damage the grafts.


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