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3060 grafts dr Konior



just had my procedure yesterday with. Dr Konior. What a great professional setup and caring staff he does have. The day went pretty quickly. Dr Konior spent quite an amount of time deciding on my hairline, he also said he would address the crown if I had left over grafts. I am lucky to have good density and laxity with apparently good coloured hair for this procedure. I ended up with 2500 grafts along the frontly region and 500 in the crown. With my original hair having high density. We decided to maximise density towards the frontal region. My midsection did not need any grafts do he bypassed it straight to the crown. The donor are looks nicely clean with staples etc. Dr Konior was very happy with the result. He said he couldn't make the frontal region any more dense.

here are before and after photos.



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Thanks for the sharing! Looks very nice.

It's been a long time but could you share some updated photos of you ?

Would be great :-)

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