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FUT with Dr Konior December 3




This is my first entry to the website. I have been fighting the great battle now for 6-7 years and have finally gained the courage to have an FUT procedure with Dr Konior. This decision has in no doubt been greatly affected by the knowledge base from the members of this website.

I am booked in for early December. My prognosis is approx 3000 grafts but seeing as I am living in Australia I won't know until the day to get a more accurate idea. Pictures can only tell so much. I am hoping to head towards 4000 grafts. My frontal region is thinning and receding along with my crown but my mid section is holding it together. The meds and shampoos have had a very positive affect for a long time along with the concealers but that can't last forever as it just wrecks ones head. I have been able to conceal my hair for a long time and I have taken long service leave for 6 months from work so I can have the surgery and hopefully get back to looking similar if not a whole lot better upon starting work again in June.

Ideally I would like to get a strong frontal coverage and get some into the crown.

Does anybody have thoughts on what they feel I might get based on my photos. Am I being realistic in my expectation.

My photos are with my hair cut to a blade 3

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You have great temple peaks and the Dr. will successfully bring your hairline down nicely for a completely natural look. Konior is known for great hairlines as well, even though I went to Shapiro due to a friend's recommendation. To me it looks like 3000 is a lot for where you are right now. I would bet it ends up being less than that for now (and he puts you on Propecia for the crown), and you save more donor area for a procedure 10 years down the road. We all continue to lose hair as much as we fight it, so having a good stock in reserve is important.


Don't worry about being off work for 6 months. You will shed the graft hairs in a few weeks and then they slowly grow back over 3-12 months in fairly natural way.

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