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Eyebrow transplant FUE with Dr. Devroye, 1 year on



It’s been a year now and finally feel ready to show the results on the forum. It was through this website that I read about and finally decided to have an FUE eyebrow hair transplant with Dr Jean Devroye MD in Brussels, and I am absolutely happy and even amazed at the result. Like so many posters have written here again and again, a hair transplant is “a journey” as the follicles have to heal, settle, grow and the resulting hair needs to take it’s final shape. And even more so with eyebrows, as having hair transplant onto your face is a stressful thing to undertake.

Dr Devroye and his team were excellent, helpful and caring, and would utterly recommend an eyebrow transplant with them without hesitation.

I'll post more about the surgery soon, as it's probably impossible to imagine: I know with hindsight that I didn't really have much understanding - even after reading loads before the surgery - exactly what it entails. It's quite intense, and yes there are ups and downs, but after it all starts to regrow you're in a good place if the surgery is good.


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Hey Wow they look great. I have been considering an eyebrow transplant for a few years now. I live in the UK and am willing to travel. I contacted Dr Devroye but his office only sent me 3 pictures of eyebrow hair transplant photos and I felt I needed to see more. How long did it take for the hairs to come through, did they show you loads of photos of past work? 

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How many hairs were implanted and what is the regrowth rate?

It is often said people should expect 92% or so but when it comes to eyebrow transplants I see a lot of the grafts do not grow back.

I can see you have hairs on thee arch but is there a reason why more hairs did not grow back?



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