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two weeks out



Healing continues to go well.

The only thing that's a little annoying is the itching. At times you just want to scratch. However, I am trying not to touch the hairs. I don't want to pull any out. I've been really careful when washing my hair. However, I think the shedding has started. It's not horrible. Just about 5 or so hairs each time. At least that i see in my hands. I'm hoping to keep it to a minimum. What's so interesting is that you can somewhat tell what your hair will look like when it will start to grow in. So the mind job that i'm preparing myself for is if all the transplant hairs shed that i'm back to the look i was at before this journey began. Still keeping my fingers crossed this shedding will stay to a minimum and stop soon. Other than that it's been really cool that no one noticed that i did anything and was only of work for a week. I guess that is if they are not saying anything to me.

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