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Ht booked with Dr Rahal



Hi everyone,

Well this HT has been many years in the planning. I have done my homework and decided that through online forum's and pictures that Dr Rahal would be my surgeon of choice. I have been losing my hair since the age of 23/24 and now at 39 think with the procedure being done on regular basis and the levels of results being so good that now or never.

Over the years I have felt my self-esteem fall and from being a happy go lucky person I am now very self concious about my hair. I have done my homework and know about what to expect and what time-frame do expect results.

I am quite lucky as I can wear a hat for the next couple of months and have no shame in admiting I have had an operation. I live in Wales (Uk)

My operation is booked for the end of April so in 7 weeks time I shall be in Canada having the HT. I shall post photos in the next week or so. I am having FUT for 4000g.

Any advice/questions please post.




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I have no advice to offer, because I have yet to take the proverbial plunge. But I am wondering if you would describe what led you to Rahal specifically. I am deciding between him and Hassan & Wong at the moment?



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Hi Maybe123,


After years of research and reading blogs, looking at photos of the work of Dr Rahal I knew this was the surgeon for me. I have not looked into H+W that much but there seems to be a lot of good reports so I would say that they are as good as each other. For me the people that have said that the clinic has taken them back to the hotel after their operations is a quality which I am impressed by.


There have been blogs which compare the both of them and everyone seems to agree that they are both the best in their field. Both have positives and price comparisons are not really true unless you have had a HT with them both.


The professionalism I have encountered so far has been top class and really accommodating to my circumstances. I can only really recommend Dr Rahal 6-9months down the line but I'm putting a large amount of money on him so that really speaks volumes.


End of the day has long as your happy with the results thats what we(forum members)are hoping to archive and by looking through these forums and doing your homework I'm sure you will make the correct choice for you.


Good luck and I will update my blog with info as I go through the process.



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AdrianHunt, Thanks for your considerable response to my inquiry. I am wondering if you did an in person consult with Dr Rahal and which office you will be traveling to for your surgery? I am definitely going to follow your blog I am really excited for you as well. It sounds like you have done due diligence and this is where it has lead you!

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I sent pictures in about 2years ago and had a estimate/treatment pack with approx price and number of graphs. I am a norwood 5. I did not have it in person as distance was a problem and having the operation in Ottawa (where I believe all Dr Rahal does all his work).

Some advice that the price had gone up 1350 cad which I had not accounted for and for the pre medical its a lot of going to doctor/hospitals/price involved(£300) so be prepared. Saying that as I was a substitute and lucky to get the date the stress involved in a short time frame is avoided if you have months to the operation date.


Hope this helps. Have you got any idea's yet on who you will chose?

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Congratulations! Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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